17 Terrible Effects on Skin from Weight Loss

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Talking about skin, it’s quite dynamic. Skin changes all the time, even sometimes the changes happen just way too fast that we weren’t aware of it.

Our skin doesn’t only change due to the weather outside, such as sunny day or cold winter night, but it also change due to where we are, whether the place’s humid or dry instead.

What we eat, can also affect our skin in many ways. When we’re getting enough fruits and veggies that contain what it takes to have a beautiful, healthy skin, then we’ll get what we want.

What time you go to bed and get a restful sleep, also affects how your skin will look like. Even the most unrelatable things, your weight, can affect the way your skin looks like. Weight loss itself can happen due to many reasons.

Some are intentional, but lots are out of stress or sickness. At times it might be a good news, but it might also be bad effects that people wouldn’t be happy to get.

It’s true that skinny body will always be the type of ‘body goals’ that we want to achieve. We can see lots of losing weight motivation on instagram, pinterest, tumblr, and other social media. People tend to want anything instantly, in some cases they also want to lose weight instantly and forget the risks behind losing weight in instant. This article will give you the effects of weight loss on skin that you should be aware of, so that you don’t have to experience all this while getting your dream body goals.

Effects on Skin of Weight Loss

Every things have their own effects. If you’re staying up late and not getting enough rest, then you’ll  probably find yourself tired the next day, not being able to concentrate on what your lecturer says. So does weight loss. Weight loss might be a good news for some of you who have been struggling to go on a diet just loss a couple of weight. But there’s something you might never realize before. Weight loss do have effects on your skin. Here are few effects of weight loss on skin that you need to know :

  1. Sagging Skin

Losing weight too fast could cause your skin to sag. It is something that usually happens after a major weight loss. This sag skin will be hardly go away. That’s why it is better to have slow and steady weight loss, so that your skin will have time to shrink with the body. You can also find out natural ways to prevent sagging skin so that your weight loss wouldn’t give you such effect.

2. Stretch Marks

Stretch mark is something that most people have but we still embarrassed because of it. It is normal to have stretch mark when we lose weight, but there are some way to prevent it. Reduce stress as you losing your weight could prevent stretch marks, eat high protein foods, moisturize your skin often, don’t forget to drink enough amount of water and find the best ways to get rid of cellulite on calves.

3. Wrinkles

Wrinkles, beside as one of the effects of stress in skin, is also another common weight loss effect on skin. Its causes are similar to sagging skin, it is all because of major weight loss or our skin loses its elasticity due to aging. Wrinkles due to weight loss are hardly to get rid of in a natural way, but there are instant way to get rid of it, such as injections and botox.

4. Acnes

This so annoying skin problem which come with redness and aches is something that we hate almost most of the time. Usually it comes when we are getting our period, when our hormones is high, even when we losing our weight, acnes could also popped out. That’s somehow not the only causes of acne on the forehead. By eating healthy fats and green veggies we will prevent the coming of acnes.

5. Dark circles

Maybe some of us asking how could lose weight could cause dark circles. It seems didn’t make sense and have no connections at all, but here is the explanation. So our body has adrenal glands, which responsible for our body when we get stressed or even exhausted.

When we do too much work outs to lose our weight these glands will inflamed, fatigue and cause dark circles. So to prevent our adrenal glands getting exhausted, make sure to sleep at least 8 hours per day, well hydrated, don’t push your body to work out too much and make sure you know the most effective ways to get rid of dark circles under eyes.

6. Under eyes bag

Usually puffy eyes or under eyes bag also come along with dark circles, because it is occur by lack of sleep or exhausted. Just eat enough veggies every day, get enough amount of protein and eat foods which contains of high potassium, such as cucumber, celery, potato, tomato, and such.

7. Loose skin

Use your imagination here, when someone who’s overweighted lose weight drastically, where would the skin go? The excess skin do need space and time to adapt with your new weight. Of course you wouldn’t be happy to have such loose skin after a weight loss, right? This is why you should lose your weight slowly instead of instantly.

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8. Scarring

If your skin’s stretched in a way that’s too much for it to handle, then it’s not impossible that your skin might get slight scar or bruises that’s a bit similar to stretch marks but not the same. This effect will be more obvious if you didn’t take a good care of your skin with moisturizer or any skin care products after the weight loss.

Other Effects (9-17)

Here are few other effects of weight loss on skin :

  • Loss elasticity : This is likely to happen if you’re keep losing and gaining weight. This will confuse your skin and make your skin started to lose its elasticity.
  • Face lines : Imagine having a balloon that has a spot. As it shrink, you’ll face lines rather than smooth and full surface. The same thing goes for your skin.
  • Aging : You’re not supposed to have sagging, wrinkly skin that’s full of face lines. But if you loss too much weight too suddenly, then you might look a lot older than how you’re supposed to be.
  • Dull skin : If your weight loss is caused by stress or sickness or lack of nutrition, then you might end up having dull, unattractive skin due to lack of supplies that your skin needs to become healthy.
  • Dehydrated skin : In this case, losing too much weight might bring out misture from your body. Of course this will affect your skin and give it similar effects like what dehydration gives you.
  • Skin dryness : When moisture leaves, nutrition’s lacking, then you’ll end up having dull, dry, unhealthy skin.
  • Bye to glowing skin : If your skin’s suffer from all these effects and still not getting enough minerals and vitamins needed, then it would probably be far from glowing.
  • Neck’s changing : Ever imagine having wrinkles on your neck instead of on your face? Trust me, both can be your nightmare and it’s haunting if you’re losing weight instantly.
  • Breast augmentation : Imagine you loss massive weight so suddenly, then where would your excess skin go? Your breast skin might confuse theirselves and end up looking unattractive, unless you control your weight loss periodically and balancing it with physical activities.

So, does losing weight mean sin? Of course not, you do need to care about your body weight, especially if it’s already over its normal state. But losing weight also comes with consequences that you need to think of beforehand. If you don’t want to get all those effects, then you should plan everything out. Don’t loss weight just so suddenly. Let your weight to decrease periodically. Remember not to starve yourself to lose weight for it will only take away the nutritions your body and skin need. Don’t skip exercise so that as you loss weight, you also shape your body the way you wanted it to be.

If you take a proper care of your skin, then it will serve you right. Take care of your skin in a way that it won’t change just due to external conditions, that it will stay healthy and of course, beautiful even if it’s windy or snowy outside.

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