13 Natural Ways to Cleaning Nails

In addition to the face, nails also require care to keep it clean and shiny. How to make a shiny nail is very easy to do. In doing nail care, you can do it at home using natural ingredients or go to a beauty salon.

How to clean nails naturally does not require a long time. We can do it ourselves at home without spending expensive. The materials used are natural ingredients that are easy to find around us.

The materials used are safe because they do not contain chemicals. So you do not have to worry about the side effects. Read more about Foods Containing Vitamin B12

Some ways to clean nails naturally you can do yourself, among others:

1. By using garlic

Garlic is often used as a traditional medicine ingredient. In addition, garlic is also often used as a food ingredient so that the food becomes more delicious. However, it turns out garlic can also be used in the field of beauty. For example, used to clean the nails.

How to treat nails with garlic is very practical :

  • Peeled garlic
  • Slice the garlic into pieces
  • Rub the garlic onto the surface of your nails
  • Do this continuously until the nails appear clean shiny

2. By using wuluh starfruit

Besides being used for cooking vegetables, wuluh starfruit contains acids that can help you to clean dirty nails.


  • Cut the belimbing wuluh into two equal parts
  • Rub belimbing wuluh slowly and carefully on the surface of your nails
  • Do this regularly to get good and maximum results
  • Besides used to treat nails, in fact, you can also do how to whiten the skin with acid starfruit.

3. Using lemon or lime

Lemon fruit contains lots of vitamin C. Lemon is good for preventing canker sores. In addition, lemon is also useful to clean your fingernails and feet so it becomes cleaner and beautiful. Lemons are also able to lift dead nail cells, remove the yellow color on the nails, and make it more beautiful. Read more about  Foods to Avoid during Jock Itch


  • Prepare the lemons to taste
  • Then, split into two parts
  • Use it by rubbing it on your nails slowly
  • Wait until dry within a few minutes
  • If you do how to whiten nails with lemon regularly, then the results will be maximized and in accordance with what you expect.

4. Using watermelon skin

Many people think that watermelon skin is a waste that should be thrown away. Many believe that watermelon skin is useful for hair. However, who would have thought that the skin of watermelon in fact have other uses in the field of beauty, especially nails.


  • Prepare watermelon skin
  • Rub the watermelon skin on your nails
  • Wait until it dries
  • Rinse with running water
  • Watermelon skin can also be used for the face.

Benefits of watermelon skin for the face is to relieve sunburn skin, as a moisturizer, and others.

5. Using eggs, honey, and olive oil

How to clean dirty nails naturally can be done with a mixture of natural ingredients, such as eggs, honey, and olive oil. These three materials are easy to obtain. Read more about Benefits of Washing Face With Warm Water


  • Prepare honey, eggs, and olive oil to taste
  • Mix about 2 tablespoons of honey and olive oil
  • Heat the mixture until both are well blended
  • Beat the eggs, pour on the previous mixture until well blended
  • Apply on your nails evenly
  • Wait until it becomes dry for 10-15 minutes
  • Rinse your nails with warm water until completely clean

6. By using papaya soap

Papaya contains vitamin A which is good for eye health. In addition to eye health, papaya is also useful for nail beauty. However, that will be used instead of the flesh of his papaya, but the soap. How:

  • Clean the papaya outer skin until clean
  • Apply the sap on your nails
  • Wait a few minutes until it dries
  • Rinse with clean water

7. Using aloe vera

You can clean and care for your nails to look clean and beautiful by using aloe vera. The part used is aloe vera gel. Read more about Causes Oily Hair After Washing,


  • Prepare aloe vera sufficiently
  • Separate gel with skin
  • Use the gel by rubbing it on your nails
  • Let stand for a few minutes until dry
  • Clean with rinsing using clean water
  • Do it regularly

8. Drinking enough water

Drinking water can also help nail care. In addition to good for skin health, drinking utih water regularly is also beneficial for nail health. You can also prevent kidney disease. By drinking water, calcium needs enough nail. The result, nails become more beautiful. Your mineral needs will be fulfilled if you consume about 2 Liter or 8 glasses per day.

9. Clean the dirt under the nail with the tip of the scissor nail clippers

You can do this in the bathroom with enough bright lighting so you can see your nails clearly. Cleaning the dirt under the nails should be done before washing hands so that the hands in a dry condition because in such conditions cleaning is easy to do. Do not use the tip of a pencil or pen to clean the dirt on your nails because it will actually make your nails dirty. Read more about Characteristics of Oral Cancer

10. Wash your hands with a mild soap

When washing your hands with soap, do it with warm water. Do this regularly. Try to use a good soap for your nails. If the soap you use contains parabens, it can make your nails become brittle. Try also not to use hand sanitizers made from alcohol because it will reduce the strength of the nail itself.

11. Soak the fingertips in warm soapy water

Do this for 3 minutes. The soak here is the fingertip, not the whole hand. Water used is warm water, not hot water. You can use warm water at a comfortable temperature. This soaking can smooth the nails and reduce the risk of damage to the nail.

12. Use a brush or brush your teeth to scrub your nail surface

Rub your nails with a brush. The rubbed part is the entire nail, this also includes the bottom of the nail. If there is no brush, you can use a clean toothbrush. Read more about How To Overcome Dry Foot Skin

13. Use baking soda to make your nails look whiter

Make a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide until pasta is formed. Apply this mixture if you want a healthy nail. Apply this mixture on your nails evenly. Once dry, wash with clean water, then dry. Do this about once a week so nails look shiny white. Another alternative is to use toothpaste. How to do it is the same as using baking soda mixes because the active ingredients in the toothpaste can work like a mixture of the paste.

Here are some ways to clean nails naturally you can do. Having clean, beautiful, and attractive nails are the dream of many people. Clean and well-groomed nails are a sign that you have a healthy soul and are not susceptible to illness. How to clean nails that have been naturally spelled out can be done by anyone with a budget that is cheap enough.

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