12 Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of Abscess

The early symptom of abscess is by the appearance of bumps inside the skin containing pus. It is the result of bacteria infection, named Staphylococcus aureus. Read also: How to Treat Skin Abscess at Home

The symptoms of abscess occur either to men or to women with bad habit, such as they do not maintain the hygiene of their skin all day. It can occur because the bacteria can easily enter the skin through pores and spread and attack the follicle which then damage the skin tissue. This condition may occur if the skin hygiene is not maintained well.

Spots of Abscess

Abscess can occur to the part of the body with hair and those with no hair, the abscess will not appear. Here are several parts of our body which can often have abscess:

  • Butt – This spot easily has high humidity when this part is covered by the clothes or underwear. One of many factors causing abscess on the butt is the humid condition of the skin in the butt so it can be easily attacked by the bacteria.
  • Armpit – The abscess can easily appear to the part with high humidity other than the butt, such as arm or armpit. It usually occurs to women and it is often related to hormone or skin tissue condition. Read also: 13 Causes of Acne in Armpits and Fastest Ways to Fix It
  • Back – Back is a part which can easily have early symptoms of abscess. It can appear gradually and sometimes the person is unaware of the abscess until one day, they realize that their back is ache when it rubs something, including the wall.
  • Chest – Chest is a part of the body which releases much sweat when the body uses too much energy during its activities. Our sweat is easily binding dirt air or poisonous particles of the air which are contaminated by germs, bacteria, or virus.
  • Calf – Calf is a part which usually becomes open part of the body and it can ease the bacteria enter to our body through its pores.
  • Thigh – Thigh is a part of the body which can be easily attacked by abscess, especially its fold because those parts are ideal enough to be the place where the bacteria develop and grow.

Symptoms  of Abscess

Here are the causes, symptoms, and treatment of abscess:

1. Growing bumps

One of signs of abscess is small bumps and it actually does not affect any activities because there is no pain yet. Read also: Symptoms of Itchy Bumps on Inner Thigh Near Groin Female

2. Reddish skin

When the bumps getting bigger, then the skin around the bumps will turn red or black.

3. Growing pain

After reddish bumps, if it is not treated well, then the early symptoms of abscess will turn the bumps bigger and bigger and it may cause pain when touched by hands or any kind of things around.

4. Beating bumps

The bigger reddish bumps along with the pain sensation will cause beating bumps. It is the result of the condition of skin tissue which is not well enough.

5. Bumps with pus

One of many symptoms of abscess is bump with beating sensation and warm sensation aroud the bumps. If it occurs, it can be sured that it contains pus as a result of bacteria infection. The pus is the factor of beating and painful sensations.

6. Swelling

The swelling as early symptoms of abscess is because of swelling in the area of skin tissue where the bumps growing up and contains bacteria infection causing inflammation. Read also: Causes of Random Swollen Lips and How to Fix It

7. Fever

Mild fever to severe can occur when the swollen process is the result of inflammation around the abscess. But the temperature from one to another is different. There are people who can do their daily activity although having abscess or vice versa. All is determined by the human immune system when the early symptoms occur.

8. Exhaustion

Person with early symptoms of abscess for several days will have other complaints, such as easily exhausted even no hard activities. This condition occurs as a result of bacteria attack and then cause disruption of body immune system.

9. Body stiff

When the body is exhausted, then at the same time, the body can be stiff for several days ahead.

10. Limited movement

The bumps containing pus will limit body movement, especially when the bumps appear in the armpit then the arm will have a very painful sensation during the movement.

11. Eye in the middle of the bumps

When the bumps containing pus is getting bigger then it will create an eye in the middle of the bumps signaling that it is time to remove the pus to avoid severe reaction or worse problem.

12. Changing color on edge of the bumps

The early symptoms of the abscess is the changing color of the bumps around it, such as white or yellow around it.

Prevention of Abscess in The Body

  • Maintain body hygiene – Maintain the skin hygiene is usually not only about using soap but you can take a bath routinely twice a day with clean water and soap with antiseptic. Don’t forget to change your clothes 2-3 times a day according to your daily activities so you can avoid the spreading of abscess.
  • Maintain environmental hygiene – The outside or inside environment in the house should be maintained well to avoid the development of bacteria causing early symptoms of abscess.
  • Maintain the body folds – Maintain the hygiene of body folds, such as arm or elbow because sweat around these parts can ease the development of bacteria or germs causing abscess.
  • Avoid dirty location – Avoid dirty location or place with low level of hygiene, such as garbage dump, trench, or dirty river.
  • Avoid to share your personal belongings or use others’ belongings – Everyone has different skin condition as well as the cleanliness. Therefore, stop using others’ belongings and always use yours to avoid the spreading of the germs.

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Meanwhile, that’s the causes, symptoms, and treatment of abscess. Stay healthy!

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