Blocked Ear Infection Symptoms – Treatments – Prevention

Blocked ears problems generally happen because of trivial causes that when it isn’t treated in a proper and right way, might lead to another important health problems one day.

The early causes might vary from the high level of air pressure we get, from ear mucus that isn’t being removed properly, from trapped solution, from ear infections, and other surprising factors that need to get enough attention from us.

Blocked Ears Infection as a Symptoms of Other Disease

You may know basic information about blocked ears, or even experienced it yourself before. But, do you know further facts that having one or both our ears blocked might cause us further disease in the future? Turns out that having blocked ears is actually a symptom that may indicate other health problems inside our body.

What kind of disease might possibly occur? Blocked ear infection symptoms of these 6 serious ear problems:

  1. Meniere Disease

This disease comes with other common symptoms such a vertigo that makes the patient feels dizzy, lack of ability to hear, and blocked ears. Meniere disease is classified as chronic health problem which most of the patients are an elderly person above 40 years old.

This ear problem happen because the fluid volume and composition in the middle ear part are found to be abnormal, and this happen because a lot of complicated factors. Doctor usually is going to test us with two different test to make sure how bad our meniere disease is with “audiometry test” to try out our ears’ ability to detect sound, and “balancing test” to know balance our body is.

To cure the pain the doctor will generally give us drugs to reduce our drunk, nausea, and reduce fluid that comes out from our ears.

  1. Cerumen Impaction

Cerumen is a natural ear mucus that usually appear inside our ear canal, form like a yellow sticky wax fluid. Often times we are making too much effort to get it out of our ear canals when it turns out that our ears have the ability to get the cerumen out itself.

We use ear bus and instead of getting it out, we push it further deeper to our inner ear canal which then might causing cerumen impaction when it’s accumulate a lot near our eardrum.

We can get rid of this cerumen by drop some cerumen softening liquid to help soften the texture first, then take it out using cerumen hook/spoon. Or, we can irrigate soft cerumen around ear canal with water, or suck it out using a suction.

  1. Externa Otitis

When you found that your ears staring to have swelling, redness, pain, and such a pressure from the inside of the ear, you need to start worrying about this externa otitis disease. This problem happens because of bacteria/fungi/virus that lives inside our ear and infected our soft ear skin and outside canal.

Popular with “swimmer’s ears problem” this externa otitis indeed happens mostly to swimmer that often swim inside a haphazard place. The water might contain microorganism that possibly got trapped inside our ear and bring some health problem to us.

Externa otitis can also happen when we have hairy and smaller ear canals, when we live in damp and warm climates, when we produce too little ear mucus, and so on. 

  1. Mastoiditis

Mastoiditis is an infection of the bony bulge behind the ear known as the mastoid bone. This disease can destroy bones and cause hearing loss for further disadvantage. This condition is a common ear-nose-mouth disease and if not treated on time, it can possibly cause death.

Based on research, mastoiditis occur because of the present of certain bacteria such as Haemophilus influenzae, Staphylococcus, and Streptococcus. And it’s a warning for externa otitis patient to take enough care of their disease if they don’t want to be infected with mastoiditis, too.

  1. Chronic Superlative Otitis Media

This can be indicated with our ear fluids that keep coming out regularly for months. The discharged liquid may be water, thick, slimy or festering causing hearing loss resulting in a serious impact, especially for children.

This can have long-term effects on children’s communication, language development, hearing process, psychosocial and cognitive development and educational progress.

  1. Ear-drum Rupture

This might be the final step of having ear problems, when we finally having eardrum rupture after having several ear symptoms that annoyed us for months. So it is highly suggested to see the doctor once you feel something wrong’s happening inside of your ear before it might be too late like this.

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Natural Treatments to Treat Blocked Ears at Home

Having blocked ear infection symptoms is a very annoying and uncomfortable feeling ever. So, we bet you want to know how to get rid of blocked wars the fastest and easiest ways.

Here are some natural treatments helping you to treat blocked ears that can be done at home:

  1. By using your clean finger to create spaces inside the blocked ear
  2. By tilting your head to your blocked ear’s side
  3. By draining a little amount water into the blocked ear
  4. By following Valsalva Manuver
  5. By yawning forcefully
  6. By bathing in a bath tube full of warm water, soaking your head until the water slips inside your ears
  7. By munching bubble gums repeatedly until your ear feel free from trapped air
  8. By eating hot and spicy kind of soup that help you produce such diluter mucus so then it won’t block our ear channel again
  9. By drinking lots of water
  10. By gargling your throat with salty water
  11. By using a mixture of vinegar solution and alcohol

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Another Health Tips to Prevent Blocked Ears

Upper tips that are applicable to be implemented at home might work for some people in an effective way. But unfortunately for you, those tips won’t seem to make a difference. So, let’s level up our way to treat blocked ear infection symptoms by doing some alternative therapy and getting a little help from chemical fluids, too.

1. Steaming therapy

This type of therapy is using steaming method to help opening up trapped Eustachi channel and free the mucus that has been there because of flu. This steaming therapy can be done by facing your face to the hot water (and a few drops of tea/ eucalyptus oil/lavender oil/tea tree oil in the basin.

2. Craniosacral therapy

You should try to consider this type of therapy when you get nothing’s left to choose. Craniosacral therapy confronts the relation between the patients and their whole aspect of themselves, including their body function, emotional state, aura, and so on.

You will get a help from an ace therapist to maintain good energy inside your body and it’s been proved to heal any kind of health problems cause this therapy is believed to have the ability to cure various types of disorders and diseases of equilibrium such as our Eustachi channel’s imbalance pressure problem.

3. Acupuncture therapy 

This is one of the most effective alternative treatment that should be done by acupuncture expert. All disease and problems related to muscles and nerves can slowly healed by acupuncture therapy, including blocked ears problem. 

4. Using Neti Pot 

Neti Pot treatment is especially invented for blocked ears problem because of sinus. This can be done using a certain type of pot called “Neti Pot” which then should be filled with 500 ml warm water and 1 teaspoon of salt.

You need to tilt your head up to 45degree, make sure you drain the salty water into your nose canal from one of your nostril safely, and then wait until it drains out to another nostril. Do this step repeatedly until the blocked feeling gone from your ears. Suggested to do neti pot treatment 3 times a week.

5. Using Hydrogen Peroxide

This chemical compound has the ability to clean up ear mucus that has been trapped inside your ear.

Those are several basic information about blocked ear infection symptoms that will keep you out of further ear infection problems in the future. Hopefully we can be more aware of our own health, and after reading this, at least we know how to treat blocked ears in a proper and easier way at home. But, as a note, we still need to see the doctor for further diagnose and treatment if our blocked ears problem won’t seem to go away after several days, to get our fair medical treatment at hospital. Keep being happy and healthy!

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