The Most Dangerous Beverages which Causes Leukorrhea

Leukorrhea is a health complain about the reproductive organs that often affects women, or simply it is the occurrence of vaginal discharge. Causes of leukorrhea varies, from Candida albicans fungal growth which appears because of many factors, to further health complains.

Causes of Vaginal Discharge

In general, the causes of leukorrhea which women must know are:

  • Because psychological conditions are unstable or stressful
  • Because one doesn’t take care of vaginal hygiene
  • Usually appears before the menstrual cycle arrives
  • The use of underpants that are too tight
  • Food factors, too sweet or spicy food, it turns out that beverages can also cause vaginal discharge problems, where the condition can cause sufferers to feel uncomfortable while doing activities. 

Beverages that are proven to be a cause of vaginal discharge, including:

1. Pineapple and cucumber

Pineapple and cucumber besides being eaten directly can also be made into juice. Both of these fruits have the same good nutrition for body health but consuming them excessively can cause the production of the hormone estrogen in women to be more active. There are also other side effects of consuming too much pineapple which are not good for our health. This condition causes why the female organs are always moist. When the humidity increases, the amount of mucus in the vagina also increases.

2. Soft Drinks

Consuming soft drinks or soda pop is constantly at risk of increasing the growth of bacteria or fungi that cause leukorrhea where the trigger is preservatives and glucose levels in it. Preservatives and the high amount of fructose sugar present in soft drinks can affect the vaginal moisture to increase, and results an increasing chance of Candida albicans to grow.  Candida albicans is the one causes acidity in the vaginal organs so that the vagina is always moist.

3. Grape-Processed Beverages

Avoid the danger of eating excessive grapes including grapes that have been processed into drinks. The point is to avoid any type of drink made from grape juice excessively because this fruit contains high levels of gas, alcohol and sugar and glycemic levels that can increase acidity in the vaginal organs and facilitate the growth of bacteria or fungi that cause vaginal discharge. Grapes are also one of dangerous fruits for diabetes.

Best Solution

  • Caring for the female area – improve your knowledge about feminine area and how to take care of vaginal hygiene. Always maintain the cleanliness of intimate organs by washing them with warm or clean water, and betel leaf water after urinating or when cleaning. Do it periodically to prevent the growth of candida fungi that cause vaginal discharge.
  • Liquid Antiseptic – Use liquid antiseptic which specifically formulated to clean the female organs, but remember to always read the instruction written in the packaging. Better yet, you can consult first with the doctor concerning this decision.
  • Avoid tights – Avoid wearing underwear (panties) that are too narrow/tight and do not share (alternately wearing underwear with someone else’s)
  • Material selection – Avoid the vagina becoming moist and wet due to underwear made of material that is difficult to absorb sweat. The best recommendation is panties made out of cotton.
  • Change underwear – Change underwear when already feels uncomfortable due to sweat that arises because of body movements. It is essential to change when you feel that your activity’s interrupted by this condition.
  • Take probiotics – Consume probiotics or yogurt which contains millions of good bacteria called Lactobacillus which benefits already clinically proven to protect the vaginal organs from the growth of fungi or bacteria that cause vaginal discharge.
  • Improve diet – Increase drinking water and consume non-gas green vegetables such as spinach and sweet leaf or katuk leaf. Spinach is also believed to be one of beneficial vegetables for low blood count, while katuk leaf is also believed to naturally cure leg ulcer fast and effective. Besides those two, you should increase consumption of fruits that also do not contain gas but contain lots of vitamin C such as fruit oranges or guava. But remember, never consume orange excessively because orange is one of many dangerous fruits for stomach.

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