10 Characteristics of Lack of Oxygen In Brain

Oxygen is the source of human life, without which we can not survive because O2 has the most important role to the whole performance of every organ in the body.

On this occasion we will share the study of the characteristics of oxygen deprivation in the brain. Then, what if this happens?

The condition of lack of oxygen in the brain is not a rare thing, but not everyone is easy to experience.

Usually this is affected by one’s specific condition. Presented by a neurosurgery expert from Hospital, when the brain lacks oxygen supply, what happens is Cerebral Hypoxia. Read more about  Things to Do Before Bed to Help You Sleep Better

As for people who are susceptible to these conditions are those who have a history of stroke. This is because stroke will block the blood vessels in the brain, so blood flow is also clogged.

As a result, oxygen can not be channeled to the brain. Therefore, you should also recognize the characteristic features of blood clot blockage in the brain is also so that handling can be done early / not to severe.

That’s why we often encounter stroke patients who are mostly unavailable because they do not get immediate treatment. Here are the characteristics of brain oxygen deprivation:

1. Breath Limited

The most common sign when the brain is deprived of oxygen is the difficulty of breathing normally. Someone will breathe faster but short, so this becomes a very disturbing condition once. If that is the case, immediately apply the following shortness of breath. Read more about Benefits of Drinking Milk Before Sleeping For Adults

2. Rapid Heartbeat

Heartbeats become more aggressive, ie someone will experience a faster pounding. Although not in activity or not after exercising, the heart feels to give faster movement.

If it’s like this, then you are strongly advised to follow and apply how to normalize this heartbeat so that more severe events occur within you.

3. Blue Skin Color Pseudo Red

The occurrence of skin discoloration, as well as when someone paled due to illness. Only, the dominant color in this condition is bluish to red like a cherry. But this also depends on the cause of the hypoxia.

4. Limp Agency

The body of a person lacking oxygen in the brain is clearly weak. The visible sign is to reveal their limp side. Meanwhile, to overcome them, consume vitamin for body fatigue in order to make the situation more fit again for each activity.

5. Daze

In addition to limp and look tired, another sign that can be in the know is start dazed. Someone who experiences these symptoms tend to be more confused and dazed can be anytime and anywhere. Read more about Ways to Get Rid of Cradle Cap Naturally in Babies

6. Loss of Awareness

The loss of consciousness in someone who is experiencing this symptom is easily fainted. Well, if you often unconscious accompanied by some of the above should check your condition.

Consult your doctor to find out your situation. In addition to the event of lack of oxygen in the brain, a person will also experience loss of consciousness when experiencing excessive dehydration.

7. Sweating

Frequent sweating, this is accompanied by a tremor caused by the effects of the heart that beat faster as mentioned in the previous points.

8. Cough

Do not make a cough as a normal condition. Many people are killed by coughing. The brain that lacks oxygen will cause symptoms of cough. This condition is common to attack and become a component in every disease.

9. Crowded

The tightness that comes up is not like asthma. However, these symptoms indicate the patient is being strangled. It’s so awful and screwed up that it creates incredible discomfort. Read more about  Side Effects of Eating White Bread Excessively

10. Breath Makes Sound

Another sign is breath accompanied by sound or sound. Usually this condition is called wheezing; not only in asthma, wheezing may also indicate that the brain is lacking oxygen.

Such are the 10 signs or features of oxygen deficiency in the brain. This situation is different from the condition of the symptoms that are experienced by small children, such as infants. Read more about Danger Of Sauna For Health

They will find signs such as weakness, lethargy, pale, fussy, irritated, unfocused until restless. Well, it would be better if you consult a doctor if you see the signs above. Take care of health and start a healthy life.

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