20 Natural Ways to Treat Paronychia in 15 Minutes

Ways to treat paronychia is a remedy for complaints around the nails that experience pain and swelling that sometimes fester. Paronychia can be experienced by anyone who if resolved as quickly as possible with natural and medical treatment will ease the healing process. Also read: Causes of Broken and Split Nails

The cause of the paronychia

  • As a result of an insect bite or sting
  • Nails pinched or accidentally stamped by the foot
  • The nails have cut too deep without leaving a little volume at the end of the nail
  • The use of nail dye that was never cleaned
  • The use of shoes that are too narrow (for the legs)
  • Lack of nail care
  • The habit of biting and pulling the nails with the mouth
  • Exposure to hot oil or exposure to sparks
  • There are fine particles such as stick, wood and others into the skin of the edge of the nail

Symptoms of Paronychia

  • Pain before swelling
  • Skin surface area paronychia red
  • Appears pus
  • Appears swelling
  • Fever
  • The pain is throbbing during sleep at night
  • The paronychia area feels warmer (skin surface)

Natural Ways to Treat Paronychia

Tips on how to overcome nails cantengan natural and powerful

1. Warm water and salt

Salt is able to neutralize the bacteria that cause paronychia and relieve pain on swelling nail interrupted. Soak the nail that paronychia about 10 to 15 minutes for the efficacy of salt and warm water quickly absorbed and can affect both on paronychia. This applies to toenails and hands.

2. Ginger and coconut oil

Here are more natural ways to treat Paronychia. Blend ginger and mix with coconut oil to taste. This simple herb can be applied to the nail that paronychia several times. For use outside the body Ginger and coconut oil proved safe and able to relieve pain and reduce swelling. Its even soften the pus to be easily removed. But the side effects of ginger still exists if consumed in excess.

3. Onion and coconut oil

You can destroy the onion and mix it with coconut oil then apply on the nail that suffered paronychia. This herbal ingredient is a way of treating paronychia that can be applied to the toddler. Its because can decrease the pain so the toddlers can easily sleep. Also read: What Causes Waves in Fingernails Might Be Symptoms for Diseases. 

4. Garlic and turmeric

Garlic can be crushed together with turmeric until smooth and then paste on the paronychia. Both these are able to suppress the development of bacteria that cause paronychia. Garlic is rich of benefits for our body. Also read: Dangers of Eating Raw Garlic

5. Leaf of Pacar Banyu, Palm sugar and lime juice

Pacar Banyu leaf is a powerful natural ingredients for treating poranychia. You can mashed first and then mixed with palm sugar. That had previously been destroyed and lime juice to taste. Stir until evenly distributed by hand then apply to the nail area suffering from swelling and purulent paronychia.

6. Leaf of the god plant

You can mashed god plant leaves become half smooth, then apply to the nails. After that bandage the nails with gauze so that the healing process takes place quickly. This is the right way for adults and elderly because the leaves of the godplant is relatively safe and quickly relieve the pain. Also read: Ways to Eliminate Nail Biting Habit

7. Bandage with leaf wiyah herb

Take the wiyah leaves according to your needs then pure. Paste on the nails that suffer paronychia, then wrap gauze and smooth. The purpose for the efficacy of leaf travel wiyah can quickly absorbed maximal on paronychia. Leaf of wiyah has anti-inflammatory substances and proved capable as a way to heal paronychia.

8. Dairy leaves and turmeric water

Take a leaf of mustard and boil it. Let it cool then strain the water and add turmeric water with the size of one to one. After that herb water is ready to soak the toenails. You can give regular basis twice a day for paronychia.

9. Apple cider vinegar

How to treat paronychia also can use apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar can be applied to the nail by using cotton. Cuaka apple cider can relieve pain and block the spread of infection that occurs in the paronychia. Read Also Side Effects of Apple Vinegar

10. The tea oil

Tea tree oil can act as an active antioxidant that powerful natural disinfectant. Its because can kill bacteria, Germs or other micro-microorganisms cause the paronychia to get worse. How to treat paronychia by using tea tree oil is very easy to apply. That is by dripping on paronychia or smeared with gauze.

11. Lemon water

Lemon water has anti-inflammatory substances, high antioxidants and the best antiseptic to cure paronychia by facilitating the release of pus with only a little emphasis. You can also read about natural ways to lighten skin with Lemon for your knowledge.

Indeed, you can try the natural ways to treat Paronychia to cure it real fast.

Another Treatment by using chemical drugs

There are times when a chemical drug is needed for the nail treatment where one does not have enough time to apply the natural way due to the daily routine.

1. Rivanol

Dampen cotton with rivanol proven to have active antiseptic ingredients. Then paste or compress on the paronychia nail. Rivanol can control the festering tissue in order not to expand. Rivanol can also kill bacteria and germs that hide among the nails that are experiencing swelling.

2. Oral antibiotics

Antibiotics are used to relieve pain and reduce infection not to get worse. Its easier to soften push so that can be removed painlessly using emphasis with cotton. The usual antibiotics doctors recommend are mefenamic acid, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen.

3. Cream gentamicin and klindamicin

Wear a special topical cream for healing paronychia that has been purulent. Its reduce the effects of burning on poranychia. The cream is paronychia cream which contains the active compound gentamicin and clindamycin.

4. Nail cream

This cream made from black cumin, clove oil and olive that elaborated with the others chemicals. Nail cream can be applied twice a day in the morning and evening after bathing. It can be used by children and adults too. Read this How to eliminate nail biting habit

Tilth trigger is not easy to heal

  1. Puncturing pus at random by using tools that are not sterile or do not meet medical health requirements such as the use of sewing needles, pins, sticks and so forth.
  2. Forcible pus pushing to quickly out tht actually cause the existing inflammation that is getting worse so paronychia not only can enlarge again but also will appear new pus.
  3. Not recommended to wear nail cosmetics when you got parnychia it will enlarge the swelling. For example the use of nail dye and fake nails.
  4. Hands interact with dirty things that feared contain bacteria and free radicals that will make inflammation in paronychia. Thats more severe such as tree planting activities, Cleaning ditches or ditches, Burning garbage or paint activity.
  5. Wear shoes that are narrow or entitled high is bad thing for paronychia. Narrow or high-heeled shoes can damage the blood flow. Pressing the skin to not able to breathe properly and disrupt the vein tissue so that the feet are often inflamed and easily dislocated.

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