15 Extraordinary Benefits of Coconut Water For Hair

The benefits of coconut water for healthy hair and scalp are numerous. If you have a problem with hair like dandruff or fall out, treatment with coconut water is most appropriate.

Treatment by using chemicals will cause adverse side effects if used continuously. Better to try a more natural treatment is not it?

The content that is in the coconut water is very useful and efficacious to maintain healthy hair and your head shrunk. In coconut water lauric acid is found that can stimulate cell regeneration and cell division.

Coconut water also contains plant-based cytokinin hormones that are useful for stimulating cell growth.

Coconut water also contains anti-bacterial and vitamin C. Before discussing further what the existing content in coconut water, let’s see the benefits of coconut water for hair:

Benefits of Coconut Water for Hair

1. Eliminate dandruff on the hair

Dandruff on the hair makes confidence decreases. Not to mention if the dandruff is uncontrolled and often fall into the clothes. To overcome dandruff, you can use a mixture of green coconut water with salt. Prepare one whole green coconut seed and one tablespoon of fine salt. Read more about  How To Lighten Skin With Milk

Break the green coconut on the top, then put salt. Cover the coconut with a clean thin cloth. Let stand for several hours. Wash it with coconut and salt water before you sleep, then wrap your head in a towel. For best results, rinse hair the next day after waking.

2. Prevent the growth of gray hair

Similar to dandruff, gray hair can reduce one’s confidence. The appearance of gray hair indicates that age is no longer young. Not only that, gray hair can even grow in the hair of young people you know. Read more about How to Overcome Eyelash Loss

To prevent and reduce gray hair, you can use green coconut water with fine salt. How to do the same as eliminating dandruff. You can get two benefits at once in one treatment.

3. Accelerate hair growth

Long, healthy hair must be the dream of every woman. Now you can get long hair faster with coconut water. You can use young green coconut water or coconut water though. The benefits you get will be the same. The easy way, use coconut water every time you shampoo. Let stand for a few hours before rinsing with water.

4. Reduce hair loss

Benefits of Coconut Water for Hair is to reduce hair loss, hair loss becomes a problem almost in every woman. Hair loss can be caused by many things like unsuitable shampoos or fragile hair roots.

Reduce hair loss by using coconut water. Every day after bathing, wet hair with old coconut water. Let stand for 30 minutes before rinsed with water until clean. Perform this treatment for 15 days 2 times a day. 

5. Prevent hair branched

Hair that branches at the end shows unhealthy hair. The tips of branched hair will usually be dry and flushed, thus making the appearance less perfect. To prevent branched hair, use old coconut water as a hair conditioner after shampooing. Dampen hair with coconut water and let stand for 30 minutes after you shampoo using shampoo. Wrap the hair with a towel then rinse thoroughly. Read more about Foods to Avoid for Blood Type A

6. Strengthen the roots of hair

If the roots of the hair grow strong, then the hair loss can be prevented. One of the natural ways to strengthen the roots of hair is with coconut water.

The trick is easy, prepare 1 piece of old coconut, just take the water. In the state of dry hair, pour coconut water to the scalp. Gently massage the scalp for 15 minutes to get the coconut water perfectly. After that wrap the head with a towel and let stand 15 minutes before rinsed with water. Read more about How to Whiten Face With Apple

7. Nourish hair with the maximum

The use of shampoo alone is not enough to get healthy hair and beautiful. But the conditioner you use often contains many chemicals that can be bad for hair and scalp. Natural treatment with coconut water can keep the hair healthy and nutritious. Use coconut water regularly and regularly so you can get maximum benefits.

8. Accelerate hair growth

Every woman would want her hair to grow bushy and healthy. No wonder many are sold instant hair growers freely. The use of this kind of instant medicine can be bad for the hair. Use coconut water to fertilize your hair. To get maximum results, mix coconut water with natural aloe vera gel. Use every day and hair too soon you have.

9. Gives a natural black glow to the hair

To get healthy black hair and natural sparkle, you do not need to spend a lot of money to the salon. Enough with routine maintenance using coconut water, your hair will turn black and sparkle naturally. Mask hair with coconut water before shampooing Allow for 15 minutes before rinsing, then shampoo with shampoo as usual.

10. Prevent hair baldness

Coconut water is not only able to prevent your hair from falling out. Regular treatment with coconut water will overcome baldness on your head. If you regularly use coconut water to shampoo or as a conditioner, then your hair will flourish again. Gently massage your head so that coconut water can be absorbed maximally. You should be regular and consistent because the results of natural treatments cannot be seen instantly.

11. Moisturize dry hair

Hair is exposed to pollution and dust every day is very vulnerable to dry and rough. Restore the softness of your hair with natural treatments using coconut water. Use coconut water as a natural hair conditioner to treat this dry hair. Wrap the head with a towel and let stand for 30 minutes before rinsing. Read more about  Tips On Stress Relievers

12. Overcoming itchy scalp

Dirt and dust that attaches to the scalp will make the head feel itchy. Itchy scalp will certainly make anyone become uncomfortable. Overcome this problem naturally by using coconut water. Mix coconut water with lemon juice, then pour on the scalp. Gently massage for a few minutes, then wrap with a towel and let stand for 15 minutes. Do this treatment 2 to 3 times a week for maximum results.

13. Overcoming the musty odor on the head

Scalp that is sweaty and mixed with dust and dirt will cause a bad smell of musty. This musty smell will usually appear with itching on the scalp. Use coconut water mixed with lemon juice to overcome the musty odor on your scalp. Do it every time you shampoo and let stand for 15 minutes before rinsed with water. Read more about  Causes of Menstruation Doesn’t Stop

14. Reduces oil on the scalp

The cause of odorous hair is dirt mixed with oil on the scalp. Hair-covered scalp makes it extremely vulnerable to oily. To overcome this, use a treatment with coconut water combined with lemon juice. Use this mixture as a conditioner every time after shampooing. Lemon is able to absorb excess oil on the scalp. Read more about Ways to Make Glowing Face with Aloe Vera

15. Prevent limp hair

Oily scalp causes hair to become moist and wet. Appearance would be less attractive if the hair is like this. To overcome this, use coconut water for regular maintenance of hair and scalp. Use coconut water after shampooing as conditioner, and get hair free from limp.

That’s the Benefits of Coconut Water for Hair. One thing to keep in mind in doing natural treatments is patience. Natural treatments cannot provide instant results but are more secure for the long term. Good luck!

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