How to Use Cabbage Leaves for Clogged Milk Ducts, Mother Should Know!

Having clogged milk duct is not a good thing for breastfeeding woman. Some may feel uncomfortable or even painful. But unfortunately, clogged milk duct is something very common for woman. So almost every woman can feel it. It’s a condition when the breast feel so full because of the milk.

When it happens, it’s actually be a perfect time for woman to breastfeeding the baby or even pumping it. When the milk keep staying in the breast without pass it out through breastfeeding or pumping, it can cause the breast to be swollen and painful.

Do not stop breastfeeding although it may feel uncomfortable or slightly painful. Once the breastfeeding is stopped, the clogged milk duct may get worsen and end up to be an infection at the breast or known as mastitis. It’s also better to completely empty the milk from the breast whenever you found it full. Breastfeeding and pumping be a good choice to get rid of the milk.

Beside breastfeeding and pumping, there is another way that can help to overcome clogged milk duct and that is using cabbage leaves. People may found it weird or doesn’t even make any sense. But to tell you the truth, it’s really work. And there is even a research about it. Although until now, there is no scientific prove about the active ingredient that cause it to work. You may also find out about Uses of Cabbage Leaves for Breast Engorgement

Cabbage leave doesn’t actually cure clogged milk duct. But it really help on curing the feeling of uncomfortable and even pain, then can help mom to breastfeeding or pumping feel more comfortable. But for those who allergic to sulfa drugs, it’s better to not try using cabbage leave for clogged milk drugs because cabbage actually contain sulfa on it. So it can cause allergic reaction to those who have history of allergic to it. You may also find out about Breastfeeding Newborn Tips for First Time Mothers

How to Use Cabbage Leaves for Clogged Milk Ducts

These are the steps that should be done to use cabbage leave for  clogged milk duct :

  1. Take the cabbage head into the refrigerator
  2. Leave it until it cold enough to used
  3. Tear the first leave and throw it away
  4. Tear the second and third layer then put the rest of the cabbage back into the refrigerator
  5. Wash out the cabbage leave on the cold running water to get out any dust and unwanted substances
  6. Dry out the cabbage leave into the towel
  7. Place the cabbage leave into the breast but left out the nipple area so it won’t be covered by the cabbage leave
  8. Use the cabbage leave for 15-20 minutes or until it dry for about 2-3 times a day
  9. Wash out the breast with warm water afterward

These steps can be repeated until the feeling of discomfort or pain gone away. But once is gone and the breast condition is just alright, stop using cabbage leave again. Using it too often without any indication can cause reduce production of milk which is not good for the baby. So just use it for a mean of time when the clogged milk duct still happening. Yes, that’s how to use cabbage leaves for clogged milk ducts! You may also find out about Characteristics of Acne in Breast

Benefit of Using Cabbage Leave

  1. The cold cabbage leave can help on treating the feeling of uncomfortable and pain from clogged milk duct. Although until now there is no scientific explanation about it, but it really help as the short time shortcut treatment.
  2. The price is so affordable so everyone can buy it.
  3. It can be found everywhere so you don’t have to waste time searching for it.
  4. The steps can be repeated into 2-3 times a day so it will really help to relieve the pain and make the breastfeeding and pumping goes well again.
  5. Help prevent mastitis and any other serious condition because the milk can flow out again.

So these are some benefit of using cabbage leave for clogged milk duct and how to do it. It’s really common for some woman to undergo this condition so don’t be scared to try this at home except for those who have allergy history to sulfa drugs. Letting out the milk from the breast once it’s full enough is really important. Otherwise, the accumulation of milk can cause breast to be swollen and in the worst case is infection. You may also find out about Natural Tips and Trick to Help Baby Sleep Through the Night in 40 Seconds

So to prevent it, breastfeeding and pumping are so important but the feeling of uncomfortable and pain can really make some women to stop doing it without knowing it can be more harmful to them. So the use of cabbage leave can help to relieve the feeling of uncomfortable and pain, then can help woman to breastfeeding and pumping again. It won’t heal the clogged milk duct but it only relieve the symptoms that can help woman to have the desire to breastfeeding and pumping again.

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