7 Natural Ways to Treat Nail Fungus at Home #1 Effective

Nobody likes it when they are infected by fungus. Probably, if fungus is offered to anyone, and no one will like, accept or even see the fungus. Also, people often feel disgusting with fungus. Therefore, everyone tries to avoid and prevent themselves from fungus which can make them not confidence with their appearance. Everyone is familiar with nail fungus and even almost everyone knows about nail fungus and nobody wants to infected by nail fungus.

Isn’t that right? There are several risk factors of nail fungus. Most risk factors of nail fungus are dirt, bacterial, or anything that is related to things that can make the nails vulnerable. Nevertheless, you do not have to worry because nail fungus is an infection which is temporary only and can be easily cured. How could that be? Here are 7 ways to treat nail fungus at home.

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1. Salt

Nail treatment is very difficult. Moreover, treatment for toe nails because toe nails are more likely to be infected by nail fungus. It is because nail fungus which are caused by bacteria which can easily attack our foot because it is in the lower part of our body.

Nevertheless, it can be cured by using salt, by using salt water. Salt water is very useful to treat anything, especially to cleanse the nail fungus. Here are several ways to treat nail fungus at home by using salt.

#1 Method

  • Cut your nails until it is clean but avoid injury when you are cutting your nails because it can lead to side effect.
  • Prepare enough salt water to soak your feet, including your toe nails.
  • Use warm water.
  • Soak your feet to the water. At first, you may feel sore and hot. Therefore, put it slowly to let your body adapts the temperature.
  • Leave it for 5 minutes in the water or until the water turns cold.
  • Repeat this step several times until the nail fungus are cured.

#2 Method

Other than 6 steps above, you can use another way to treat nail fungus at home by using salt. Here are the ways:

  • Similar to previous step, cut your nails carefully and clean it.
  • Prepare the salt to the enough water to soak your feet. Remember, you have to use warm water.
  • Roll up your heel with hand towel so your feet can be completely soaked to the salt water.
  • After that, give one cup of peroxide hydrogen.
  • After you put the peroxide hydrogen, you can soak your feet to the water.
  • Lift your toe nails and apply the salt to the toe nails which are infected by nail fungus.
  • Leave it several minutes until it turns dry.
  • Add 1,5 cups of salt to the water in the bowl.
  • Put your feet there and leave it for 30 minutes.
  • If you have finished, dry it with dry towel and gently massage your toe nails. The purpose is to increase the blood circulation enter the area to speed up the healing.

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2. Maintain your nails’ hygiene

The second way to treat nail fungus at home is by maintaining nails’ hygiene because dirty nails can cause fungus infection which then lead to nail fungus. Here are several things you need to notice about maintaining nails’ hygiene.

How to maintain nails’ hygiene :

  • Avoid nails accessories – There are many kinds of nail accessories but it can damage your nails. Therefore, do not use the nail accessories too often because it can harm nails’ health.
  • Do not use shoes overlong – The maximum period of using shoes is about six hours and afterwards, you’d better take it off to increase the air circulation to your feet and increase the humidity of your feet. Read also: ways to get rid of foot odor in shoes.
  • Do not use wet socks – Yes, don’t use wet socks because it can cause foot odor and then it can increase the possibility of nail fungus.

3. Use anti-fungal cream

Anti-fungal cream is often sold in the drug store so you can easily find it. By using this cream, you can easily remove the fungus. Nevertheless, don’t use it too much because it will make the nail fungus spreads fast. Therefore, use it properly.

4. Use anti-fungal nail polish

Nail polish with anti-fungal compound can help to remove the nail fungus so your nails may look healthy. Also, nail polish can hide the nail fungus as well as remove it.

5. Using drugs

There are several drugs which are mostly consumed to cure nail fungus, such as oral drugs since it requires the person to drink the drug, like common drugs. But, before you take this drug, you need to consult to the doctor first to avoid overdose or even you take the drug in wrong dose. 

6. Dissect the nails

Yes, it may sound extreme but this is very effective to remove the nail fungus to avoid the spreading of the fungus so your nail fungus removed. Although it is considered as effective way, but for some people who hates surgery, they dislike this method and difficult to take this step.

7. Using photo-dynamic therapy

Other than dissect the nails, there is another way you can do to effectively remove the nail fungus, that is by using photo-dynamic therapy. This therapy is conducted by giving ray to the nails with nail fungus so the fungus can be easily removed and your nail will look pretty again.

Those are tips, tricks, and ways to treat nail fungus at home, especially for toe nails. If you are afraid of taking surgery or nail dissect, it is recommended for you to use salt water. Because, other than easy to use, salt is proven to be the most useful ingredient to clean germs and bacteria. Therefore, steps above have to be known to avoid nail fungus which can disrupt your daily appearance.

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