12 Dangers of Excessive Sugar Consumption – Awareness Needed

Sugar, who doesn’t know this sweet crystal? Sugar is mostly known as the result of crystallization from sugarcane juice, which has a very sweet taste. Sugar is widely used as an additional ingredient for cooking, or just a sweetener on drinks.

The recommended sugar consumption within a day is 90 grams or about half a cup. When you consume more sugar than the dose, it means you are consuming sugar excessively.Excessive sugar consumption, if only done for only once or twice may not be a problem.

However, what will be the problem is, when you consume excessive sugar on daily basis and it has become part of your lifestyles. Excessive consumption of sugar will cause a lot of health problems for your body, particularly some diseases which starts from high level of blood sugar.

What are the effects and the dangers of excessive sugar consumption for the body? The following are some explanations of the impact and the dangers of excessive sugar intake which might affect you:

  1. Disruption of Heart Function & Heart Damage

Excessive sugar intake is harmful to the body. One of the effects of excessive sugar intake for the body is the function abnormality of your body organs. One of the organs which function can be disturbed when you consume excessive sugar is your heart. Yes, the function and also your heart performance will decrease when you consume excessive sugar. If you keep neglecting this condition, it will damage your heart and certainly not functioning normally or will not work properly.

  1. Increasing the Amount of Fat in the Body

A lot of people pay close attention to the quantity of their body fat. The reason is because high level of fat in the body might cause a lot of troubles for your health. One of the causes is consuming too much sugar. High sugar level in the body will pile up and change into saturated fat. If this happens continuously, it might be dangerous for your body health.

  1. Could Cause High Blood Pressure

As we all know, consuming too much salt might cause hypertension. However, salt Is not only the substance that has a role in giving you hypertension. Apparently, sugar is also the cause of that disease. Therefore, consuming too much sugar is not good for you, especially for those who genetically prone to hypertension. Thus, make sure to consume sugar moderately. Read more about Dangers of not Washing your hands before eating

  1. Could Cause Sugar Addiction

Apparently, not only alcohol and cigarettes that can cause addiction, some research says that sugar can cause the emergence of addiction for its consumer. This can happen if they consume too much sugar, which will make them at risk of getting affected by various diseases and disorders.

  1. Could Cause Toxic Effects for the Liver

Liver is an important organ which is in charge of filtering toxins and other bad substance that get into the body. As we all know, consuming too much and constant alcohol could ruin our liver. But apparently, sugar might have the same effect if you consume it excessively and continually in a long time.

  1. Could Cause Premature Aging in the Brain Cells

Some study cases have shown that one of the impact and dangerous effect of consuming too much sugar is it might damage your brain cells. According to research, excessive sugar consumption might cause premature aging in the brain cells which obviously will affect your brain function.

  1. Could Damage Your Teeth

Ever since you were little, you must have heard people say very often that sugar can cause toothache and cavities. Yes, this is true. Excessive sugar consumption can cause a lot of tooth decay problems. Some of the most common tooth problems are cavities and tooth corals. This happens especially when you eat too much sugar and do not brush your teeth afterwards which will make the sugar sticks to the teeth and cause cavities, toothache, and any other tooth issues.

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8. Could Cause Diabetes

Diabetes, you must be familiar with this disease. Diabetes is one of the deadliest diseases in the world. Hundreds of thousands people died because of diabetes. For those who have ‘diabetes gene’, consuming too much sugar can cause you to get diabetes, and for those who have unhealthy lifestyle, such us having unbalanced died and never exercise, diabetes might affected you as well. Thus, start to limit your consumption of sugar from now on.

  1. Could Cause Acne

Apparently, a high glycemic diet, or high sugar content can cause acne as well. The study research shows that high glycemic content can cause a lot of acne. Even the occasional acne that popping out is not a regular type of acne, many severe kinds of acne might appear when a person consume sugar excessively. Read more about How to Exfoliate Skin before Tanning

  1. Higher the Risk of Heart Diseases

When you consume sugar excessively, then you should be prepared with the risk that you might encounter. One possible risk is heart disease or heart attacks. This is closely related to the damage of the heart caused by high sugar content in the body due to excessive consumption of sugar. This heart attack can certainly cause a lot of bad effects; the worst effect is dead.

  1. Higher the Risk of Depression

Another study research shows that high sugar level in the body can cause depression. If you consume sugar in normal dose, sugar has the effect of calming and relaxing. However, when the consumption of sugar becomes very excessive and uncontrolled, it will actually cause symptoms of depression. So be careful of you who often consume excess sugar every day, because it can experience the possibility of high depression.

  1. Obesity

Obesity is one of the most common disease that affect people who consume too much sugar constantly. Obesity or overweight happens because the manifestation of saturated fat that piling up in the body and sugar plays important role to that condition. Having an overweight body is obviously not good for your health and body because there are so many illnesses that might affect you and it can be dangerous if you do not do something to lose your weight.

How to prevent excessive sugar consumption?

As mentioned before, the amount of sugar that can be consumed daily is maximum 90 gram. This quantity is included the amount of sugar you can get from sweetener and the sugar which you can find on fruits, vegetables, and any other foods. Here are some ways to prevent consuming excessive sugar:

  • Change your sweetener or regular sugar into brown sugar or palm sugar. The reason is because palm sugar contains fewer calories than granulated sugar. You can also try to use lump sugar instead but make sure to consume it moderately.
  • Try to make your own meal every time so that you are aware of how much sugar that you add in your foods.
  • If you want to buy sweetened drinks, make sure to check the nutritional value and the amount of sugar it contained. It is better to buy the low sugar or less sugar ones instead in order to avoid having excessing sugar consumption.
  • Exercise daily or do some activities that make you burn a lot of calories. So that, sugar in your body will not pile up and turn into fat.

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