How is Trichinella Spiralis Transmitted to Humans?

Trichinella spiralis worms is a type of worms that often found in pork and the disease that occurs because of this parasitic infection called trichinosis. It is important for us to know that those worms are able to grow or even migrate in our body.

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Trichinella spiralis worms should not be underestimated because the symptoms that happen due this disease can be experienced in its sufferers for months.

The worst is, this disease can cause symptoms that danger for our brain. It can lead to brain infection. How is trichinella spiralis transmitted to humans? Below this we will sum up certain ways on how trichinella spiralis worm move and migrate in our body due to our habit.

  • Eating raw meat

Many people like to eat raw meat even though they aware about its danger that can lead their body to experience food poisoning. Eating raw meat is too risky.

Worms that include in meat can be transmitted easily. You may also like to read factors causing food poisoning.

  • Eating half-cooked meat

Many people like to eat half-cooked meat. The consumption of half-cooked meat itself is dangerous because there are a lot of microorganisms in it that not completely vanish. Therefore, it can cause symptoms of food poisoning to occur.

Trichinella spiralis worm can enter our body by using meat that half-cooked or even raw which can lead us to experience several dangerous disease. Ensure to cook the meat correctly before consuming it.

  • Eating pork meat

In fact, not every pork contain trichinella spiralis worms. trichinella spiralis worms in pork often found in its meat. Consuming pork meat opens a big opportunity for trichinella spiralis worms to be transmitted in our body.

There are number of cases that relate with trichinella spiralis worms. For example, eating hamburger. Pork meat in hamburger meat opens a big opportunity for trichinella spiralis worms to occur.

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  • Food for pig is not be cooked beforehand

One of ways on how is trichinella spiralis transmitted to humans is by the leftover food that usually consumed by pig. Therefore, you need to concern about the food you give to your pig.

You can start with producing pig food by cooking it first so the transmission of trichinella spiralis worms can be reduced. 

  • Grinding pork at the same time with others

Before consuming pork, many people like to grind it first. The process of pork grinding that blended with other porks opens a big opportunity worms to be transmitted.

Therefore, trichinella spiralis worms will occur afterwards. Ensure to grind pork separately with others to prevent the transmission of worms.

  • Temperature false while radiating

Trichinella spiralis can be transmitted if the process of its radiation is wrong.

Setting temperature not correctly will make worms not fully killed. Make sure to set the temperature on 145 degrees celcius while radiating it.

  • Meat is not radiated

The transmission of trichinella spiralis can occur when a person consumes pork or other meats that not fully radiated by using radiation process beforehand.

To prevent trichinella spiralis to transmitted, you are prohibited to skip this process.

  • Failure in meat freezing

Trichinella spiralis transmission can occur when the freezing process of meat is not right. Meat freezing itself beneficial to kill bacteria including worms that contain in meat. 

Make sure to freez the meat in the right temperature around 150 degress celcius in order to kill worms in meat.

  • Gamma rays radiation process in not right

Gamma rays radiation process able to kill worms in meat so its transmission will never happen.

If this process is not be done correctly, it opens a big opportunity for trichinella spiralis to be transmitted. You may also like to read dangers of eating eggs everyday.

  • Lack of education

Many people still don’t know how to process meat in correct way. Therefore, it cause a lot of cases of transmission of trichinella spiralis worms to occur.

Free education towards how to cook meat is effective to reduce the amount of disease that caused by trichinella spiralis worms.

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Those are how is trichinella spiralis transmitted to humans. Several factors open a big opportunity for trichinella spiralis worms to occur and easily get transmitted. Stay healthy, good people!

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