Is It Safe to Use Petroleum Jelly on Skin? Here is the Answer.

Petroleum jelly was used for everything now. The multi-function of Petroleum jelly is the reason behind why almost every girl put that Petroleum jelly on their bags. But, have you ask yourself about the ingredients and the damage behind it? Is it safe when you used in on your whole skin? Is it safe if you used in everyday? here are the answer we let you to know. Hope this facts may help you to understand.

1. Chemical Contents on it

Petroleum jelly is made from mineral oil and some crystalline candle to protect your skin. The lighter and the thinner oil-based for makeup was known as white petrolatum. Petroleum jelly. What about the chemical contents behind it? Some of companies that produces this things says that they do not put a chemical content on it. So, do you trust this? There are chemical contents that could make it last longer and also fix your dry skin, change your dry skin to normal skin is a big challenge. It is mixture from hydrocarbons in number above all 25. It is very dangerous! So, before you bought a Petroleum jelly, you should have check the chemical content behind it.

2. Side effect of Using it

There are advantages and disadvantages of this product. Maybe petroleum jelly have a multi-function to healing your skin, but hey they still have the bad things all over again. We would like to give you two side of advantages, both bad side and good side. We’ve come to the bad Side effect that may appear when you used it are :

  • It leaves you addict to more spend petroleum jelly on your skin. Addicted to your fancy skin so you have to put that petroleum jelly on your whole skin then you will have a happy mood after doing it.
  • It leaves you lazy to doing another skin care that you have must done before. You thought that petroleum Jelly is enough for your skin, but there is not enough, actually.
  • Petroleum jelly is flammable. Oil-based on pteroleum jelly could make this very flammable. Avoid use this near fires or smoking .
  • It leaves you clog pores on your skin. Too many dose using petroleum jelly will leaves you clog pores.
  • Allergies may appear while you stop it using it. Some sensitive skin will giving you bad reactions and allergic happens. So, be careful
  • Irritation will appear if your skin did not match with petroleum jelly.
  • Infections happen when you do not have a clean jar or clean skin. You do not clear your skin first before using Petroleum Jelly.

We have done explain to you briefly about the bad side effect of Petroleum Jelly, so we’ve come to the next advantages in using Petroleum Jelly, the good side effect in used Petroleum jelly, are :

  • Healing your minor scars, your skin may burnt and it leave you the stretchmarks. Petroleum jelly will help you in healing, both erasing the scars and also stretchmarks.
  • It is good for cracked heels and chapped lips. Petroleum jelly will help you moisture it and erase it.
  • Moisture your skin even if you using it on your face,neck,body. It will moisture it .
  • Before using perfume, rub Petroleum jelly once in your perfume spot. Then spray your perfume. It will help your scent last longer.
  • Petroleum jelly also help you in erase eye makeup. Petroleum jelly can use both as remover eye makeup and based for eye makeup.

We’ve done explain to you both side. Lets jump more deeper than before !

3. Alternatives way

We have the solution for you. We have the alternatives way while using petroleum jelly. Here are :

  • Shea butter

Shea Butter have used for centuries in West Africa to nourish their skin. Shea butter is a complex fat that contains more than Petroleum jelly . The natural content on it may help you to nourish your skin.

  • Beeswax product

Beeswax is a natural help for your skin care. Beeswax is often used in Key ingredients in moisturizers,hand creams, lip balm. Beeswax is superior healing that cannot compare to another.

  • Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is another alternatives way in natural that an emollient and also an occlusive. Cocoa butter is fatty acids and antioxidants which may help you to nourish your skin. Cocoa butter is often promote to help your skin, as anti-aging , elasticity skin, and a healthier skin.

We have done explaining to you. Hope this article will helpful . Remember a thing, Be you, be Beautiful!

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