How to Make and Use Shikakai Fruit Shampoo for Hair Wash

Beauty standards all over the world are different, one to another. It depends on the culture of the place and the people around it. Beauty standards are not something one van put a box and limits on it. It’s a form of freedom people experienced in the fashion world.

The same can be said for beauty standards for hair. Whether the nowadays style is short, medium length, wavy long hair or vertain different colors, one thing that never change in the world of ideal hair beauty is the fact that the most beautiful hair is a healthy one.

A woman suffering from extremely oily hair even after washing her hair regularly will try to find the things that causes of oily hair after washing as desperately as a man with dry and coarse hair will despreately spend money to try natural treatment to soothe coarse hair so that he can simply be more confident about himself. Even smoothening hair won’t help and even worsened your hair’s health because of the side effects of hair smoothening and random hair serums are just as worst with their own side effects of using hair serum. Even trying all of foods to eat for healthy hair without even missing one single type doesn’t do much.

Having perfectly healthy hair is a longing for a lot of people out there, especially girls. Not just girls living in a rural areas, modern countries, developing countries, cities or countrysides, every girl dreams of having hair with such health that they can flaunt to themselves and others. But reaching such healthy states is not an easy feat. Washing hair is one of the way to realize that dream and not just any random hair wash but a hair wash with a particular kind of shampoo is needed as your golden gate to healthy, silky, hydrated and perfect hair.

The said shampoo is not an expensive one as you can easily and effectively produce it yourself. The main ingredient is a basic necessity for traditional people or old people in the olden days. Maybe you have even heard of the ingredient but brushes it off as if that was just a myth or an old legend that can’t be true when as a matter of fact it’s your hair’s life savior. The ingredient is called shikakai fruit.

Here are few of the many benefits of shikakai fruit for your hair:

1. Thick, strong, shiny but soft Hair will be your future

Often times reaching a hair with the state of healthy thick, strong, shining, and soft to the touch is a very difficult thing to accomplish even with years and tear jerking costs of treatments and discipline of enforcing it. Shikakai fruit makes it into an easy goal with it’s ability to make your hair root stronger while giving it a shiny and soft touch with ingredients from the mother earth.

2. Dandruffs and Dry Scalp is not Your Problem Anymore

If you’re suffering from dry scalps that often results in the huge amount of dandruffs, maybe you’ve made a mistake by eliminating types of oil produced by your body that’s essential for your scalp to hydrate themselves. Usually such elimination mistake is caused by a chemical reaction from the usual department store shampoo.

Be thankful that once you live your life with the help of Shikakai Fruit shampoo, such mistakes are not your problem anymore as shikakai fruit’s natural essence will not do such cruel things to your own natural hair oilds.

3. Say Good Bye to Grey Hair

Just hitting middle twenties but grey hairs are already appearing everywhere like an unwanted ex in your life. Well, we can’t have that. Youthness has to be reflected all through out our life and shikakai fruit is your best companion in that ride as it will slow down the process that produce grey hair all together while you’re doing your best living your life.

4. Lice in your hair will be gone for good

Hair lices are such eyesores and pain in your life that so many people are down with low self esteemed when they’re hit with such problems. Treatments are tried and moneys are thrown but no improvement whatsoever. One thing such people haven’t tried. That is using shikakai shampoo that like the law of nature, will beat hair lice and comes out as the winner simply because of it’s nature that’s stronger than the lice.

Now you have known and see the greatness of this fruit and If you wonder how exactly can you get such amazing shampoo, the answer is you don’t have to search somewhere far away! You have to just simply make it your self with a DIY spirit.

Don’t worry too much since it’s certainly easy to made and here are the simple steps you have to follow :

  • Get yourself a bowl, shikakai pods (dried), reetha and amla (also dried)
  • Fill the bowl with some water and put all three ingredients on the bowl
  • Leave it overnight to soak
  • Pour the soaked ingredients with the water to a medium sized pot and boil it on low heat until the shikakai pods are soft (it takes about 1 day)
  • Remove it from heat and leave it to cool for about 15 minutes
  • Mash all the ingredients and strain those until you get a somekind of paste out of it
  • There you go! You’ve got yourselves shikakai fruit shampoo ready to be introduced to your problematic hair!
  • Remember that while washing your hair you don’t need to be rough instead you have to be gentle to your hair and even though the feeling of using this DIY shampoo is different, it gives multiple benefits to your hair compared to store bought hair shampoo

It’s wise not to underestimate a seeminly meaningless advice from elderly and turning a blind eye to such small natural ingredients because wanting to be healthy means you have to care and look for all the details needed to keep yourself healthy, not just your hair. I hope this article will benefit you and your loved ones, especially about improving hair’s condition!

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