12 Side Effects of Eating Banana Every Day – Good or Bad?

Banana is one of fruits that contain high Potassium as well as vitamin C and some other minerals and vitamins.

Furthermore, this fruit with yellowish flesh has a lot of benefits for children up to senior people.

However, banana has side effects if it consumed every day and too many, which can be dangerous for the health.

What are the side effects? The answers will be explained below:

  1. Migraine

Consuming banana more than 2 pieces a day could make you at risk of having clogged blood veins. Apparently, consuming banana excessively could give you the effect of clogged blood veins which will make you have headache on one side of your head. Read more about How to Treat Post Traumatic Headaches

  1. Constantly Sleepy

In Banana, there is a substance called Tryptophan which will make you sleepy. Banana also contains carbohydrate that could slow down amino acid to go in the brain, which will make the production of serotonin hormone increase. It will results in getting sleepy. Consuming banana every day and in a large amount will make your body relax because of Magnesium that can be found in the said fruit. That being said, you need to limit your consumption of banana per day. Read more about How to Get Rid of Over Sleeping

  1. Potassium Overdose

As mentioned before, Banana contains a lot of Potassium which actually good for those who lack of Potassium. However, if nothing is wrong with your Potassium level in your body, eating banana excessively and constantly might trigger the side effects of too much Potassium in the body, which of course will be dangerous for your health.

Other term for having too much Potassium is Hyperkalemia. The symptom of this disease are heart beats irregularly, weak muscle, low blood pressure, and temporal paralyze. Those symptoms are quiet scary, are they not? Thus, be aware of the symptoms of Hyperkalemia because it can affect your heart which could be result in heart failure.

  1. High Blood Sugar Level

Banana is also known as the fruit which contain high sugar level, named Glucose. If Banana is consumed too many and too often every day, the sugar level in your blood might spike up which will result in diabetes.

Also read: Dangers of Excessive Sugar Consumption

  1. At Risk of Having Email Teeth Problems

Other than sugar which can be found in Banana that will make you at risk of having diabetes if you eat the fruit excessively and constantly, the sugar in it is also might affect your teeth email. Your teeth might have a problem because of consuming too much sugar. Therefore, make sure not to consume banana more than two pieces a day.

  1. Hormone Imbalance

Eating too many banana a day might also has an effect on your hormone. A substance called Xenobiotic in Banana might trigger the excessive production of hormone in your body. Androgen Hormone in male and Estrogen in female are the hormone that get affected the most if Xenobiotic amount in the body is too high. This condition will result in irregular period cycle, get tired easily, and extreme exhaustion.

  1. Constipation

It is right that Banana contains high fiber and can help you in dealing with constipation. However, it might get you constipation instead if you eat it too many and too often without eating another nutritious food. The lack of nutrients or nutrient’s imbalance will make you at risk of having digestive problem.

  1. Weight Gain

For those who do not want to be over weigh or do not want your body weight to increase rapidly, it is better not to eat banana in excessive amount, two pieces per day is enough. If you want to eat fruits as snacks, banana is not the best option. Try to eat various kinds of fruits in moderate amount. Eating various kinds of nuts that are good for diet such as almond, pistachio, is also highly recommended. Read more about Negative Effects of Skipping Breakfast Before School for Children

  1. Nerve Problem

Banana is rich of Vitamin B and it is better not to eat the said fruit excessively because it might get you some problem on your nerves system. Consuming vitamin B more than 100 mg per day, particularly without doctor’s reception might be dangerous for your health. That being said, pays attention to the amount of banana that you eat per day and make sure to eat other healthy foods that rich of nutrients every day.

  1. Hypersensitivity in Latex Allergy Patients

A latex allergy sufferer will have hypersensitivity to bananas. Thus, consuming too many banana everyday will give them a possibility of hypersensitivity which will cause some symptoms according to studies by Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. The symptoms that are likely to appear include watery eyes, an itchy throat, cough, runny nose, and wheezing.

  1. Respiration Problem

Disorder of the breathing or respiration is also the effects of eating bananas excessively on daily basis. Such disorders are generally more likely to be experienced by ragweed allergy sufferers. In that manner, be aware of this when symptoms such as shortness of breath and difficulty in swallowing begin to occur.

  1. Gas

Fructose and soluble fiber that can be found in bananas are the two substances that trigger gas in our stomach. When consuming bananas in large quantities every day, you also have to let the colon work harder in the process of digesting the fibers, so that the gas was generated from there. Same with soluble fiber, fructose will also be difficult to digest by the body if we consume too much, then know the most secure portion.

The effect of eating bananas every day and excessively is bad for health. It is because everything that is excessive is not good. For those of you who have a certain medical history, such as kidney problems, high blood sugar, allergies, and others, you should consult with your doctor whether it is okay to eat banana, particularly every day.

If it okay for you to eat banana, then you need to know the right portion for you in order to avoid the right of side effects that come from consuming banana excessively.

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