11 Side Effects of Sleeping with A Fan Blowing On You At Night

Using blowing fan to move the air so it can product wind. Air is needed to refresh the air inside the room. There are two types of blowing fan, those are the modern or traditional one. Here are some information about blowing fan that you need to know. Read also: How To Get A Good Night Sleep and Wake Up Refreshed in The Morning

The Invention of Blowing Fan

Traditional blowing fan is operated by using hand, whereas the modern one is operated using electricity. In this era, there are many models of blowing fan, with various shapes, sizes, or even the force operating the fan, such as using battery. Generally, the blowing fan we are often to use is the operating by electricity forces and have at least three propeller. The electric blowing fan is invented by Schuyler Skaats in 1882. At that time, it is used and placed in roof.

Myth in South Korea

This myth in South Korea is acceptable somehow. The fact is because the usage of blowing fan is very harmful for your health. Here are several side effects of sleeping with a fan blowing on you at night inappropriately:

1. Bell palsy

Bell palsy occurs when the face is having paralysis. The face will be hard to smile, laugh, or even there will be swelling the certain area in the face. This face is caused by the strained condition in the face nerves as a result from cold temperature from the blowing fan. Read also: How to Speak after Stroke

2. Oxygen deficiency

It can occur when you are continuously placed blowing fan to your face. The air from blowing fan is not completely oxygen since it can also contain carbon dioxide. If the wind blows to your face continuously then it will be hard to get proper oxygen then the air exhaled from our nose returns to place around the face. Therefore, the air circulation around the face is not good.

3. Water deficiency

As mentioned by Doctor Wendra Ali, a nerve expert, when we are in the cold room for a long time, our body will lack of water. It is very harmful to us since 70% of our body needs water. If the blowing fan causes our body lacking water, then it will have bad impact to the organ functions.

4. Dry skin

There are several side effects of sleeping with a fan blowing on you at night. Our skin problems are not only caused by sun exposure, but also room condition which is very cold from AC. If you are too long exposed by blowing fan, the body will lack of water, including the skin. Our skin basically requires water around the skin. Read also: Bad Effects of Dehydration on Your Skin

5. Stiff muscle and pain

Stiff muscle and pain can also occur if we are too long facing blowing fan. The cold temperature will decrease the production of lubrication to strengthen the muscle and joints. Therefore, it is not surprising if we sleep with blowing face, the body will be painful. 

6. Respiratory infection

The blowing fan doesn’t have filtration. Using blowing fan can increase the potential of the air containing bacteria, germs, or even virus inhaled to the nose. The dangers of blowing fan can cause respiratory infection, such as asthma. Read also: Natural Ways to Break Up Chest Congestion in 15 Minutes

7. Become bad habit

We are too often using blowing fan when sleeping, it can make a new habit. It means, we cannot sleep without using blowing fan. The impacts are the dangers of using blowing fan will easily occur and it will decrease our sleep quality. Therefore, when we wake up, the body will be tired and pain.

8. Decreasing body temperature

One of the way to control body temperature is by releasing sweat. By using blowing fan, our skin will dry and the pores will be smaller. Then, it affects the body temperature.

9. Easy to get sick

It is related to body metabolism process. The body is unable to release the sweat inside the body and the immune cells will be more active. Therefore, since it affects our immune cells, it may be easier for the person to get sick.

10. Hard to breathe

This condition occurs when the air we breathe contains less oxygen. As mentioned before, when our face is facing blowing fan then the air circulation around the face will be very bad because the oxygen will diminish and the carbon dioxide will be added. Therefore, the person may be hard to breathe because of lacking oxygen, then it can lead to asthma. 

11. Increasing the death risk

This worst possibility may occur as a result from using blowing fan if you sleep by using blowing fan and worse, you sleep in the closed room with bad air circulation. Imagine that you are in the closed room then the air circulation is bad and the oxygen there will be very limited.

There will no oxygen inhaled and they will inhale carbon dioxide instead. It can damage your respiratory system. The worst possibility is dead if we are too long inhaling carbon dioxide. That’s all the side effects of sleeping with a fan blowing on you at night you need to avoid.

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It has been recorded that within two years, there are 20 death cases caused by using electric blowing fan for a long time. Medically, it is already clear that blowing fan can cause death. Here are several tips to use blowing fan to stay healthy to prevent yourself from blowing fan:

  1. Do not use blowing fan in the closed room or in room with bad air circulation.
  2. Do not place the blowing fan right in front of your face since it can affect the amount of oxygen and the carbon dioxide around the face.
  3. If you use blowing fan during sleep, turn on the timer so it will be turned off after 30 minutes. So, you won’t use blowing fan all time during sleep.
  4. If it doesn’t have timer, do not put the blowing fan upward so it won’t affect the body directly. Therefore, decrease the level of blowing fan.

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