How to Fix Headache During Fasting Ramadan

Why I experiencing headache after breakfasting in ramadan? The main reason of why headache occurs during ramadhan is caused by bad habit and lifestyle while fasting beside of the fact that it occurs due to internal factors as well that relate with one’s medical condition.

However, you don’t need to worry because we have several ways on how to fix headache during fasting ramadan. First of all, let’s see its causes beforehand.

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The cause of why headache occurs after breakfasting can be experienced by anyone in all ages which its triggers are different from one person to another person. These are:

Factor of Habit or Lifestyle

  • Lack of sleep

Staying up late while fasting can cause body to be suspectible to deficiency of red blood cells and decreases body’s resistance. As the result, your body will become dizzy. Those who like staying up late often complaining about various diseases, including headache.

  • Heavy activity

Doing heavy activity during fasting and not taking regular break can be one of the reason why headache occurs. Not only headache, but it will also cause nausea. The body will respond with the appearance of dizziness due to heavy activity.

  • Dehydration

The habit of not consuming an enough amount of water during pre-dawn meal can cause someone to experience headache as the result of your body that lack of minerals. You may also like to read bad effects of dehydration on your skin.

  • Psychological condition

Streess opens a big opportunity for someone to experience headache during fasting ramadan. Stress can narrow the blood vessels in the head so that dizziness and headache after breakfasting cannot be avoided.

  • Drugs

The habit of consuming drugs to overcome headache at pre-dawn meal can lead someone to experience dangerous effect in hours after they consume it.

Factor of Food

  • High carbohydrate food

For many people, consuming sweet food at breakfasting is such a pleasure but did you know that sweet food contains high carbohydrate? High carbohydrate in food will decrease sugar levels in our body that can be the reason why headache occur.

  • Lack of iron intake

If iron intake is not fulfilled properly during ramadan, then body will easily be tired and opens a big opportunity for anenima to occur. Anemia itself can be seen through its symptoms which is dizziness and headache. You can start to consume food that contains a lot of iron such as fruit, vegetable, and milk.

  • Seasoning

Consuming food that is rich of nitrates, contains lots of MSG can lead someone to experience headache. Try to reduce MSG from now on to avoid headache.

Factor of Body Condition

  • Anemia

A person who has an anemia opens a big opportunity for headache to occur while fasting. This condition will always continue if the person is not change their food intake. Consuming fruit, vegetable, and iron supplement at pre-dawn meal and breakfasting can help you to prevent anemia and headache.

  • Low sugar levels

Those who have low sugar levels will often experience body become extremely weak everyday especially in ramadan. In order to fix this condition, you can start to consume food that contains safe ammunition of sugar such as food that contains palm sugar, real honey, corn sugar, etc.

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  • Body defense

While fasting, your daily diet will be changed and as the result, you will experiencing headache due to body that needs adaptation.

  • Heart disorders

Someone who has heart disease will be easily attacked by dizziness and headache where it can be the symptoms of heart attack. You may also like to read symptoms of heart attack in women.

  • Migraine

Someone who suffering from migraine will often experiencing headache and dizziness. This condition is dangerous so you need to aware with its symptoms.

  • Vertigo

Vertigo is indeed a dangerous condition where its sufferer will experiencing heavy headache and it will disturb activity. Losing body balance can be the reason why vertigo occurs.

Factor of Weather

Weather that is too hot can give a dangerous effect of sun radiation that will affect body health such as inability of blood vessels and decreased stamina while fasting. Body that being exposed by sun for a long term can lead someone to experience headache.

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These are several ways on how to fix headache during fasting ramadan alongwith its causes that you can start to try in order to prevent this disturbing disease. Stay Healthy, Good People!

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