10 Dangers of Anemia If Not Treated in A Proper Way

If you often feel tired, lethargy, shortness of breath, pain in the head and chest, plus you have a pale face, you may be a sufferer of anemia or what is known as a bloodless disease.

This anemia, although commonly experienced by someone, should not be considered trivial and left without treatment due to the danger of anemia that may be caused if it lasts for a long time.

Blood itself is the most important substance needed by the human body because its function is very crucial in ensuring all organs in the body can function normally and smoothly without interruption.

Normal blood levels will ensure that oxygen and nutrient intake to crucial organs such as the lungs, brain, and heart run properly and also function in helping the body defend against viruses, germs or bacteria in the body.

Prevention of anemia can be done in various ways, ranging from regular exercise, adequate rest, attention to eating patterns, etc. that can reduce the risk of other diseases due to anemia that is not treated.

Some symptoms that indicate that you have Anemia include:

  • Easily tired
  • The body feels weak, tired, lethargic
  • Pale or yellowish skin
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Hard to breathe
  • Dizziness or light head
  • Chest pain
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Headache

In the most fatal condition, sufferers of Anemia will be required to undergo a blood transfusion procedure. Some of the dangers that arise as a result of being left alone and not treating Anemia in someone are as follows:

  1. Extraordinary Exhaustion

Lack of blood in the body will cause us to become easily tired, weak, and also feel lethargic and if left unchecked the condition will be worse so that we will not even be able to do daily work.

  1. Complications in Pregnancy

Anemia that occurs in pregnant women can lead to complications, especially if caused by folate deficiency in the body which is generally obtained from foods containing vitamin B9 where it is likely that pregnant women will give birth prematurely if not treated immediately.

Not only that, but anemia in pregnant women will also have a negative impact on babies born where babies are at risk of developing Neural Tube Disease and also abnormalities in the spine.

  1. Decreased Body’s Immune System

Anemia occurs due to a lack of blood content that flows in the body so that it will have an impact on the body’s immune system which is greatly assisted by blood cells namely white blood cells and platelets.

  1. Damage to Crucial Organs

The lack of intake of oxygen and nutrients to the crucial organs of the body as mentioned before if left for a long time and not treated will cause damage and decrease the function of these organs.

  1. Easily Get Inflamed and Swollen

This is still associated with a decline in the immune system where without enough white blood cells, the body’s defense against inflammation and also swelling will greatly decrease.

  1. Continuous Pain and Erection

If left unchecked, anemia sufferers will very likely feel pain and erection continuously in the male genital area known as priapism. This is because trapped blood in the pubic area due to imperfect blood cells is commonly referred to as sickle cell anemia.

  1. Headache

Continuous headaches or often occur due to lack of oxygen intake in the brain due to the lack of red blood cells in the body that are tasked with delivering oxygen.

  1. Frequent Shortness of Breath

Same as before where the lack of oxygen-carrying red blood cells, especially in this case, is in the lung organs which often causes difficulty in breathing and is also easily exhausted.

  1. Cause Damage to the Heart

The heart is a vital organ that functions to pump blood to all areas of the body but also desperately needs oxygen intake from the red blood cells that enter it so that if a condition is left unchecked continuously, the heart will be deprived of oxygen which will damage the heart organ.

  1. Death

Given how crucial the role of blood is for the continued functioning of organs in the human body, if anemia is allowed to occur continuously for a long time without treatment then of course it will greatly increase the risk of death from the sufferer, especially if complications in the heart, lungs, and also the brain are getting worse.

The things above are just a few of the many dangers of anemia that may occur in sufferers, and because of that, it is best if the anemia is not left to last long without treatment. Immediately check with your doctor and medical expert if the complaints that characterize Anemia are experienced by you so that you can be treated immediately.

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