The Most Effective Medical Treatment for Tourette Syndrome

Tourette syndrome is usually occur in boys aged 2 to 15 years old. Tourette syndrome is a neuropsychiatric disorder that lead its patients do repetitive movement which is done accidentally. It’s out of control and comes so sudden.

Tourette syndrome will involve several parts of the brain where it will cause its patients to experience nerve when it comes to communicate with others. Those suffering from tourette syndrome will show unusual or abnormal sound.

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For example, someone who affected by tourette syndrome will say harsh things to other people because tourette syndrome makes its patients unable to control whatever they say. Therefore, in this section, we would like to give you the most effective medical treatment for tourette’s syndrome.

Causes of tourette syndrome

  • Ginetic theory

According to the ginetic theory, tourette syndrome can occur when one of its sufferers family also affected by tourette syndrome. Tourette syndrome, in this case, occur because of genetic factor.

  • Autoimmune theory

Human antibodies can causes tourette syndrome to occur. It directed at the initial infection and other infections in the body. It’s important for use to know every infections that can lead us to experience tourette syndrome.

  • Abnormal brain

There are several hormones in brain has the function as neurotransmitters which are useful for controlling nerve implus. These hormones open a big possibility for tourette syndrome to occur. When the syndrome occur, it will decrease brain function. You may also like to read characteristics of lack of oxygen in brain.

  • Unknown cause

In particular case, the cause of why tourette syndrome occurs is unknown. Although, the cause is still blury, many experts say that the cause of why tourette syndrome occurs is relate with ginetic and enviromental factors.

After knowing several causes of tourette syndrome, you may questioning about its symptoms. These are symptoms of tourette syndrome you need to aware.

Symptoms of tourette syndrome

  • Simple muscle greyetan

Simple muscle strains in patients who suffering from tourette syndrome are usually characterized by grimacing, blinking, and head jerks.

  • Greyetan complex nerves

This disorder often called vocal nerves disorder. This complex disorder is usually signed by jerking, kicking, and jerking motion. These three signs are very dangerous for tourette syndrome patients. Meanwhile, vocal nerves are usually signed by snoring, buzzing, snorting or screaming loudly, etc.

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  • Say harsh words

A person who suffering from tourette syndrome will usually use harsh words when communicate to others. However, they do it unintentionally. One thing to note, harsh words is dangerous and can lead to stroke.

  • Difficult to concentrate

Those suffering from tourette syndrome will get the difficulty on concentrating. In addition, tourette syndrome can lead someone to experiences anxiety and becomes indeed stressful. 


For whoever suffering from tourette syndrome, it’s important to pay attention on its causes first then you can immediately take immediate precautions when you already know the symptoms or you can simply go to the doctor to get a further treatment.

These are several symptoms of tourette syndrome you need to aware. After knowing causes and symptoms of tourette syndrome, here are the most effective treatment for tourette’s syndrome you can try to apply.

How to handle tourette syndrome

  • Mild symptoms

If somone has tourette syndrome hat indicated with mild symptoms, you don’t need certain medications. However, if the symptoms gets worse, you can go to doctor to get a better treatment.

  • Simple nerves

The doctor will usually colidene or try guanfacine when it comes to simple nerve fatigue. This medicine is called sedative medicine that you can consume by drinking. Colonidene is a drug that can be used to control high blood pressure. You may also like to read causes of high pressure at young age.

  • Severe symptoms

Those suffering from tourette syndrome and experiencing severe symptoms can go to the doctor to get an antipsychotic drugs. This kind of drugs has a function to suppress nerve fibers.

These are the most effective medical treatment for tourette’s syndrome you can try to apply. Ensure that you already know the causes and symptoms of this syndrome. Stay healthy, Good People!

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