How to Make Lips Red Naturally Using Home Remedies

Red lips considered as a part of women body that can attract men. For you who want to get beautiful red lips, you don’t need to worry because getting red lips is indeed easy to do.

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Red lips on the other side can boost up someone’s confidence. Unfortunately, there are lots of women that experiencing black lips. It can caused by using wrong beauty products that later lead their lips to become black not red.

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Having black lips and want to get rid of it? In this section, we will give you several ways on how to make red lips naturally using home remedies that absolutely easy to be applied. These are:

  • Using olive oil

Olive oil contains high vitamin E that beneficial to moisture and brighten your face. Furthermore, you can apply olive oil on your lips in order to make it red.

Here are some ingredients you need if you want to use olive oil as a home remedies to get a beautiful red lips appearance.

  1. Provide an original olive oil. Ensure to use original olive oil if you want to get a good result on your lips.
  2. Provide small bowl and glass. Bowl is needed to keep olive oil not be speared everywhere
  3. Provide ice cubes. You can use ice cubes as a compress ingredient.
  4. Provide tissue. Tissue is needed to dry wet lips.

Here are steps on how to apply it

  1. Clean your lips by using eye cleanser or micellar water.
  2. Smear warm mater on your lips by using cotton for about 5 to 10 minutes. Do it repeatedly.
  3. By using tissue, clean your lips.
  4. Use olive oil as a finishing. Keep the lips for a night then wash it.

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  • Using toothpaste

Toothpaste also can be used to get a beautiful red lips appearance. The steps actually as same as the steps if you use olive oil but if you decide to use toothpaste instead of olive oil, you don’t need to provide ice cubes as its ingredient.

Apart from its ability to make your lips becomes red, you still need to be aware about the dangerous effect of using toothpaste. You may also like to read dangers of eliminating blackhead with toothpaste.

  • Using Sugar

Another way on how to make red lips naturally using home remedies you can easily apply at home is by using sugar. Sugar is classified as food ingredient that can sweeten food. Beside of it, you can use sugar as a beauty product. For example, using sugar as a lips mask. 

Here are some ingredients you need to use sugar as your “do it yourself” lips mask which effective to make your lips become red.

  1. Wash your lips by using warm water.
  2. With tissue, dry your lips that already be cleaned.
  3. Mix and blend olive oil along with white sugar into bowl.
  4. Apply it on your lips.
  5. Scrub your lips with sugar that already applied on your lips.
  6. Let it for 10 minutes, wait until it gets dry.
  7. Wash your lips with warm water afterwards.
  8. Do this treatment regularly in order to get a good result. You may also like to read dangers of excessive sugar consumption.

These are several ways on how to make red lips naturally using home remedies you can apply at home. Ingredients above are effective to make your lips appearance become more beautiful. Stay Healthy, Good People!

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