17 Obvious Effects on Skin from Drinking Not Enough Water

Most of us already knew that, water contains tons of mineral which is good for our body, and we also knew that more than half of our body contain of water.

That’s why water is one of the most crucial and important things that our body needs. If our skin is not getting the right amount of water, it can cause lots of health problems, from skin problems to chronic internal organs complication. Without water we won’t able to do our daily activities at our best.

We all know that dehydration is a conditions where you don’t have enough water or fluid in your body. It can be because of excessive water release, or maybe you just didn’t get enough water.

In that situation, of course your whole body will be affected, there will be bad effects of dehydration on your skin . But what about drinking just less water? Maybe you  think that it’s not a big deal, but actually, it will affect your body as well. This article will give you the effects on skin from drinking less water.

Effects on Skin

Besides improving our body performance, drinking water also great for skin health, as long as it isn’t too much. Well, nothing too much is good. So here are some effects on skin from drinking less water that you should be aware of :

  1. Skin Irritations

Our skin will easily get irritated when we drink less water. Less water means more dryness on our skin, and dry skin could easily get hurt. Redness is one of the most common skin irritation which caused by dry skin.

2. Dry Skin

When sebaceous glands production decreased, it will cause dry skin, and the only solution is to drink lots of water daily. By that, our skin will have a good blood circulation, moist, and healthy at the same time.

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3. Less Elasticity

Water helps repair our skin cells conditions. When our skin cells are in great conditions, definitely, our skin will appear more elastic and glowing. Otherwise, when we consume a few liters of water, then our skin cells won’t appear great, flaky, dry, and tight.

4. Sensitive Skin

Drink less water, makes our blood flows are not optimal flowing throughout our skin, which make our skin more sensitive, especially to sunlight. Dehydration could cause painful sunburns.

5. Wrinkles

Less water means less moist to your skin, less moist means less elastin. Elastin is a protein forming the main constituent of elastic connective tissue. When our elastin are broken, then fine lines and wrinkles will appear more real.

6. Smooth out our skin

Paying attention on your skin with facial, or any face treatment are good, but you know by drinking 8 glass of water a day is enough to help your skin. Water will helps us resolve almost any skin problems. Black spots, dead skin cells, large pores, acnes scars, any skin problems could be done by water.

Drink daily really could smoothens out our skin, but it doesn’t means to drink tons of liters at the same time could help our skin problems. Remember to drink daily, not once at a time.

7. Breakouts

Without water, our body will struggled to flush out all the toxic in our body. If our body well hydrated, then will likely there won’t be acne. But when our skin dehydrated, amounts of oil will increase and we will likely get acne.

8. Under Eyes Dark Circle

Our under eyes area are one of the most sensitive when it comes to dehydration, because our under eyes needs hydrated more. When we less hydrated, our under eyes area will looked darker, and more obvious.

9. Skin-Aging

Toxins in our body could cause skin-aging appear earlier than it should be, which is not good. Because it means that we will also appear older than we should be. That’s why, that toxins in our body need to be removed and flushed out by drinking water.

10. Dull-looking face

When the amount of water that we consume decreased, so will our sweat. Sweat really helps cleanse out all the clogged pores. When we didn’t drink the amount of waters our body needs, then our face will look dull, not fresh and not appealing.

Other Effects (11-17)

  • Loss elasticity : Just like dough, lacking of water will make your skin less elastic, which isn’t a good thing.
  • Aging : Everyone will age, but not getting enough water will fasten the process.
  • Coarse lips : Not just your skin, but your lips will look like a crack if you’re drinking less water for a long period of time.
  • Face lines : As your elasticity decrease, your skin will be a lot sensitive to movements and things. It will form that lines that will make you look older.
  • Sagging skin : Everyone would want to have a tight skin, but less water means less tightness. Find out natural ways to prevent sagging skin that would work best for you
  • Sensitive : If your skin’s fine after someone pinch it hard, it’s no longer like that. If you drink less water, your skin will be prone to bacteria, to strain, to stuffs that aren’t gentle enough.
  • Itchy : Dry, sensitive, easily-irritated skin means itchiness in the same time.

Even though the effects from drinking less water to your skin aren’t so obvious and not so serious, you won’t lose anything by trying to make it better. Try to consider your body need, be it from nutrition, water, rest, try to understand that your body isn’t a robot. You need to take a good care of it, then it will function properly and serve you right. Especially, in this case, water is essential for your body metabolism and regulation.

Tips for  You to Drink More

Drinking is actually a very basic thing that human needs. It doesn’t need to be taught to someone for that person to drink. But, it’s hard to drink sufficient amount of it, if the person’s not so into water. If your water intake is just too low that you’re dehydrating, you might try to find ways to prevent dehydration for elderly and children. But first, here are few tips that might help you to drink more water for your own good :

  • Eat your water

If you’re not a big fan of water, try to eat your water from fruits and veggies. Fruits such as watermelon, orange, and so much more are high in water contains. It’s a fun, delicious way to get sufficient amount of water. It’s better to consume the fruits and veggies freshly, but if you want to modify, you can try putting the fruit into a blender. Remember, you should control the amount of sugar you put in. The less the sugar is, the better it gets for your body. You can also find out list of foods to eat for healthy skin.

  • Infused water

There’s also another way that will help you to like mineral water, you can infuse your water with lemon, strawberries, or any slices of fruits that you like. Make sure the fruit isn’t too soft like banana. This way, your water will taste a lot better with that fruity flavor.

  • 21 days

If you’re used to drink sufficient amount of water, you’ll even find it hard to drink less. You’ll feel a lot thirsty once you’re lacking of drink. Try to make drinking water as a good habit. Drink your water sufficiently for 21 days in a row, then you’ll find it easier to drink that much of water later on.

With those tips above, it shouldn’t be hard for you to fulfill your water needs. For a day, the amount of water that you need to drink is about 2 Litres. No matter how you hate it, you need it, so make sure to fulfill your needs for a better self.

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