13 Side Effect of Fillers in Cheeks You Must Know

Beauty is pain. Maybe this sentences could refers to plastic surgery for aesthetic value, or we call for being beautiful.

Yes, we could not agree anymore for that sentence ” Beauty is pain”. As we know, in this modern world, being beautiful in instant way is a must. Not for choices anymore.

Soft tissue fillers are increasingly used for aesthetic purposes for the rejuvenation of the face and selected areas of the body. Various materials are now available that may have different side effect profiles.

Although unwanted reactions are rare, the clinician must be aware of such risks, to recognize them and treat them properly, and also to be able to prevent them with the use of proper techniques. Read more Foods that will guarantee chubby cheeks

Recently, fillers is popular for replace plastic surgery. Because of some disadvantages plastic surgery, fillers becoming the most popular. Do you want a pointed nose? plump lips? fuller lips? slimmer cheek? delete double chin? You can get it only in instant way ; fillers. Another women do the fillers because of some reason, here there are :

  • To Erase Their Wrinkle
  • Natural Elasticity,
  • Improve The Tone of Their Face,
  • Even More Look Younger Than Before
  • Improve Natural Look of Cheeks
  • Rejuvenation Face

There are so many doctor, beauty specialist, and psysiciant compete themselves to create the redefining fillers for rejuvenation face. Here we are again, explain to you what is the filler injection liquid that common used? Lets jump into the next paragraph.

  • Hyaluric Acid – Again, many doctor claims this liquid is the safest. Less side effect. But not exactly the safe at all. Hyaluric Acid contain ingredients that add fullness to areas that have thinned due to aging. This thinning is common in the cheeks, lips, and around the mouth.
  • Calcium hydroxylapatite, which is a mineral-like compound found in bones.
  • Polyalkylimide, a transparent gel that is compatible with the body.
  • Polylactic acid, which stimulates the skin to make more collagen.
  • Polymethyl-methacrylate microspheres (PMMA), a semi-permanent filler

Dermal fillers are considered to be safe but side effects can occur. The most common problems include:

  • Skin Rash, it is common side effect after filler. Skin rash will appear after an hour or a few days after the filler.
  • Itching, or Pimple-like eruptions, Itching appear because of the sensitivity of patient. Some of patient have sensitive skin doing filler will get this side effect. Read more bad effects of dehydration on skin
  • Redness, appear in a couple days after filler. This side effect is contain allergic of the inject-able liquid.
  • Bruising, appear if unsuitable injected in wrong place.

  • Bleeding, or swelling, The specialist may says it is common. But, if its not stop in a week. Please see your doctor.
  • Undesirable appearance, such as asymmetry, lumps, or over correction of wrinkles, it will happen if you are do the filler not in a professional hands. Asymmetry results is one of fatal side effect.
  • Skin damage that causes a wound, Well, in a normal filler, wound after the filler will disappear slowly.
  • Infection, this is the damage. If the doctor inject the injection more deeper than usual. This things will happen. Inject-able area is only in surface area.
  • Scarring, another damage side effect after the filler.
  • Ability to feel the filler substance under the skin, if the doctor inject more deeper.
  • Blindness or other vision problems, the complication of the damage of this filler. Blindness happen if the doctor injected into the nerves that connect into your eyes nerve. Beside, it happen because the injection liquid is not Hyaluric Acid, maybe fat injection or silicone.
  • Death of skin cells due to loss of blood flow to the area. Read more causes of rashes after fever in Baby

Well, we have done explain the side effect of filler in cheeks. Hope this article help you a lot. And prevent you to get a filler cheeks, though.

Remember one thing in your life. You are beautiful. Know that you are beautiful enough is one of the motivation that can prevent you to get dermal filler, botox and another plastic surgery for beauty reason.

Love yourself first. It is important too. Love yourself could increase your confidence. You are still beautiful as you are even though you are not doing filler.

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