15 Unwanted Effects of Smoking for Skin

Everyone knows smoking is bad for health. But, does everyone knows that smoking wouldn’t only affect lungs health? Due to its ingredients and all of the chemical involved in smoking, it’s actually damaging our overall health. Skin, lungs, heart, even digestive as well. Smoking surprisingly affect your skin health in many ways.

Although some men doesn’t really fond of their skin, but this is a serious thing that both men and women should pay more attention to. At least, if you didn’t have that model-looking skin, you’ll be happy to have healthy skin, right?

This article will gives ways smoking affect your skin as well as few tips to get healthy skin after quit smoking that you should try.

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Ways Smoking Affect Your Skin

There are a lot of skin problems that can occurs due to unhealthy habits, stress, sunlight, lack of nutrients. Turns out, some of those are also triggered by smoking. Here are few ways smoking ciggaretes can actually affect your skin health and looks :

  1. Eye bags

No one would like to have that dark, puffy, baggy eyes that make someone looks less attractive. Smoking can be one of the cause of that eye bags you hate having.

When you’re smoking, your skin is unconsciously dehydrated. It’s reported that smokers find it harder to have a good quality sleep, which is the perfect answer why can smoking cause eye bags to develop. Since eye bags is one of the sleep marks that someone can get, you might try these 25 Ways How to Get Rid of Sleep Marks Under Eyes to cope with it.


Little things can develop huge matters. The movements that your face make while smoking repeatedly can surprisingly cause wrinkles. The blood supply that maintain healthy skin tissue is also being damaged in smokers due to the nicotine, which is why smokers usually develop more wrinkles permanently rather than those who doesn ‘t smoke. Beside smoking, stressing out is also one of the cause of deep wrinkles.

3. Sagging

One of ciggarete’s ingredient, tobacco, is the one which is responsible for the decrease of collagen and elastin. These proteins are essential for the skin. When someone’s lacking of collagen and elastin, they’ll become more prone to sagging skin. In this case, not just face skin, but also arm and breast’s skin. Try to do these 25 Natural Ways to Prevent Sagging Skin beside giving up on smoking.

4. Bye to natural glow

Carbon monoxide in ciggarete smoke can reduce blood flow as it replace oxygen in the skin. Nurtients such as vitamin C that’s good for developing healthy skin is also being drained. This way, you can’t have that smooth, fresh, and glowing skin that every person dream of. Instead, you’ll be getting that dull, dry, wrinkly skin. This might happen naturally, but as for smokers, this might develop even faster.

5. Pigmentation

In smokers, nicotine is making the blood unable to flow on the skin’s surface as how it’s supposed to be. In this case, your skin’s capillaries are being damaged and about to broke. This is resulting in pigmentation and dark scarring of your face.

6. Wound healing

No, smoking couldn’t promote a good environment for your wound or scar healing. Instead, it’s slowing the process. The nicotine and tar in the ciggaretes can even develop infection and blood clot formation in your skin tissue. This is definitely not healing your wound but making it even worsen.

7. Psoriasis

This skin problem that’s being linked to immune system is not just one of the thing that stress cause, but it’s also the thing that smoking cause to your skin. For smokers, the risk of getting these itchy skin patches on your knees and elbows area increase compared to nonsmokers. This is due to the nicotine that your ciggaretes contains, messing up with your immune system. When your immune systems is becoming abnormal, you might end up fighting over yourself, resulting in psoriasis.

8. Skin cancer

Lungs cancer might be linked to smoking more often, but did you know that smoking is actually like a source of any kinds of cancer? Smoking can higher the risk of getting skin cancer, which is also more common among smokers. Beside smokers, people who are exposed for a long time to direct sunlight.

9. Stretch marks

As we all know that nicotine can damages collagen and elastin in our body. This is not only increasing the risk of skin sagging, but stretch marks also. Although stretch marks can also develop to pregnant women or nonsmokers due to rapid weight changes, we can’t say that smoking doesn’t do anything to worsen it. Few home remedies such as castor oil, and aloe vera can be helpful to eliminate your stretch marks naturally.

Other Ways (10-15)

There are still few others thing that ciggaretes can do to you and your skin, such as :

  • Lips darkening : Exposure to heat that the ciggarete causes can lead to pigmentation in the lips. If sadly, your lips has already blackened, you might try out these 15 Excellent Ways to Get Rid of Black Lips from Smoking
  • Lips Dryness : Lips is the first thing that ciggarete touch, thus it must be damaged overtime. Smoking can cause lip dryness which isn’t a good thing.
  • Fasten aging : Dull, coarse, dark, wrinkly skin is what you’ll get prematurely if you’re smokers.
  • Age spots : Although smoking is not the only cause, but it can definitely worsen and fasten it somehow. With prolonged sun exposure and repeated smoking, you’ll have lots of spots on your face unconsciously.
  • Yellowish : Again, nicotine is the reasons why smokers get yellowish teeth, fingers, even nails.
  • Affect skin tone : Lack of oxygen and nutrients that occurs to smokers cause their face to appears pale.

Tips on Getting Healthy Skin After Quit Smoking

It’s a fact, that once it’s done, you can’t really undone it perfectly. This doesn’t mean that quit smoking isn’t necessary. Of course it would be a lot better for your health if you quit smoking. But your skin and your whole body won’t be able to recover perfectly as how it was. At least, it reduce the side effects and help you to promote healthier skin. This will still require your own effort and dedication. Though you won’t get to undone it whole, you can make your skin healthier just by doing few simple things. Those things might also be useful for your overall body, not just your skin health. Here are few tips on getting healthy, glowing skin after you quit smoking :

  • Stay hydrated
  • Have a good quality sleep for at least 8 hours a day
  • Exercise regularly
  • Moisturize your skin daily
  • Consume fruits and vegetables as a nutrient source
  • Use sunblock for protection
  • Wash and clean your face skin as a routine
  • Use skincare products that are suitable to your skin
  • Apply mask to exfoliate your face skin

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Having skin problems and not being able to have a dewy looking skin will actually upset you once it’s really happening. It’s not that using skincare is not effective enough to save your skin, but there’s something important that you need to realize.

Doing something to eliminate the thing that cause your skin problem is just as important as maintaining good skin care. In this case, give up on smoking is the thing that you need to put effort in to get that healthy, beautiful skin.

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