20 Ways How to Treat Post Traumatic Headaches

A post traumatic headache is often caused by an injury to the head. The after effect is mostly immense pain or a bad case of migraine. Everyone can experience this condition, even those with only a mild injury.

Meanwhile, not everybody can deal with the pain that comes with it though so here are the 20 Ways How to Treat Post Traumatic Headaches.

Read through all the causes and effects too as they may help in understanding the underlying reason for the headache.

Causes of Post Traumatic Headaches

  • Injury
  • Family history
  • Gender
  • Chronic headache

Effects from Post Traumatic Headaches

  • Tension
  • Pain
  • Heightened sensitivity to light
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

Treatments for the Headaches

To get rid of that painful headache you should give these treatments a try:

1. Get the Right Diagnosis

It’s important to immediately visit your doctor once you receive an injury on your head. The right kind of diagnosis for your condition will give you accurate treatment. You won’t have to waste so much time on too many trial and error. Other than that, you’ll also reduce the chances of experiencing any kind of complications.

2. A Scan

You might have to undergo a CT scan or an MRI scan. It will ensure that there are no further injuries in addition to your headache. A scan will help in preventing any serious complications from forming. Your doctor will spot any abnormalities sooner which might save your life.

3. Migraine Medications

Most people experience migraine as a side effect from the post traumatic headache. The appropriate treatment given would be to take migraine medications. They will help you cope with the pain that comes with the migraine. The medications might even make the headache to go away.

4. Antidepressant Medications

Emotional effects from the headache are common. It’s because of the traumatic injury that you received. You may experience a long period of depression after the injury happened. Talk with your doctor about how you feel. You might get prescriptions for antidepressants. These medications can also help when you need to know how to cure men’s depression.

5. Painkillers

You may also receive some painkillers to deal with your headache. For some people, the pain can be too much. It may even cause a disruption in their daily activities. Painkillers will help your body’s ability to block out all the pain you are feeling that is caused from the headache.

6. Not Overusing Medications

An important thing to remember while treating the headache is to never overuse medications. Consume them according to your doctor’s prescriptions only. Some medications may make you dependant on them. Another unwanted effect is that they could make the headache even worse.

7. Reduce Light Exposure

A post traumatic headache can make you become more sensitive to bright light. Try to reduce exposure as much as you can. Dim all the lights at your home so that you can be comfortable. You may also want to turn down the brightness of your electronic device’s screens.

8. Light Exercise

Heavy exercise is not recommended for people who experience a bad case of the headache. Instead, try something lighter. Take a walk around the neighbourhood every day. You can try to take a short jog every morning too. Those of you that can’t stand the pain should stay away from exercising that requires a lot of energy. Remember not to drink anything cold afterwards as the effects of drinking cold water after exercise is a headache.

9. Maintaining Healthy Diet

Maintaining a healthy diet is always a good option. Move away from heavy grease and sugary food. They will make your body inflamed and cause a worse headache. It’s okay to eat them once in a while but never turn it into a routine. Have a balanced meal filled with appropriate amount of vegetables, fruits, carbs, calcium and so on.

10. Surround Self in a Calm Environment

A calm environment is what you need to ease your headache. Turn your home into a cozy one and relax. Try not to be in a place with loud sounds and noise. They can aggravate your headache into something much worse. Instead, spend your days in a very calm vibe.

11. Avoiding Alcohol

Never drink alcohol again. It’s a huge trigger for post traumatic headache. Other than that, it can also cause dehydration. So not only will you be having trouble with your head, you’ll also cause your body to be unhealthy. A dehydrated body won’t be help you to recover from your headache. Also read on how to get sleep during alcohol withdrawal.

12. Meditation

Meditation might help you too. A study has shown that a regular meditation can decrease the intensity of the pain. It may even eliminate it and you won’t have to feel it anymore. Meditation will help your body to relax and release all those muscle tension that contributes to the headache.

13. Support from Friends and Family

This particular treatment is more for the psyche. You have to surround yourself with good friends and family. Those who offer you unconditional support will immensely help you to recover. Positivity and happiness increase the production of dopamine that helps in making you better.

14. Seeing a Psychologist

Another treatment that you should try is seeing a psychologist. A good psychologist can help you to cope with the pain through cognitive behavioural therapy. You’ll learn how to make yourself relax so you can manage the pain. It will decrease the amount of stress you are carrying because of the headache.

15. Regular Sleep

People with the headache is advised to have a regular sleep. An adequate hours of sleep will give your brain a chance to rest. A plus side from a good sleep is that you won’t have to feel the pain. Learn how to get good sleep when stressed so you’ll feel better.

Other Treatments (16-20)

Below are more helpful treatments that can cure you.

  • Biofeedback: Helps to control your body’s response to the pain.
  • Supplements: Increase the immunity and the strength of your body for recovery.
  • Seizure Medication: Works in treating the seizure that may come as a side effect.
  • Wearing Sunglasses: Reduce intensity of bright colours and light.
  • Yoga: Helps in relaxation of the body and keeping the mind calm.

Things to Consider

Instead of sticking with one treatment only, consider combining them. For instance, you can take your medications while joining your local yoga or meditation class. Also remember that there might be some things that don’t work for you. Consulting with your doctor is the best option out there in case you want something that’s more straightforward.

Don’t feel helpless with your condition. Post traumatic headaches can go away within 3 or 6 months. Stick with what works for you and you’ll make it disappear in no time.

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