12 Side Effects Of Applying Too Much Lipbalm

Recently lipbalm becomes a must item for everybody, both girls and boys. Lipbalm is used to moist your lips and hydrate it too. Usually, lipbalm is a base for lipstick and they reapply it right after they had done with their meal. Also, lipbalm was used for dry lips. If you always be in a full- AC room, you should use a lipbalm too.

Using lipbalm almost every time would leave you addicted to it. You can’t go out without your lipbalm and it becomes your habit. So, now we want to explain briefly about 12 Side Effect Of Applying Too Much Lipbalm. Let’s take a look !

Before we go too far, What is Lipbalm ?

Lipbalm is a salve wax-like material which is applied to your lips. It contains beeswax and some varieties content such as dyes, flavor, fragrance and many more. Lipbalm itself functions to moist your lips surface and make your lipstick transfer proof. Some people using lipbalm as a base before applying lipstick, after a meal, before bedtime, wake up, or even if you are feeling your lips are too dry.

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What Is The Advantages Of Using Lipbalm?

We start with the advantages first. The advantages of lipbalm are to moist and hydrate your lips. We had mention it at the top of this article. Lipbalm contains beeswax that could maintain the moisture on your surface lips.

Lipbalm Heals Your Lips Faster

Another advantages of your lipbalm is to heal the outermost skin layer on our lips faster. If you are trying to avoid chapped lips and also cracked lips after winter season, using lipbalm will be a right option for you. Skin layer of your lips is thinner than other part on your body. That’s why lipbalm will be your first aid kit to save the moisture of your lips. See Also 20 Best Ways to Get Rid of Fever Blisters on Your Lips

Lipbalm Contains SPF Which is Helpful

Many product of lipbalm contains various materials on it. Such as natural ingredient, natural extract, and also SPF. SPF has been proven to protect you from harmful rays from the sun.  And now we’ve got the answer for your dry lips too. In some weather and condition, your lips could be so dry and cracked. Lipbalm with SPF content will help protecting your lips from sunrays.

Best Way To Apply Lipbalm

According to the expert and researchers, there are better ways in using lipbalm, which are  :

  • Use your lipbalm right before bedtime. It will assist your lips to keep moist and hydrate while sleeping. During overnight after applying your lipbalm, you will find out that your lips is surprisingly moist in the morning .
  • Use your lipbalm right after you wake up. Using it right after you woke up in the morning will also help your lips to restore moisture before you do your morning routine. Somehow, we forgot to use lipbalm in the morning because of our hectic morning routines.
  • Use lipbalm before applying your makeup. Before you do your makeup routine, first of all, you should put on your lipbalm onto your lips. Then you can continue with the makeup base, primer, highlighter, bronzer, eyebrow, eye makeup, then finally back on your lips again.
  • If you didn’t apply your lipbalm beforehand, then your lips will hydrate. Especially after you wear your red lisptick on your lips, the color won’t last to more than 8 hours because you forget to apply lipbalm before.
  • Using lipbalm after meal. It’s useful particularly when your lips are cracked or your lipstick had been disappeared too fast.
  • When you do your touch up, remember to apply your lipbalm first. Leave it for 15 minute then wear your lipstick again. Giving some break time between using lipbalm and lipstick will increase the moisture of your lips first, then your lipstick will last for a couple hours.

The Disadvantages of Using Lipbalm

Next, let’s check the disadvantages of using too much Lipbalm. Unfortunately, some lipbalm could potentially irritating your lips. Why? Because some ingredients on your lipbalm is harmful. Doses of some ingredient which is too much could cause your lips to irritate.

However, after irritation, your lips could also experience inflammation. Inflammation caused by some ingredient could be a danger for your lips.

Loss Of Hydration

Too much applying lipbalm will cause loss of hydration. Too much applying is not good at all. In the end, it would make your lips forgot how to hydrate itself. You thought lipbalm is enough to hydrate your lips, so you were too lazy to drink a plenty of water. This is not right, it’s totally wrong, girls. You still had to consume healthy food and drink a plenty of water to keep your lips and your whole body hydrate.

Harm Lips Because Of Re-application

Next, constant re-application of using lipbalm can cause more harm than good. Your lips would be more sensitive than before. Sensitive lips will lead cause a cracked lips and chapped lips. It will be embarrassing for your appearance. Plus, if your lips cracked, then applying lipstick will be no use at all. Too much using lipbalm will make your lipstick can’t last even for a couple hours.

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Lipbalm Addiction

Lipbalm addiction is not bad for you. Isn’t it? But it is not good either. The right way for using lipbalm is, do not use too much of it. Addiction to use it over and over again is pretty bad. If you run out of lipbalm, then you will feel something missing on your life. That’s the addiction we mean.

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Recommended Product For You

  • Before re-purchase your lipbalm, check the ingredients of it. Is it safe or not?
  • Compare some branded lipbalm to find the best one. There are so many products out there. You have to be a brilliant buyer to choose what would you wear firsthand.
  • Find a lipbalm that have SPF ingridients also coconut extract on it. It is proven to moisture and hydrate your lips.
  • Another alternative instead of lipbalm are Shea Butter, Lip Oil, Protecting Balm, Honey and Sugar.

We had done describing to you 12 Side Effect Of Too Much Lipbalm. Hope this article will add your knowledge about Healthy Guide for your lips.

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