8 Side Effects of Mahogany Fruit for Health You Need to Know

Mahogany is a member of the tribe Meliaceae which covers 50 countries and 550 species of woody plant Mahogany wood has a beautiful reddish color and straight grains. Side effects of mahogany fruit are a bad result that occurs after over-consuming and long-term consumption by old and young people.

Mahogany fruit has very rich benefits and is able to cure various diseases with dangerous disease categories such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, chronic rheumatism, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, severe stroke, skin diseases and various other diseases.

Characteristics of mahogany plants

  1. Tree character

Mahogany plant have large and stocky trees that can reach a height of 30 to 40 meters with diameters of 120 to 130 cm, where the trunk is cylindrical in shape perpendicular and dark brown to blackish brown.

  1. Trunk character

Mahogany tree bark has scales that peel itself due to age and weather conditions. When the skin peels off, it regenerates its own bark into a lighter brown color.

  1. Fruit character

The bark of the fruit has a dark color and is fairly smooth. The leaf is a compound leaf, so there are several distinct leaflets on a single stem. The tree grows small, purple-yellow flowers. When in bloom there can be hundreds of these flowers on the tree.

The fruit has a unique character in the form of a box, egg oval, in the form of five segments in which there are flat, dark brown seeds. This fruit isn’t like the soft flesh of a peach, instead it is more woody. They are also called ‘sky fruit’. The fruit can be up to 6 inches long.

  1. Leaf character

Mahogany tree leaves are tapered and pinnate in even numbers, round and oval. When the leaves are young, they are reddish, while when they are old they will turn dark green.

  1. Character of how to grow

Mahogany trees can thrive and develop into strong and stocky areas in teak forests, pine forests and brackish sand areas on the banks or near the coast. When growing big, the tree can grow more shady than a banyan tree. You may also find out about Bay Leaf Side Effects for Health

Negative impact of mahogany fruit

6 Side effects of mahogany fruit for health that need to be considered:

  1. Headache

The most common side effects of mahogany fruit are caused by excessive consumption of mahogany fruit decoction and every day with the aim that the body remains excellent and healthy.

On the contrary, it is precisely sooner or later saponins and flavonoids which continuously flow in the blood vessels in the head will cause pressure and blockage, so that blood flow to the tissues towards the head organs is blocked. This condition causes a person to suffer from headaches. The headache begins with pain and heaviness in the head that appears irregularly. You may also find out about Dangerous Side Effects of Soursop Leaves

  1. Gallbladder disorders

The very dangerous side effect of mahogany fruit is when someone consumes a drink from mahogany fruit with a dose that is not according to the rules on an empty stomach. This condition can stimulate the formation of gallstones and gradually spread around the gallbladder.

This condition triggers the buildup of cholesterol and accelerates the formation of gallstones that cause symptoms of diabetes.

  1. Decrease in blood pressure

Saponins and flavonoids in mahogany fruit have proven to be very strong and active to interfere with the smooth circulation of blood in the arteries to the heart. If left unchecked it can trigger very low blood pressure and in chronic conditions a person can experience loss of consciousness. 

  1. Obesity

Mahogany fruit has properties that easily make the stomach hungry quickly again. This condition is very suitable for someone who wants to increase their body weight. but for people who have a very fat body shape should avoid eating mahogany because the side effect of mahogany is to increase body weight.

  1. Early miscarriage

For women who are pregnant with age below 3 months should avoid the intake of drinks from mahogany that is too much because it can injure the placenta and organs of the fetus that will just be formed. Side effects of mahogany in large doses can shed or destroy the fetus and trigger an early miscarriage.

  1. Poisoning

Children and toddlers are not ready to consume mahogany fruit because their stomach and intestines are feared that they are not ready and are strong enough to receive saponins and flavonoids which have proven to be very high. Both of these substances can cause irritation which eventually results in poisoned children who usually begin with headache symptoms, nausea and vomiting.

Side effects of mahogany fruit for health occur most quickly in children in the form of drinks or stews and instant powder which is usually packed into dry herbal ingredients and traditional medicine. Read more about 12 signs of miscarriage without bleeding

Side effects of mahogany fruit in the elderly

  1. When you are older your immune system will decrease. If you consume more than 200 mg of mahogany per day which is intended for the treatment of stroke or heart, then the heart will decrease its function. Read more about 13 causes of heart rhythm disorder.
    Arterial vessels around the heart are more prone to experience blockages and shrinkage due to deposits of saponins and flavonoids in an amount that is not moderate or unnatural.
  2. The elderly should consult first before deciding to use herbal remedies made from mahogany. The doctor or nutritionist will show the best way to use mahogany as a drug in a certain dose that has been adjusted to the age and condition of the history of the disease that has been previously suffered by the patient.