9 Symptoms of Heart Disease in Infants After Birth

Infant and child heart disease is still a very worrying health problem. Normally a healthy baby will look after birth. But the condition of heart abnormalities in newborns can make the baby has a weaker physical mark.

Heart abnormalities in the baby after birth can occur due to congenital heart disease and heart abnormalities in newborns.

Then how do you know that your baby has this heart condition? Please see the characteristics of heart disease in infants after birth, as follows:

1. Baby’s skin color is pale

If newborns generally have a more red and fresh skin tone. But if you experience congenital heart disease then the baby’s skin will be more pale.

Then immediately after birth the baby’s skin will turn into light gray or even bluish. This is a sign of cyanosis where not all parts of the baby’s body get blood flow as normal. This sign also occurs because the baby’s heart is unable to circulate blood and oxygen to all parts of the body and organs of the baby. Read more about Causes of Rashes after Fever in Baby

2. Baby’s breath becomes faster

Then after birth and examined the doctor will find the baby’s breath becomes faster. This is very different from the symptoms of asthma in newborns.

Because the baby’s breathing is shorter and looks very difficult to breathe. All this happens because the heart does not pump blood properly and consequently the baby’s body can not get enough oxygen. Oxygen help can be given so that the baby does not breathe more heavily. Read more about Causes of Baby Hair Loss

3. Legs larger or swollen

Congenital heart defects are generally already known by doctors. In antenatal care examination, the fetus looks abnormal. Then after birth then the doctor will find other symptoms such as swollen baby’s feet. All that happens because the blood supply is healthy and full of oxygen can not reach the foot. The blood vessels in the legs are also very weak and do not get enough blood supply. Read more about Ways to Prevent Down Syndrome in Baby

4. Shortness of breath when drinking milk or formula

Breastfeeding the baby after the baby is born will certainly be an advantage for both mother and baby. Unfortunately if your baby has congenital heart defects then this process becomes very bad. All happens when a baby sucks milk from a mother’s nipple or a synthetic nipple bottle of milk then the baby looks like out of breath.

Babies are not able to breastfeed well which can consequently make the baby’s weight does not rise. Read more about How to Stop a Pink Eye for Baby

5. Abdominal swelling

Congenital heart defects can also cause the baby’s abdomen to look larger than the normal baby’s size. Many parents think that this is a liver or liver disorder in infants. But actually it is not, because a swollen baby’s stomach may also be due to a troubled baby’s heart. Swelling can also occur in other parts such as the baby’s eyelid. Read more about Natural Ways to Get Rid of Baby Hiccups Fast

6. Irregular heartbeat

Heart disease can also cause the baby’s heartbeats to become irregular. When heard with a stethoscope then the doctor will not find a normal heart rhythm. This disorder can also be called the problem of palpitation or heartbeat that sometimes fast and sometimes weak. This condition can be very dangerous because it may be at a certain instant the baby’s heart does not pump blood.

7. Murmurs on the heart

Heart disease can also cause murmurs in the heart. This condition is strongly associated with irregular heartbeat and abnormally abnormal heart sound. Generally this mark will be seen after the baby is older than five days. Therefore examination of heart health in infants must be done carefully. Read more about  Symptoms of Jaundice in Infants

8. Baby is very weak

If the baby is born not crying then this could be a sign of a very serious disorder. Generally, newborn babies cry loudly. This happens because the first time the baby breathes using their own nose.

Oxygen is considered a strange thing for babies and can make babies sensitive. But this is a very natural sign, because if the baby does not cry then the possibility of breathing problems also occur in infants. Read more about Harmful Effects of Milk Powder

9. Sign of infection

After the baby is a few days the doctor will see signs of infection of the heart. This condition can occur due to innate of the uterus or the process of heart disease that develops after birth. Infection of the heart muscle is a very serious sign that the mother should pay attention to all the symptoms. The disease also requires the help of a doctor because of the possibility of the baby not breathing properly.


  • Babies can be more fussy
  • There was a failed breath
  • Heart failure occurs

Apparently this is all the hallmark characteristics of heart disease in the baby after birth that can be known by the doctor immediately after birth. This becomes a very dangerous condition when the symptoms are unknown. Therefore examination of the baby’s heart condition will be done intensively after the baby is born.

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