14 Ways of eliminate wrinkles in a natural way

During time, age by age, you will have a wrinkles on your eyes corner, forehead, smile linen and dry skins. Nowadays, lady with 23 years old could get wrinkles too! how could it be? Wrinkles appear earlier than you thought could because of many reasons such as exposure of sun, exposure of pollution, wrong choosing skin care, unhealthy eating, unhealthy mind, too depressed, too many sugars contain on your food, less vegetables and so on.

Now we want to give you a solution, a home remedies about how to erase and eliminate that wrinkles that disturb our appearance in a simplest way. HOW? here we are, to know some DIY-HOME REMEDIES TO ELIMINATE WRINKLES.

1. Lemon juice

Wipe up lemon juice into your wrinkles, let it dry then wash it with cold water. Lemon juice could boost your skin and make it more fresh. It could erase your wrinkles too.

2. Olive oil

Massage your face with olive oil before bed, then rinse off when you awake. Olive oil could help you eliminate wrinkles, soft, and glowing.

3. Egg Whites

Whip egg whites on a bowl, then massage your face with that. Let it dry for 15 minutes, then rinse off with warm water. Egg white could help you eliminate wrinkles and erase pore and hydrated your skin too

4. Aloe Vera

take some gel of Aloe Vera then let it be mask to your face. Let it for 15 minutes and wash it off. Aloe Vera could make your skin more elasticity with their magically contain

5. Tomatoes

Boil 2 tomatoes until the color of it change. Then mash it up until being pasta. Apply it to your face, let it dry for 15 minutes and wash it off with cold water. Tomatoes contain vitamin that could be your best home remedies.

6. Banana

Peel off 2 banana and mash it up. Banana pasta could mix with honey too, you can apply it to your face . Let it dry 20 minutes and wash it off. Banana could help you eliminate your wrinkles.

7. Drink water

You have to drink water a lot to keep your skin hydrated. Our bodies contain 80% water, so you have to drink a lots to keep your body balance.

8. Stay positive

Positive mind will give you positive life. Too much thinking made you look older than your age, it is because of your negativity blow your mind. Open up your mind, throw it up the negativity from your mind, and be positive. It is important too to your own health.

9. Do face gym

Face gym means some action to your face to prevent wrinkles. There are many action, such as says Vocal alphabets in deeply voice. This can be fun for you but this is may give you an amazing effect for your face. This actually give your nerves relaxed.

10. Laugh more

Some research says that laugh in 10 minutes could burn your calories and made you feel better. This happen because of your nerves more have a relax and your brain could take an active membrane cells to laugh. Laugh means happy. So, when you have a happy life you will have a younger look.

11. Change your habits

Leave your bad habit and change it. You have to live more healthy from now. Your habits will take a big chance to encourage your life. We do not says its easy, but you have to try to change your habit. Make a good habits from now on. Life will keep going on. Will you be still the same? Come on, change! Good habit would assist you to erase some wrinkles on your corner eyes.

12. Yoga

Do yoga for your health. Yoga will assist you both physically and mentally. This exercise will also help you to regenerate your immune system. Yoga usually will get in your deepest mind and deepest heart. Feel the joy after doing yoga. It will help you also to decrease your wrinkles more.

13. Reading book

Reading book will train your brain to working more than before. Do not be lazy read a book. You could have a mystery, thriller, or cooking book. The more you read a book, the more you could get some ideas. Reading activity will help you also again to look more younger than before. Have you ever seen wrinkles girl read a book? Not at all. This positive activities will help you.

14. Hang out with your best friends

Most of wrinkles appear because of depressed. Some of depressed people says, they do not have friends to tell them, to talk in, and to company them. Then why hanging out with your best friends will decrease your wrinkles in natural way? because of this activity will bring you joy. You have someone to tell your problem. Someone that can help you when you have a bad days. This activity also gets rid of your depression. So, it will decrease your wrinkles too.

We have done telling you the natural ways to eliminate your wrinkles. Do not be afraid of wrinkles! Do not be afraid of being older than now! Every each of us will grow old no matter what, but our journey to get there will become so much fun if you did these 14 secret tips that we have prepared just for you. Be you, Be beautiful!