23 Ways to Naturally Boost DHT Levels for Maximum Testosterone Health

Testosterone is a male hormone that is useful for sexual matters, but it is also useful for some health organs, such as bones, muscles and hair growth. DHT, known as dihydrotestoterone, is a male hormone that has become controversial until now.

The production of DHT levels should be maintained normally, as too high production of it would cause hair loss and enlargement of prostate problems. DHT is different with testosterone as DHT is considered as super testosterone that can do much better than that. DHT can do three times stronger than testosterone.

DHT levels on people might be different. The normal testosterone level on men would be classified as these:

  • 15-16 years old 100-1200 ng/dL
  • 17-18 years old 300-1200 ng/dL
  • 19+ years old 240-950 ng/dL

Uses of DHT

DHT is in charge for:

  • growth of body hair and beard
  • boosting mood, energy and confidence
  • stimulating lipolysis (fat burning) and thyroid function
  • stimulating nervous and strength system
  • masculine appearance
  • stimulating libido and quality of erection
  • having better sex life

How to boost DHT levels for maximum health of testosterone health?

Boosting testosterone level is good for maintaining your manly health. However, you have to pay attention to the level too, as mentioned before, too high level of DHT might lead to more problems, such as prostate enlargement and hair loss. Here are the ways of boosting DHT levels.

1. Choose the right kind of fat

Many people said that eating habit is one of the important keys of having healthy testosterone level and dihydrotestosterone level as well. The fat intake would boost the level of testosterone and 5-15% of that testosterone level would be converted to DHT by the 5-alpha reductase enzyme. You could consume egg, red meat, coconut oil, olive oil to get the beneficial fats for your DHT.

2. Take more carbs 

There are some ways to naturally boost DHT levels for maximum testosterone health. It is believed that low carbs diets will boost the production of testosterone level. You can find it on noodles, rice, pasta, or flavor, but take it wisely.

3. Lift weights

Exercising, such as lifting weight is good for increasing testosterone naturally. Do more muscles training, such as deadlifts, shoulder press and bench press.

4. Take control of your protein intake

Protein is sometimes used for body building, but when it comes to boosting testosterone level, it is not really that effective. Good and sufficient amount of protein would be great to testosterone and DHT. 

5. Control sugar intake

Consuming too much sugar would lead to spike of insulin that can lower your testosterone level. You don’t need to cut it off in a great amount, but you can do it thoroughly by getting rid of candy and soda.

6. Have caffeine

There might be some news that caffeine is not good for our health, but it is good for boosting testosterone. You can consume some coffee, but remember to limit the use of sugar and cream. You had better consume the black coffee as it will have less calories and healthier.  

7. No stress!

Stress has been the enemy for everyone as sometimes stress becomes the root of every health problem. You can read 25 Safe Home Remedies for Oxidative Stress to know more about stress. You can do it by meditation, yoga and breathing exercise.

8. Zinc

It acts as a building block for enzymes in your body. Zinc has been tested that it can increase the testosterone level, especially to those men who are lack of minerals. It is better to take 11 mg for men and 8 mg for women daily.

9. Magnesium

It is useful for maintaining fluid balance, muscles contraction, blood pressure and healthy bones and teeth. It can also boost testosterone level. It will give greater effect if the magnesium intake is balanced with frequent exercise. The suggested dose for magnesium is around 200-400 mg per day. You may also read about The Effects of Eating Alone in Daily Life

10. Forkskolin

If you are doing fitness, you might be familiar with this ingredient. Most studies have shown that Forkskolin has great effect on boosting testosterone level. It is suggested to take around 50 mg of folkskolin per day. 

11. Enough sleep and rest

Testosterone levels have greater amount in the morning and slowly drop down towards the evening. Due to this reason, sleep is becoming very important to boost testosterone level. By having long sleep, it would increase the level of testosterone in the morning.

Indeed, there are nay ways to naturally boost DHT levels for maximum testosterone health. You just need to apply good lifestyle and always be less stress.

Food to Boost DHT Levels

Besides applying the ways on how to boost DHT levels, you can also eat these following food to make the boosting ways become more effective. Here are the food that are beneficial for boosting DHT levels:

  1. Fava beans – it is rich in protein and fiber. You can get 33 mg of carbohydrate, 9 mg of fiber and 13 mg of protein. It has dopamine that stimulates the human’s hormones.
  2. Chia seed – known having high quality protein and carbohydrate in a form of fiber. They are effective as they have essential fatty acids.
  3. Spinach – it is rich in magnesium that is beneficial for boosting testosterone.
  4. Pine nuts – it is rich in natural steroid androstendione, poly and mono unsaturated fats. You can simply add this to your food recipe or tea.
  5. Oats – it contains steroidal saponins that stimulate hormone production and testosterone synthesis. Besides, it is rich in fiber, protein and minerals.
  6. Garlic – it is a good testosterone booster as it has luteinizing hormone that can cause production of testosterone.
  7. Onions – similar to garlic, it has luteinizing hormone that boosts the production of testosterone.
  8. Extra virgin olive oil – it is rich in antioxidants and possibly boost your testosterone level.
  9. Raisins – it contains boron, the mineral that helps to boost testosterone level.
  10. Ginger – it has androgenic compound that is useful for boosting testosterone level.
  11. Tuna – it is rich in vitamin D that is useful if you want to have longer and healthier testosterone production.
  12. Oysters – it contains zinc that keep the man hormones healthy.

Some of the ingredients above can be found in Benefits of Vitamin D3 for Body Health. They are natural, easy to find and safe to consume. That’s the best ways to naturally boost DHT levels for maximum testosterone health.

Due to the fact that testosterone plays an important role in your life, then it is better to do prevention before you get problems on it. Doing healthy habits in your life and paying attention to diet habits are the key of having healthy testosterone.

The ways above are tested by some people and they said those ways are quite effective. Testosterone or DHT level could be increased and boosted easily. The main point of boosting DHT level is applying healthy living habits in your life, including the food, the activities and the way you enjoy your life. If you want to make sure that you are applying the best and healthiest, you had better consult with your doctor. However, they are worth to try! Good luck on those ways!

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