20 Ways How to Get Rid of Panic Attacks after Drinking

Some people drink because they enjoy it or they just drink during special occasions. Nevertheless, drinking alcohol can cause a panic attack. For those who already have the condition, drinking can make it worse. Still, here are 20 Ways How to Get Rid of Panic Attack after Drinking to help you out. Recognize the causes and the effects to understand the condition better.

Causes of Panic Attack

  • Dehydration
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Specific triggers

Effects from Panic Attack

  • Quick heartbeat
  • Crying
  • Chest Pain
  • Sweating

Treating the Panic Attack

So below are some of the best ways to treat it:

1. Avoid Crowds

If you’re drinking inside a crowded building, they try to avoid all those people. Stop drinking immediately. Walk away and find a quiet place. A crowd can become quite rowdy and noisy. If you’re still with the crowd, your panic might become worse. You need to avoid them as they are still drinking too.

2. Take a Deep Breath

Take a deep, deep breath. Release all those air and repeat. Keep inhaling and exhaling the air around you. This can help in providing more oxygen to your body. So, your heart won’t have to pound as much. You will feel more relaxed and less panicked as your stress level becomes lower. Also read ways to get rid of shaky hands with natural remedy.

3. Eat Comfort Food

Drinking makes your body dehydrated. That will not help with your panic attack. Try to find some food to eat. Eat any food that will make you comfortable. They could be some granola bars, a sandwich or an oatmeal. Anything to keep your body full and increase the serotonin level in your brain.

4. Drink Water

Besides eating comfort food, you must drink water. Water is the best option because it does not contain any toxic elements. Drink slowly as you are also trying to keep your body calm. Fill your body with liquid to make it feel fresher. Your brain and your lungs will begin to calm down too.

5. Be in a Quiet Environment

Move away from any loud noises or people. Loud noise will cause your blood level to rise. That will cause your heart to pound faster and worsen your panic attack. Find somewhere else to be such as the bathroom. You need a very quiet environment so you can focus solely on yourself.

6. Think of Something Peaceful

Think of anything peaceful. Imagine a happy place in your mind. You can also think back to that special memory in your life. This is a good way for your brain to focus on something else other than your panicked body. You will begin to feel calmer and safer once you remember all those happy thoughts.

7. Relax the Body

Panic attack can definitely make you feel as if you are in danger. You need to try as much as possible to make your body feel relaxed. You have to loosen up your muscles. Relaxed muscles will decrease the tension you are feeling. Move around or take some walks outside to get some fresh air as well. Also read how to how to treat anxiety with aromatherapy.

8. Find Distractions

Once you stop drinking, find a distraction. Distraction will help you focus on something more productive than that panicky feeling. Play a game on your phone, read a book, or watch your favourite shows on TV. Keeping your body active on something else will help you engage with reality instead of the bad feeling.

9. Organise Thoughts

You need to organise those running thoughts in your head after you drink. Panic attacks can make you think of too many things at once. Breathe and start to clear out your head from all of these thoughts. Remember that those thoughts are not important right now. You can think about them later when you feel better.

10. Get Home

In case you’ve been drinking at a social place, consider going home. It’s okay to leave when you begin to feel uncomfortable. Do not upset yourself or force yourself to stay. You might feel a lot better once you’re home since you’ll feel more calm. You can also begin to rest. You may also want to read how to get sleep during alcohol withdrawal.

11. Use Your Sensory

Keeping your sensory involved in getting rid of the attack is a great idea. Many people find this method very calming. You just need to have a fabric or a toy that you can touch. Focus on the feel of the fabric. Find a texture that provides comfort. Some texture may even cause crinkly noises that you might find soothing.

12. Chew Gum

You can also chew gum when the attack comes. It can help release all those adrenaline rush that is moving through your body. In case you feel nauseous, chew a minty gum to avoid vomiting. What makes this more convenient is that you can chew the gum anywhere. Continue to chew the gum until you feel a whole lot better. In case you do vomit, read how to treat your stomach after vomiting.

13. Write Out Your Thoughts

You need to get all those running thoughts out of your head so the panic can go away. Writing them down is a good idea. Instead of keeping them all inside your head, you pour them out into something tangible. Your head will feel clearer, lighter and you begin to feel better. Later on, you can look back to all the things that you were feeling.

Other Ways (14-20)

Try these methods too which can help you.

  • Talk to Yourself: Convince yourself everything’s okay.
  • Hug Your Pet: They provide comfort and safety.
  • Be with a Friend: Help in keeping you company.
  • Focus on Something Else: Let your mind focus on something else.
  • Listen to Songs: Calming music can help.
  • Breathe in Lavender: Lavender helps body to relax.
  • Get Some Rest: Lie down or sleep so your body don’t stress too much.

Things to Consider

Always keep that one thing that makes you safe with you anywhere you go. It could be that chewing gum or a piece of fabric that calms you down. In case your panic attack comes again, you can use them to make yourself feel better.


Consider these things to avoid frequent attacks:

  1. Quit consuming alcohol altogether.
  2. Find a good way to manage it.
  3. Recognise all the triggers that cause it.

Beside what I explained above, here i give you some tips as ways how to get rid of Panic Attacks after Drinking. Check this out.

Different treatments work for different people. Do not get upset with yourself and keep searching for the right method to treat your condition.

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