16 Natural Ways to Break Up Mucus in Throat #Effective

Mucus in throat are usually appear because of the dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses and other tiny things we might breathe in while we’re around dusty things such as old yarns, clothes, dolls, unclean floor, wardrobe, and else where that dust would like to sit and stay.

We accidentally breathe them in to our respiratory tract and then it stays in there, in accumulate forming some-kind of inflammations that might annoy us. It will be harder for us to breathe normally and comfortably.

Causes of Mucus in Throat

The mucus that cause us congestions ordinarily emerge because of these causes:

  • From cold That persistent kind of mucus appear naturally when we’re having a cold. It coats our organs and keeps them moisturized and defense it from pathogen bacteria that might cause further health problems.
  • Allergic reaction So stay away from sources that may bring you allergies such as furs, feathers, dusts, pollens, cats, and so on.
  • Post-nasal drip Post-nasal drip is the accumulation of mucus in the back of the nose and throat that leads to, or gives sensation of, mucus drops from the back of the nose. This possibly happens because of allergic reaction and colds.
  • Caused by pregnancy – Pregnant women usually suggested to take ‘Claritin’ as their decongestants. But remember to take it under doctor’s prescription.

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Getting such trapped mucus in our throat may cause us feeling uncomfortable and annoying at the same time. We may not be as productive as we usually are because we tend to postpone several works to keep up with our health conditions. But when we’re having urgent things to do, we suggest you to try reducing mucus you have by doing natural ways to break up mucus in throat as mentioned below:

1. Apply eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil has that warm after-feel when we apply it on the skin. It is suggested to apply enough amount of eucalyptus oils around the upper chest to help loosen up mucus from the throat. Use this daily, especially after taking a bath. This oil can keep us warm during cold weather, too.

2. Use mentholated thick cream

Just like eucalyptus oil, those mentholated thick creams also have the ability to help us melting down mucus so it won’t be trapped along our airways anymore. Don’t use too much creams as it might cause you hot burning feeling afterwards. Apply sufficiently.

3. Drink many glasses of warm water during the day

The hot/warm temperature of the liquids we drink might help us reduce mucus in throat. The steam helps slowly dissolving mucus that have been trapped inside our throat. Also read: Effects of Drinking Cold Water after Exercise

4. Do the steam treatment

This action has similar effect with drinking warm water during the day. We make use of the steam to loosen up mucus.

There are 3 options to choose if we want to do the stream treatment:

  • take a bath with hot water
  • drink warm water regularly during the day
  • or, face your face to a hot steam from a bowl of hot water on purpose.

5. Compress your chest and throat with warm towel

This one last action that utilize warm water as the treatment will let it soak in to your skin and help reducing mucus from heat from inside. Dip in clean towel to warm water, squeeze it and place it on your chest for about 15 minutes until your skin absorbs its heat. 

6. Gargle at least 3 times a day with salty warm water

Add a tablespoon of salt to a cup of warm water, stir it well. Try to gargle for 2 minutes with that mixture and so it for at least 3 times a day for faster result.

7. Eat spicy and hot meals

Try to eat meals that produce more steams like soups. It’d be better if you can handle spiciness cause spicy foods reduce congestion better than no spicy foods. Also read: Foods with High Vitamin K

8. Take expectorant liquids

Expectorant are invented to help breaking apart mucus and promote the secretions of sputum. There might be a lot of expectorant to choose in nearest drugstore, but the one that’s best for you usually recommended by your personal doctor. So, go arrange your meeting with doctor before you decide what kind of expectorant to choose.

9. Sleep with your head higher than your chest

This motion helps your airways to be clearer from mucus that probably stays by keeping it placed upwards. Try to add more pillows on your head. Make sure to place your head higher than your chest. Also read: Ways to Fix Interrupted Sleep

10. Use humidifier with a few drops of essential oil at night

Recently, many modern moms and busy people like to relax more at night by turning on their humidifier that already been mixed with certain essential oils to add up some benefits to it. This tool works by spraying water vapor into the air. Water vapor in air will bind bacteria, viruses and drop free radicals. Water vapor also balances the moisture content of air in dry rooms such as in air-conditioned rooms. If the air feels dry, then all you need is a water humidifier. 

How to Prevent Mucus in Throat

Those upper natural ways to break up mucus in throat above are ones that might be your first aid to treat mucus the fastest and easiest way. But, when we’re dealing with such stubborn mucus, here are several options to do as daily routines to reduce amount of mucus staying inside our throat:

  1. Quit smoking – As we all know, smoking produces smokes that might irritate our throat and lungs. Besides congestion, the dangerous chemicals it contains might cause us further serious health problems in the future, too.
  2. Stay away from chemicals with strong smells – Paints and house cleaner liquids that have strong smells usually contain of ammonia that might possibly cause us more mucus production if we breathe in too much of it.
  3. Drink enough fresh water – At least 2 liters of fresh water per-day. It’d be better if you drink it while it’s warm.
  4. Eat proper food – Eat more fruits, vegetables and proteins to help you get back fit.
  5. Avoid consuming milk and dairy products – Dairy products make mucus conditions worse because it contains more fats in it.
  6. Minimize consuming soy-based products – Those soy-based products have the possibility to increase your mucus viscosity. Choose another source of proteins rather than tempeh, tofu, soy milk and other soy products to fulfill our daily protein needs.

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Hopefully the information we share to you are quite helpful. So then, when we’re face with similar mucus problem, we can handle it well. Stay healthy everyone!

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