Surprising Benefits of Face Acupuncture For Beauty

Acupuncture is one of the methods of therapy or alternative treatment is relatively safe that uses tools to drain the electricity that flowed on the needle implanted at the point of nerve in the face and other body parts that can cure more than 20 different diseases.

Acupuncture on the face is an alternative treatment method most preferred and sought by women and men who have a habit of caring for his face (metrosexual) to always look cleaner and healthier. Read more about  Causes of Shaking When Hungry

This is the reason why acupuncture for the face is very popular and more popular in the world of beauty than acupuncture performed on the back or chest, following the benefits of acupuncture for beauty:

  1. Can prevent the face from fatigue which resulted in the look of the face always lethargic and not fresh
  2. Can care for the skin to keep tight and not sagging slack
  3. Can brighten facial skin surface without having to make skin peeling and irritation
  4. Can stabilize the natural moisture of the face even in dry skin types though
  5. Can refresh facial skin and avoid dullness due to free radical attack
  6.  Can accelerate blood circulation around the face and can relax the facial muscles
  7. Can make the face tone more healthy and chewy or more elastic
  8. Calming the mind (eliminate stress) that can make the face look more fresh and beautiful
  9. Make the face look younger because fine wrinkles gradually disappear
  10. Heal a prolonged headache that only makes the face look lethargic
  11. Can fade and remove black spots due to exposure to sunlight
  12. Can repair damaged skin cell collagen cell tissue due to inappropriate cosmetic usage (Read Also: Collagen Injection Dangers)
  13. Can shrink the skin pore pores, so avoid the accumulation of blackheads and stubborn acne attacks
  14. Can heal facial swelling due to food allergies, air pollution or weather
  15. Reduce and remove the black color on the eyelid circle caused by lack of sleep, too much crying or because of eye irritation.

What you should know about acupuncture has a big role in improving the health of the human body?

• Unique treatment of mainland China

Acupuncture was originally a unique and potent treatment that originated from mainland China and became popular all over the world. this alternative treatment method is much preferred because it is proven to cure many diseases, namely in a way that relies on the emphasis on the knot node or point of a particular point on the nerves that are directly related to the disease experienced by a person.

where the acupuncture is done by channeling good and positive energy that can launch blood circulation and blood vessels. Read more about  How to Prevent Aging Skin in 20s Naturally

• Using a needle

Acupuncture is done by using a small needle that has been sterilized once stabbed at a particular nerve point according to the patient’s request or according to the disease being complained.

The needle will be assisted by the use of an electrically applied device previously attached to the needle needle which is then inserted at that particular spot will supply and transfer the positive energy and oxygen to the entire bloodstream and regenerate all the nerves that initially experience tension and fatigue will again loosen, more relax and calm the mind. this condition can make a person become more healthy and fit. Read more about How To Smooth Rough Skin Face

The needle used is 1/2 cun to 1 cun and stabbed in the patient usually between 13 to 20 needles for 30 minutes only after the patient will feel his body feels healthier and his face is bright instantly.

  • Acupuncture is still the best

For beauty and facial appearance better, it turns out that acupuncture therapy is the best treatment method because it is relatively safe and proved its efficacy. Read more about  Tips to Eliminate Black Spots with Papaya Leaf

Acupuncture is better able to make the face look younger and avoid the face that looks tired. using facial acupuncture will look youthful without having to experience the unnatural exfoliation, swelling and rash rashes as has been complained by people who wear illegal and dangerous facial bleach.

  • The face proved to be healthier

By doing acupuncture method facial regularly then the face will look more healthy and glowing and youthful even without using makeup. beauty therapy is to do with acupuncture needle stab is in the area under the eyes, facial areas that include cheeks, chin, temples, forehead, nostrils, and corners of the mouth.

Does facial acupuncture have an adverse effect on beauty?

  1. Basically acupuncture is a relatively safe alternative therapy activity that can be done to anyone or anywhere while done in the right way.  Read more about  Effects on Skin From Not Sleeping All Night Long
  2. If a therapist uses an unsterile tool or needle or an improper needle, the patient will experience some health complaints. therapy performed just can not cure the disease but make the body more ill.
  3. Adverse effects may occur after an acupuncture activity is completed if an acupuncture therapist does not have sufficient health-standard understanding, expertise, insight and good skills recognized by a health institution.
  4. A facial acupuncture therapist who does not have the expertise in his field needs to be wary because the wrong technique in the application of acupuncture needles can cause some health complaints such as the following.
  • The face is infected

The faces of acupuncture therapy can confirm irritation and infection if the needles used are not sterile or have been sterilized first. Read more about Tips to Get a Good Nap

  • The face feels uncomfortable

A therapist who is not yet an expert can cause a sense of unevenness around the face after the therapy is designed in the form of the appearance of pain, stiffness around the cheek and around the eyes and be itching around the face caused by needles that inserted on the nerve point too deep and too long.

  • The face becomes swollen

The face may be swollen and bruised locally because a therapist has stabbed his needle at a certain nerve point on his face but is inadequate to the desired target. this condition can inhibit the smooth flow of blood and trigger the occurrence of tension on the muscles of the facial muscles. consequently the face will experience swelling or local bruises. Read more about  How To Clean Up Cervix after Miscarriage

Another advantage gained from facial acupuncture method

Acupuncture on the face that is done regularly at least 1 to 2 times a month can make the pore pores of the face able to receive faster nutrients that the body passes through the bloodstream and blood vessels. or someone who is diligent to do facial acupuncture then if diligently also to do face mask eating nutrients in the mask can be quickly absorbed by the pores of the skin pores and able to change the condition of the skin more healthy because :

  • Collagen cell cells that are under the skin are getting younger and more
  • Able to prevent skin attacked by dehydration
  • The skin becomes less sensitive to daylight exposure
  • Able to supply the entry of oxygen through the pores of more facial pores
  • Able as a bleach efficacious without peeling out the outer skin cells from the face
  • Able to regulate and control excess oil on oily skin types
  • Make facial skin capable of storing nutrient reserves when the face gets masking
  • Able to maintain natural skin oils are hidden in the deepest skin tissue.
  • Facial acupuncture can be done alone at home without using needles, however, somehow acupuncture using needle pricking method is best.

Here’s an easy step to do acupuncture at home using your middle finger on both hands for 1 to 2 minutes.

  1. This is done if you do not have enough time to do a real acupuncture using a common needle salon or beauty clinic.
  2. Apply pressure with one middle finger in the middle of the forehead
  3. Emphasize the center of the curve between the two eyebrows
  4. Place emphasis on the second corner of the eyebrows
  5. Emphasize the angle of both ends of the outer eyebrows (near the corner of the eye)
  6.  Emphasize under the eye bags
  7. Place pressure on both cheeks right in the middle
  8. Put pressure on both corners of the nostrils
  9. Emphasize the corner of the lips

Emphasis if done patiently and regularly can smooth the flow of blood on the face and can make them look more fresh and protected from fatigue. this simple method can be done anytime including when you are in the bus room or workspace.

There is no harm in the method of emphasis on the facial nerve point done in the workplace, from the face you continue to suffer from fatigue. Read more about How to Stop a Pink Eye for Baby

The method of suppression of some nerve points on the face can be used as a reference to get a fresh face that is always before you actually do acupuncture by using a needle. this is done because of the consideration of so busy work schedule that always does not allow the face of treatment in the near future.

Instead of a continuous face suffering from fatigue while free time to acupuncture beauty clinic is not yet available, there’s nothing wrong if you do the method of nerve point emphasis on the face in between your work.

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