How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Fast Naturally and Easy at Home

Hemorrhoids is one of diseases that leaves its sufferer to feel uncomfortable. Hemorrhoids occurs when veins in the anus is swollen. Hemmorrhoids that happens inside anus usually will not cause pain. However, if it happens outside anus, the pain will come afterwards.

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Below this we will explain about ways on how to get rid of hemorrhoids fast naturally and easy at home so you can heal the pain that caused by this sensitive disease. These are:

  • Don’t hold defecation

Many people do the bad habit of holding defecation. Holding defecation will make feces becomes tougher which dangerous for anus wall. Once anus wall infected with tough feces, it opens a big possibility for hemorrhoids to occur.

  • Do exercise regularly

Doing physical exercise able to help you overcome hemorrhoids. Exercises such as jogging and gymnastic can make your digestive system runs better. You can regularly doing exercise 20 minutes a day.

  • Consuming enough amount of fiber

Fiber component is indeed needed for our body to increase nutrition absorption in our intestine. Fiber also able to make your feces becomes softer so you will not experiencing tough feces.

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  • Soak in warm water

Soaking your anus in warm water has proven effective to get rid of hemorrhoids. You can use this method for about 15 minutes. Remember to use warm water which is not too cold or too hot.

  • Use apple vinegar

Apple vinegar has various benefits for our body. You can use apple vinegar to treat your hemorrhoids. The way to apply it is quite simple. Drink 1 tablespoon apple vinegar if hemorrhoids occurs inside your anus. Smear apple vinegar on the infected area if hemorrhoids occurs outside your anus by using cotton.

  • Compress with cold water

When hemorrhoids occurs outside of anus, you can compress it with cold water to reduce the pain. Also, it can help to reduce the size of hemorrhoids itself.

  • Consume bran

Bran can be consumed to replace rice. Consuming bran for hemorrhoids sufferer is highly recommended because it rich of fiber.

  • Use aloe vera gel

Using aloe vera gel for hemorrhoids has proven will reduce the size of hemorrhoids because it contains anti-irritation and anti-inflammation ingredient. I will also reduce to risk of bleeding in the anus.

  • Hydrate anus area

To make the area that infected with hemorrhoids stays hydrated, you can simply use wet tissue to wipe it. It will prevent to possibility of hemorrhoids to be irritated. 

  • Consume olive oil

Olive oil condisered as one of hemorrhoids medicine that able to overcome its pain. It can prevent the possibility of inflammation in hemorrhoids. You can use olive oil by drink it 1 tablespoon. You may also like to read benefits of drinking olive oil everyday.

  • Smear tea tree oil and castrol oil

The combination of tea tree oil and castrol oil effective to clean hemorrhoids and to prevent inflammation. You can smear these oils on the affected are.

  • Consume lemon juice

Lemon rich of vitamin C and antioxidant that can help to make feces becomes softer. You can simply drink it or apply it on the hemorrhoids.

  • Use conventional closet

Many people dislike to use conventional closet because it less modern. However, using conventional closet has proven can decrease the possibility of hemorrhoids to occur.  Try to use conventional closet from now on.

  • Diet

Reduce weight is one of ways on how to get rid of hemorrhoids fast naturally and easy at home. Those who are obesity opens a big possibility to experiencing hemorrhoids. Therefore, it’s needed to cut some weights in order to prevent this disease.

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  • Consume probiotics

Consuming probiotics such as cheese and yogurt can help your digestive system become healthier so your feces will not tough. Feces that not tough will reduce the possibility of hemorrhoids to occur.

  • Avoid saturated fat consumption

You can try to consume food that high in fiber instead of consuming food that contain saturated fat such as meat. Consuming fiber sure will make your feces become softer.

  • Avoid excessively consumption of carbohydrate

Consuming carbohydrate excessively is prohibited for hemorrhoids sufferer because it can make their body lack of fiber. You may also like to read common carbohydrate sources for diet.

  • Drink enough amount of water

Water is beneficial for hemorrhoids sufferer to reduce the disease condition. You can start with drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday.

  • Consume spinach regularly

If you want to reduce to size of hemorrhoids that indeed disturb you, you can consume spinach. Consume it regularly and see how the result afterwards.

  • Consume papaya

Papaya well-known for its benefit to make our digestive system become healthier. Consuming papaya everyday is recommended for those who suffering from hemorrhoids. 

  • Consume plum regularly

Another way to reduce hemorrhoids size you can easily apply is by consuming plum regularly.  Plum is effective to prevent bleeding risk in anus.

  • Avoid spicy food

Spicy food is delicious. We cannot deny that fact but unfortunately, consuming spicy food will make our intestine unhealthy and it can make hemorrhoids become bigger.

  • Avoid sitting too long

Hemorrhoids sufferer have to avoid sitting too long because it can make hemorrhoids swollen.

  • Perform Hemorrhoidectomy Procedure

If you experiencing extreme hemmorrhoids, performing medical method such as hemorrhoidectomy is a must. You can consult to doctor to get this treatment.

  • Perform Clamping Procedure

Doctor will usually recommend clamping procedure for those who suffering extreme hemorrhoids to overcome this disease.

  • Perform Coagulation Therapy

By using infrared ray, coagulation therapy can be applied for hemorrhoids sufferer. This method aims to reduce the hemorrhoids size.

  • Perform Sclerotherapy

This medical method intend to inject the hemorrhoids area. Even though it sounds horrible, but you don’t need to worry because doctor usually will give its patient drug to reduce the pain.

These are ways on how to get rid of hemorrhoids fast naturally and easy at home. Stay heathy, good people!

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