How to Get Rid of Milia Bumps Naturally #1 Proven Remedy

Milia are tiny and white bumps that can appear at any age, though they commonly occur during infants stage. Milia is not dangerous and does not give any threat, but sometimes give you a little bit annoyance when it deals with cosmetic uses.

They are not harmful and does not give serious effect on the skin as it will go away on their own, but sometimes it might feel uncomfortable for you.

What causes milia bumps?

Milia bumps can be caused by several factors. Milia bumps commonly occur because of the dead skin cell building up and trapped in the pores near the surface of the skin. If it does not get out naturally, it will form a small cyst.

Milia can also be caused by skin trauma or infections (such as laser, chemical peels and herpes) and also unhealthy lifestyle, such as lack of sleep, smoking and poor hygiene.

Milia bumps consist of keratin, a protein on the other layer of the skin, and they are very different with acne or whiteheads. Many people said that milia bumps are just simply like a pocket of normal skin, so the treatment of acne, whiteheads and milia bumps should be different as well.

How to get rid of milia bumps naturally by using home remedies?

1. Exfoliation

Exfoliation is very useful to get rid of the dead cells clogged under the pores of your skin. Besides, exfoliating your skin will also bring these benefits: banishing blemishes, reduce scar caused by acne and hyper-pigmentation. Exfoliation is also one of the ways mentioned in How To Eliminate Blackheads With Lime

2. Honey

Honey has amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals properties that help moisturizing the skin.

How to get rid of milia bumps naturally by using honey:

  • Apply raw honey on your face.
  • Repeat this action daily.

Another method to get rid of milia bumps naturally by using honey:

  • Make a mixture consists of 1 tablespoon of jojoba oil and 2 tablespoons of honey.
  • Apply this mixture on your face. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Repeat this action 3-4 times a week.

Honey is also beneficial for treating some skin problems, such as explained in Effective Ways on How to Eliminate Acne with Honey.

3. Have a facial sauna

It is one of the best remedies for treating milia and unclogging pores. It helps removing dead skin cells.

How to get rid of milia naturally by having facial sauna:

  • Prepare a bowl of hot water.
  • Soak a clean towel inside and twist the towel to squeeze out the water.
  • Put the towel on your face. Let it be there for few minutes and remove it after.
  • Repeat this several times.

Another method to get rid of milia bumps naturally by having facial sauna:

  • Have a steam in front of your face for around 10-15 minutes.
  • Do it daily until you get the desired result.
  • Apply some apple cider vinegar or castor oil after the steam process.

4. Egg mask

Eggs are rich in retinol and retinol ester that have been used in most of the skin care products. They are very beneficial for treating milia bumps.

How to get rid of milia bumps naturally by using egg mask:

  • Make a paste from 1 egg white, ½ teaspoon of almond oil, 1 tablespoon of yogurt and raw honey.
  • Apply the paste on the affected area.
  • Let it be there for 30 minutes.
  • Wash it off by using warm water.
  • Repeat the process 3 times a week. 

5. Lemon

Lemon has citric acid that is very great in unclogging pores and removing dead skin cells. Besides, lemon also has antibacterial property that is very effective in killing the bacteria.

How to get rid of milia bumps naturally by using lemon:

  • Have an extract of 1 lemon and add a pinch of salt into it.
  • By using a cotton ball, apply the juice to the affected area.
  • Let it be absorbed for around 20 minutes.
  • Wash it off by using lukewarm water.
  • Repeat this process twice a week.

If you want to know more about great effects of lemon, you may read Effect of Using Lemon Mask Every Day and Natural Ways to Lighten Skin with Lemon.

6. Toothpaste

Toothpaste has fluoride that is very helpful to remove the symptoms of milia. Gently apply a thin layer of it to the affected area, leave it dry. You may feel burning sensation, but it is considered normal and it will be over soon. Then, wash it off by using clean water.

7. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is rich in anti fungal and antibacterial properties that can kill the bacteria. It will also help you to prevent the growth of milia.

How to get rid of milia bumps naturally by using tea tree oil:

  • Dilute some drops of tea tree oil in any carrier oil.
  • Apply the mixture on the affected area by using cotton ball.
  • Leave it overnight and wash it off in the next morning.
  • Repeat this every time you are going to bed.

Tea tree oil has been an amazing essential oil you can use to solve almost every skin problem, as elaborated in How to Cure Boil with Essential Oils and How to Relieve Itching from Yeast Infection at Home. They are great! 

How to prevent yourself from getting milia bumps

Though milia bumps are not that annoying and harmful for your health, but you still have to take a serious concern on getting rid of them. Here are some ways to prevent yourself from getting milia bumps:

  1. Drink 2 cups of green tea as it helps you to flush out the toxins and remove the milia.
  2. Flush out the toxins by drinking lot of water
  3. Avoid applying heavy makeup and make sure you remove it before going to bed. It will help to avoid clogged pores.
  4. Do not ever scratch, pick and scrap the milia as it will worsen the condition.
  5. Do some facials to prevent and remove milia as well.
  6. Apply some mustard oil that has been warmed up and apply it to the affected area. Leave it overnight and wash it off in the morning.
  7. Wash your face 2 times a day and have an exfoliating routine 2-3 times a week.
  8. Maintain the hygiene of your pillow cover by changing it once in a week.
  9. Avoid touching the affected areas as it will make it worse.
  10. Maintain healthy diet by reducing eating junk food.

Milia bumps might not be that dangerous if it is compared to other skin diseases, like acne or whiteheads. However, once you get it, it is recommended to get rid of it by using the home remedies elaborated above. By doing so, you will feel more comfortable.

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