8 Home Therapies of Hyperuricemia You Must Know

Hyperuricemia  is a condition where the uric acid level in our blood is higher than normal. For men, the normal level of uric acid is 400 µmol/L (6.8 mg/dL), while for women is 360 µmol/L (6 mg/dL). Hyperuricemia is usually caused by the excessive production of uric acid, the amount of urate which is excreted in urine is lower than normal, or it can be both. Prolonged Hyperuricemia can cause Gout, but not all Hyperuricemia conditions lead to Gout.

Hyperuricemia can affect anyone, mostly those who are in old age. However, it does not mean young people cannot be affected by the said disease. In fact, young people have higher risk to be affected if they have unhealthy lifestyle. Consuming too much red meat, seafood, chocolate, beer, smoking nicotine, and any other foods that can cause uric acid level in the blood to increase. Is there a way to treat or prevent Hyperuricemia? The Answer is yes. Here are some home therapies that you really need to know.

1. Drink Juice Therapy

The first home therapy for those who want to treat their Hyperuricemia or to prevent from having one is to drink juice. This therapy is one of the most practical way because it is very easy and simple to do. You only need to drink juice of fresh fruit which contain high level of vitamin C because it is one of the vitamins that dissolve in water easily. It is also believed that vitamin C can possibly lower the uric acid to some degree. Furthermore, vitamin C can increase immune system and escalate the excretion process of uric acid through urine.

Drinking fresh juice that contains a lot of vitamin C will help to treat or prevent Hyperuricemia, but you need to pay attention to the dose. The ideal quantity of vitamin C for those who have Hyperuricemia is 75 milligram/day.

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2. Drink Water Therapy

The second home therapy which is also very simple is drinking water regularly. Drinking enough water every day is highly encouraged because it is good to prevent dehydration, especially those who have Hyperuricemia. The lack of consuming mineral water can make the exertion process is not going normally.

The amount of water that not only people who have Hyperuricemia, but also everyone, should consume is 1, 5 liter per day. After we drink water, it is best not to drink or eat anything else for an hour in order to give a chance for the water to cleanse our internal organs.

3. Herbs Therapy

The next home therapy you must know is consuming herbs. This therapy is one of the safest ways because there is barely any side effect of eating herbs. Some of the herbs which can be consumed by those who have Hyperuricemia are:

  • Ginger
  • Rosella
  • Celery
  • Bay Leaf
  • Cat Whiskers plant
  • Indian Acalypha, and
  • Andrographis Paniculata

It is believed that these herbs are able to heal Hyperuricemia because each and every herbs that were mentioned before contains good substances for treating and preventing the said disorder.

4. Exercise

Exercise is a crucial activity for those who have Hyperuricemia. They must exercise regularly because it will help to ease the joint pain and other parts of the body, improve metabolism, improve blood circulation, and keep the body in a good shape. If the blood flows properly, the nutrition would be distributed correctly to every part of the body which can make the whole part of the body to be able to functions properly. Some of working out activities that is highly recommended to do, especially for Hyperuricemia patient are:

  • Walking
  • Stretching
  • Jogging
  • Cycling
  • Yoga
  • Light aerobic

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5. Eat Healthy and Balanced Food

Maintain a healthy and balanced diet is one of the best ways to treat Hyperuricemia because unhealthy and unbalanced diets are mostly the main cause of the said disease.

Some of the foods that are not good for Hyperuricemia patient are red meat (such as cow, lamb, pork, duck, rabbit, etc.), internal organ (such as intestines and liver), seafood (especially sardines), chocolate, grape, yeast, and spinach. It may be hard to stop eating those foods at once, and you don’t have to go to that extent either (unless your doctor tells you to), lessen the portion, eat it moderately, or only eat it once awhile will most likely not cause the uric acid level to increase.

6. Rest Theraphy

The sixth home therapy is taking enough rest. Time management in resting is also important for those who have Hyperuricemia because if you are too tired, there is a risk to be affected by another illness such as influenza or cold. Having multiple illnesses at the same time will never be taken as a good experience. Thus, having enough rest will give the body some times to heal itself and it is also good to keep the body healthy.

7. Mind Theraphy

Our mind takes an important role in our health. When our mind is in peace, fresh, and not in a state of stress, it will help our metabolism to function properly and eventually, the Hyperuricemia can be healed. On the contrary, if we have too much to think of, worried about a lot of things that shouldn’t be worried about, feeling demotivated to go through the day to day live, etc., it will be more challenging to treat Hyperuricemia. Hence, make sure to find some ways that make you feel happy and grateful.

8.  Massage Therapy

The last but not least home therapy is getting a massage. Those who have Hyperuricemia conditions are usually having problem in their joint or muscle. It is believed that light massage can improve the blood circulation. If the blood circulation is not clogged, the joint and muscle are most likely would not hurt anymore. Make sure to do the massage gently and slowly in order to not leaving brushes or making the patient feeling even more pain.

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Those are complete explanation about home therapies of Hyperuricemia that can you applied at home. However, if it doesn’t occurred any positive effects, please go to doctor to know more about your health condition.

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