Proper Treatment for Skin Peeling

As the largest organ, the skin has a variety of functions.

The skin protects the organ system in the body, regulates body temperature, as a sense of touch that helps us feel pleasant stimulation or pain, while also functioning as a shield that protects from the harmful effects of UV radiation.

Sometimes, we see skin flaking suddenly. Why this happens, and whether peeling is dangerous. Read more about The Effects of Alcohol on Skin

Why does the skin peel off?

Because of its function as a protector, the skin must have a healing action plan for when you are injured.

This process is basically regenerating dead skin cells, to be replaced with healthier skin cells.

However, cells in the upper layers of the skin constantly renew themselves even when no danger is detected. This is the process. Read more about Most Useful Tips For Skin Care You Need to Know

Your skin consists of several layers. The top layer that you can see is called the epidermis.

The epidermis consists of cells made of keratin. When keratin reaches the top layer of the epidermis, the keratin will age and slowly “wither” due to exposure to weather and the outside environment.

Finally, these skin cells break away from the epidermis and peel off, giving rise to young skin cells that grow underneath. Read more about Proper Treatment for Dry Skin on Face

It takes about a month for new skin cells to completely replace dead skin cells. That is, the skin you have a month from now will be completely different from your current skin.

How many skins are peeled off every year?

If you are wondering how much skin cells are exfoliated, be prepared to be surprised.

Experts estimate 16 percent of your body weight comes from the skin. During a 24 hour period, you lose almost one million skin cells.

Within a year, the amount of dead skin peeling off your body can reach 4 kilograms. Read more about 15 Ways on How to Stop Skin Peeling Off Your Feet

These skins peel in the form of super fine flakes, which are the main components of house dust that you normally see piled up on the table surface to shutters.

On the other hand, flaking skin can also indicate skin irritation due to side effects of drugs, skin diseases or conditions that you may have – from dry skin, psoriasis, allergies, bacterial and fungal infections, cancer and its treatment, to rare genetic diseases.

Peeling skin is also a sign of the usual damage caused by sunburn or dry face care products.

How to treat flaky skin?

Regardless of the cause, no one likes the look of flaking skin that is scaly and feels rough.

Even though you can’t stop the process once the skin has been peeled off, you can repair your scaly skin with some easy home care to get back to soft, radiant, soft skin. Read more about Ways on How to Avoid Skin Irritation after Shaving Pubic Hair

1. Compress cold water

Moisten clean cloth with cold water until saturated. Squeeze the cloth so that the water doesn’t drip much.

Place the cloth over the area of ​​the peeling skin. Avoid rubbing hard. Leave the cloth on the skin for five to 10 minutes to cool the skin. After that, rinse the cloth with cold water and compress it again as needed.

2. Smear milk, oatmeal porridge, or white vinegar

White vinegar can relieve pain and redness on the area of ​​the skin peeling, and prevent exfoliation from getting worse. Apply thin white vinegar directly on the area of ​​the peeling skin

Milk can cool back the dry peeling skin. Compress the peeling skin with cold milk, leave for 10 minutes. Read more about 12 Useful Make Up Tips For Oily Skin

Lactic acid in milk will help remove dead skin debris and remove redness on the skin, while the lipid content will moisturize the skin.

Alternatively, use cold oatmeal porridge as scrubs, and let stand for 10 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly with cold water. Oatmeal can moisturize, repair, and protect property-related skin

3. Apply moisturizing lotion

Frequently use skin moisturizing lotions, especially in areas that are peeling. Also apply an important sunscreen to keep the skin moist and protected from the sun. Read more about 17 Obvious Effects on Skin from Drinking Not Enough Water

However avoid perfumed moisturizers, and choose products that contain soothing ingredients, such as aloe-vera and vitamin E.

4. Exfoliate

You can do exfoliation, but do it gently using warm lukewarm cloth, once a day. It would be better if you wait until most of the skin has been peeled off. Simply rub the soft cloth gently on the area of ​​the peeled skin with a little pressure.

Do not rub too hard or use other scrubbers, such as loofah, because this can cause further damage. Repeat twice a day, if needed. Read more about 15 Breathtaking Effects of Honey on Dark Skin for Skin Goals

5. Do not scratch or scratch

Avoid the temptation to scratch or tear the skin off. Scratching can worsen the condition and can cause infection.

Use small scissors to trim neatly the dead skin that dangles off, do not clamp or forcefully pull out. Start applying a moisturizing lotion that contains mild alpha hydroxy acid to speed up the process of cell turnover and eliminate residual exfoliation.

6. Using Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is the right dry skin care ingredient because the good content in it will restore the moisture of the skin that was lost.

This type of oil is usually used as an ingredient for cooking, but you can use it as a moisturizer. Just apply enough to the peeling skin, wait a few minutes. Read more about 13 Natural Prevention for Skin Cancer

After a few minutes, rinse with water and clean this method regularly every day. Be diligent in doing this treatment because the results are effective but long enough to feel it.

Don’t be surprised if after skin care will peel again, this is because dead skin cells are raised and new skin cells are regenerated.

7. Using Mint

In treating skin flaking, you can also use mint. With its natural sedative properties, mint is the right ingredient for regenerating dead skin cells, refreshing and restoring the moisture of the skin that has been reduced.

Take juice extract from some fresh mint leaves, then apply directly to each skin before leaving for bed at night.

The next day you can clean the remnants of the mint leaf extract on the skin with warm, clean water.

After that, don’t forget to also use the mild moisturizer you usually use. After the skin is peeling you are normal and healthy again, you can use this treatment method sometimes and not as routinely before. Read more about 17 How to Prevent Aging Skin in 20s Naturally

As long as facial skin peels, you are advised to avoid things that can worsen skin conditions, such as sun exposure, soaps, creams, lotions and cosmetics that contain irritating ingredients, hot water, and extreme weather conditions such as very hot or cold.

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