5 Side Effect of Jamaica Cherry for Health (muntingia calabura)

Muntingia calabura or more commonly known as Jamaica Cherry or Calabur Tree have so many benefits from either its leaves, fruits, or even its stem. You can easily find Jamaica Cherry anywhere because it’s classified as wild tree.  Even though it’s a wild tree, turns out that Jamaica Cherry gives so many benefits for our health. Excessive consumption though will cause certain effects.

When you consume too much Jamaica Cherry, you will probably get some side effects which are not beneficial for your health. Some of the side effects of Jamaica Cherry are as follows:

  1. Stomachache

Despite the various benefits, consuming Jamaica Cherry excessively turn out causing side effects for our health. One side effect of too much Jamaica Cherry is stomachache. For that reason, consume a proper amount of Jamaica Cherry and avoid excessive consumption. There are indeed some dangerous foods for stomach and cause stomachache, you should probably watch out for those.

  1. Nausea and Vomiting

Not only stomachache, someone with too much consumption of Jamaica Cherry could also feel nauseous and end up vomiting. Pay good attention of how you consume the fruit and keep in mind not to consume too much of the fruit. Sometimes, side effects of Jamaica Cherry cause someone to feel nauseous but did not vomit. That condition depends on the quantity of Jamaica Cherry consumed by a person. If indeed you experience vomiting, you have to know how to treat your stomach after vomiting.

  1. Allergy

Consuming Jamaica Cherry can also bring out allergic reaction to some people. This condition happen if one consumes Jamaica Cherry but did not properly washed the fruit, so bacteria could still intact in its skin and consumed along with the fruit. If allergic reaction happens, then it’s best for you to know how to treat food allergies with home remedies. Or if the allergy happen on you skin, then you should know how to properly treat skin allergies.

  1. Liver Problems

For some of you with liver problems, you have to know that it’s best if you did not consume Jamaica Cherry whether it’s fruits or its leaves. Consuming fruit or leaves of Jamaica Cherry will make your liver condition worse, and inhibit the healing process of your liver.

  1. Kidney Problem

Last but not least, the side effect of Jamaica Cherry if it’s excessively consumed is kidney problem. Some people experience signs of kidney problem after consuming Jamaica Cherry excessively. So, if you happen to experience any of the signs, then immediately go see a doctor to avoid any further complaints.

Those are the side effects of Jamaica Cherry you have to know. We hope this article about the side effects of Jamaica Cherry can be a reference for you and broaden your knowledge about health. Even though Jamaica Cherry is very beneficial, but it turns out that it also has several side effects. So make sure not to consume it excessively, cause instead of heals, it will cause some diseases.

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