12 Ways on How to Treat Thrush on Babies – Prevention

Babies certainly can not complain of his body condition directly if there is a problem. Especially if the baby still can not speak.

Therefore, usually the baby will be fussy, easy to cry, or always do something quite annoying.

Including when the baby has canker sores. Because there is a problem in the mouth cavity, sometimes the baby will be fussy.

There are even some babies who have a slight fever if you are attacked by canker sores. Read more about How To Lengthen Eyelashes Naturally

How to Treat Thrush on Baby

How to Treat Thrush on Baby Cause canker sores on the baby itself there are various. This is because the baby has not been able to sort out which objects are allowed and should not be inserted into the oral cavity. Surely this will cause the bacteria to easily enter into it. The following causes of canker sores in infants are common:

  • Fungal infections
  • The immune system is still weak
  • Bacterial infection
  • Unclean baby’s mouth cavity
  • Unwashed milk bottles

Basically thrush is not a deadly disease and it is classified as a mild disease. But the name of canker sores still make the baby uncomfortable. If not addressed immediately, then the baby will continue to fuss. Not to mention if bacteria continue to infect and make wider inflammation. Therefore it is very necessary to know how to treat canker sores in infants, such as the following.

1. Apply coconut oil

Canker sores in infants can be cured with the help of virgin coconut oil or VCO. This is because coconut oil contains caprylic acid compounds. This compound is able to help expel fungi and bacteria so canker sores caused by fungal or bacterial infections can recover faster.

Because it is a natural ingredient, coconut oil is not likely to create side effects in infants. How to apply it directly to the baby’s mouth cavity. But if the baby is still too small and can not be given directly, then the coconut oil can be applied to the baby’s milk bottle, or to the nursing mother’s nipple. That will help. Read more about How to Overcome Eyelash Loss

2. Provide enough fluids

While being canker sores, babies usually will be more easily fussy. In addition, the baby will also usually lose appetite. This is because there is a sense of pain when eating food.

Especially for babies who have been able to eat breast milk substitutes (infants over 6 months), adequate fluid administration will help provide nutrients to the baby during a hunger strike. Therefore, keep giving enough milk to keep the baby feel full and comfortable despite being sprue. Or it could also provide the original juice from fruit that contain lots of vitamin C.

3. Baking soda and salt

How to treat canker sores in babies that can be done naturally is to use baking soda and salt. Salt is one of the ingredients that contain antiseptic properties so it can help repel bacteria nesting in the oral cavity of the child.

The trick is to mix a glass of water, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, and also 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda. Stir well and grab the cotton. Squeeze the cotton until it becomes moist. Apply the cotton to the baby’s canker sores.

4. Compressing with ice

Infants who are older than 1 year have started to be invited to communicate and endurance is usually started to increase. So if the baby starts to complain of pain in the oral cavity and there are canker sores in it, the mother can compress the part with ice cubes. The goal is to relieve the pain that is present due to the sores. Read more about Causes of Rashes after Fever in Baby

Take a towel and use the towel as a medium compress from the outside, for example on the cheek or under the lips, according to the location of the sprue.

5. Giving soft food

Thrush is often make the appetite decreases. Never mind the baby, adults are often not appetite to eat if sores have attacked. Therefore, to overcome the pain of thrush, the mother can make a soft food for the baby.

For example make porridge or soup from vegetables. As much as possible still give food when the baby has canker sores. Because it is also useful to help the body’s immune system is stronger to fight the existing canker sores. Read more about Ways to Prevent Down Syndrome in Baby

6. Anti-fungal drugs

Anti-fungal drugs can be given to canker sores caused by fungus. Infants affected by thrush due to fungal infections can be given this drug at the recommendation of a doctor.

This type of medicine is usually suitable for babies over 4 or 6 months of age. But still consider the condition of the baby. If thrush can indeed be cured without drugs, do not rush to give medicine. We recommend that you first do some traditional ways before taking the baby to the doctor.

7. Nitasin

Nitasin is also one type of drug suitable for canker sores caused by fungal infections. Its function is to inhibit and kill the performance and breeding of the fungus in the oral cavity.

This medicine is suitable for children or babies. But still consult a doctor because this drug also should not be given to all babies. And observe the condition of the baby, whether about the baby can be given this drug, because the way its use is to be shed directly to the sprue (external medicine).

8. Paracetamol Medicine

Paracetamol is one of the best known medicines for fever reliever. In addition, paracetamol can also help reduce pain. Use paracetamol for children if the baby continues to nag or fuss and sleepless.

This drug will work in eliminating the effects of pain due to canker sores so that babies can become more comfortable. But keep in mind the dose and age of the baby because there is an age limit where and when paracetamol can be given to the baby. Read more about  Types of Vegetable Salad for Diet

9. Ibuprofen Medicine

Similar to paracetamol, ibuprofen is also one of the drugs that can relieve fever and pain in infants. These drugs can also help relieve symptoms of canker sores in infants. Use a prescription or doctor’s recommendation to give this medicine to the baby for safer use.

10. Bananas and honey

If the baby has entered the age of 1 year, then this way can be done naturally. The banana used is a banana ambon. The trick is to mix the bananas that have been mashed with honey. The mixture can be applied directly to canker sores. Or, can also be given to the baby as a banana and honey pulp for the consumption directly by the baby.

11. Coconut Water

Coconut water is one of the most nutritious liquids. One of them is to relieve sprue. If the baby has entered the age of 6 months, then all that needs to be done is only a few spoonfuls of coconut water in a day. This will have a good effect on the condition of the baby’s oral cavity. Read more about Bad Effects of Dehydration on Your Skin

12.Bring the baby sunbathing in the morning

One cause of canker sores is the fungus. Mushrooms can indeed easily live in a humid environment. Therefore, inviting the baby to bask in the morning will help kill the fungus naturally. For maximum results, make the baby’s oral cavity open for several minutes so that sunlight can more easily work in killing the existing fungus.

Ways to Prevent

Those are some ways of treating canker sores in infants that can be done. In addition, some of the following ways can be done to prevent canker sores appear in the baby’s mouth cavity, including:

  • Monitor the baby’s activities and immediately remove the objects put into his mouth while playing
  • Keep the hygiene of baby bottles always clean
  • Also keep the mother’s body hygiene, especially breast mother so that no bacteria that enter into the baby’s mouth cavity. Read more about Foods to Avoid for Blood Type A
  • Breastfeeding mothers still have to pay attention to their health by consuming healthy foods every day
  • Keep your cutlery and baby clothes as well

Thus some ways to treat canker sores in infants and how to prevent it can be done by parents so that babies can be free from discomfort due to sprue. Keep your baby’s health in order to grow and grow well. Hopefully this article useful.

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