20 Dangers of Vinegar and Baking Soda for Health

Vinegar or acetic acid is a fermentation form of herbal ingredients that have different acidity levels and fragrances. It can be used as a cooking ingredient or an alternative medicine.

Lately, many food vendors use vinegar to increase the acidity levels of foods and to be durable.

Excessive consumption of vinegar might cause the following dangers of vinegar and baking soda:

  1. Gastric Irritation

High acidity levels can damage the stomach wall due to the softness and sensitiveness of the stomach to vinegar. Besides, the stomach itself already has certain levels of acidity. The stomach wall which is being hit by acetic acid causing gastric irritation.

  1. Intestinal Irritation

Intestinal wall will be irritated if continuously watered by acetic acid in a large amount. It also will interfere the digestive system performed by lipase enzyme.

  1. Digestive System Disorders

The digestive system will experience obstacles to digest so that the process of burning fat in the body is inhibited, enzymes that regulate digestive performance will be dehydrated and decreased in function.

  1. Dizziness

Excessive vinegar acids will evaporate and enter blood to the head. Mild blockage will occur which leads to dizziness and headache.

  1. Stiff Neck

Too much acid will clog the bloodstream and the back nerves of the neck become stiff that leads to pain when the head turns left or right.

  1. Tooth Enamel Destruction

We all may know about the benefits of baking soda, but there are the drawbacks dangers of vinegar and baking soda too. High acidity levels of vinegar is erosive. It destroys and erodes tooth enamel. The erosion in the tooth enamel if continuously occurs will result in rapidly porous teeth and easily broken teeth.

  1. The increase of Acid in the Blood

Basically blood has its own acidity levels which function to balance the erythrocyte and leukocyte to remain stable. However, when the acid is contaminated with acetic acid, the acidity levels in the blood will increase resulting in blood disorders and blood malfunction.

  1. The increase of stomach acid levels

The stomach has the ability to receive acid outside the body in a certain amount. If it exceeds the natural acid in the stomach, then occurs gas accumulation that surpasses the size of the stomach itself. This causes the stomach expands and stuffy which finally makes the stomach pain, nausea, twisted and want to vomit because of the pressure from within.  

  1. Throws up

High acidity levels of vinegar can cause nausea, pressure in the chest, inference in the epigastrium. This condition can cause vomit which finally leads to a weak body and dehydration if it is not being overcome immediately.

  1. Heart performance disturbance

Vinegar in the body can also damage the heart. Acetic acid can make blood vessels in the heart to shrink. This is the reaction where the vessels cannot receive substances which contain high acid levels. This makes the heart’s performance is abnormal when pumping the blood.

  1. Diarrhea

Acetic acid compounds can irritate the stomach and damage the digestion. If those two occur simultaneously, it potentially causes diarrhea or urination more than five times a day.  

  1. Dehydration

Acetic acid is acidic and hot which make it able to contaminate the body’s natural water supply. Consequently, the body is dehydrated.

  1. Nausea and twisted stomach

Acetic acid compounds is rotating in the stomach in the form of gas accumulation causing stomachache, nausea and twisted stomach. This condition is almost similar to the rise of stomach acid, but the nausea and twisted stomach is caused by the pressure of the gas that forced to defecate. Also read about: Causes of Frequent Vomiting After Eating

  1. Ulcer

High acid levels in vinegar tend to aggravate a person who has ulcer disease with its acetic acid. Those who are not suffering from ulcer disease try not to consume vinegar overly because it will trigger the occurrence of ulcer. Also read about: Ways to Cure Ulcer in Leg

  1. Dried out and shrank uterus

Acetic acid may cause the uterus turns into acid and shrank. The level of acidity in vinegar is not suitable for the uterus that only accept low acid level.

  1. Dangerous for fetus

Vinegar is harmful for pregnant mother and her fetus. Consuming vinegar excessively causes disability for fetus.

  1. Sore throat

You may know How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Get Rid of Lice, but vinegar is bad for throat. Acetic acid can irritate throat pipe in a form of a blisters which looks like a small wound on the wall around the throat. When we swallow up foods, it passes through the throat that makes the foods touch the blisters, resulting on a pain relief.

  1. The decrease of one density

Consuming high acid levels every day and in large doses decreases bone density.  This condition is dangerous because it may cause osteoporosis. People with osteoporosis is better to avoid vinegar because it is worsening the osteoporosis.

  1. Scrape off the potassium substance in the body

Acetic acid will scrape and absorb potassium substance in the body, resulting in a deficiency of potassium substance which leads to low blood sugar, stroke, muscular disorder, and brain dysfunction.

  1. Decreased insulin levels

Acetic acid interferes the stable insulin level in diabetics. If diabetics still consuming vinegar, their insulin levels will continue to decrease and may cause death.

Thus, that’s the dangers of vinegar and baking soda that we need to be aware of!

The Types of Vinegar Produced by Fermentation

  1. Malt Vinegar. Vinegar made from wheat and dried grains of barley. The starch in the seeds turn into maltose which contains alcohol that becomes the main ingredients of the vinegar.
  2. White Wine Vinegar. Vinegar made from grains and corns is used for sanitation to neutralize nauseating smells.
  3. Red Wine Vinegar. Vinegar made from red grape is used as a food ingredient and also a remedy for some alternative medicines.
  4. Wine Vinegar. Vinegar made from the combination of white and red grapes which are fermented in a wooden box for 2 years.
  5. Coconut Vinegar. Vinegar made from coconut water that less acidic but has a strong flavor. Commonly used for some dishes to give a delicious taste effect.
  6. Chinese Black Vinegar. Vinegar made from the combination of wheat, mollet and sorghum which has a solid black color with flavor and taste of wheat. This unique vinegar comes from china.
  7. Honey Vinegar. Vinegar made from a brownish honey which has a strong flavor and taste. Commonly used as an alternative medicine and a complimentary food.
  8. Cane Vinegar. Vinegar made from selected cane sugar which has golden brown color, delicate flavor, sweet, and slightly bitter taste. 

  9. Rice Vinegar. Vinegar made from rice with a variety of colors such as white, red, and black. It has light and soft flavor. This is the safest vinegar used for a complimentary food.
  10. Palm Vinegar. Vinegar made from the sap of ‘nipah’ young fruit that has a mild taste and flavor. It can be used as a complementary menu with spicy flavor.
  11. Vinegar from persimmon fruit. Vinegar made from persimmon fruit is fermented for 3 to 6 months. This vinegar is easily found in Korea.
  12. Apple cider. Vinegar made from apples that have a yellowish brown color is safe enough for foods and outer body treatment.
  13. Balsamic Vinegar. Traditional Italian vinegar made from grapes that is intentionally made condensed to have a unique taste. It is fermented in a wooden box for 3 to 12 years. The final product will be dark brown.

Important Notes!

  • Vinegar is produced through fermentation from a wide variety of good bacteria. It has strong acetic acid compounds. If it is used in an excessive amount for foods will be dangerous to stomach and intestine. Vinegar is a side product of the final brewing process.
  • Normal vinegar used will not cause problems and disturbances to the body. It is a way better to replace vinegar with high nutrition natural acid, such as lemon water or Kawak (Javanese).

The dangers of vinegar and baking soda for health and pregnant mother are quite horrible. So, avoid using vinegar excessively in foods to prevent deadly side effects, especially for pregnant mothers

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