13 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Corns at Home #1 Fast and Effective

Corns is a disease that occurs at the heel, ankle, between the toes and fingers, and also at the surface of the foot. From medical perspective, it is often called as clavus. Corns is actually not as serious problem as sign of clogged heart since it potentially causes death. In contrast, corns or clavus will not cause death to the person but will make the person feels pain, but not too serious.

The only problem is sometimes, people who is having clavus are sometimes not confident with their appearances, especially for young adults, similar to tinea versicolor but there are ways to treat tinea versicolor on face naturally.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Corns at Home

Corns is caused by virus, called HPV that causes injury and it causes yellowness in the feet and hands. Nevertheless, do not be too worry because corns is not serious disease and hard to find the ways to treat it. Yes, because it is easily curable. There are many fastest ways to get rid of corns, for example:

1. Minor Surgery

Yes, one of 13 fastest ways to treat corns is by conducting minor surgery. Why should be minor surgery? Minor surgery doesn’t require the patient to be referred to the surgery room. Minor surgery is just conducted to remove the core of the corns. If it has been removed, then you are almost cured.

There are two kinds of surgery:

  • Minor Surgery Using Knife

This surgery is conducted by using small knife, and of course, the sharp and taper one. The taper of the knife is useful to remove the core of the corns so it will be removed although you may feel pain afterwards. But, do not be too worry because you will not feel the pain during the surgery because you will be under anesthetic drug.

  • Cautery Surgery or Cauterization

Cauterization is removing core of the corns by electrocautery. As it is in solder, it will burn the certain skin with corns. And then, the corns as well as the core will disappear. By using this method, there is no surgical suture as well as no causing blood at all. Nevertheless, by taking these surgical methods, you will need experienced doctors.

2. Using Papaya

The next fastest way to get rid of corns is by using papaya since it contains huge amount of Vitamin C and antioxidant that is very useful to treat and maintain skin health.

Follow the steps below as the natural ways to get rid of corns at home:

  • Prepare the papaya
  • Wash it thoroughly
  • Dab the fruit to the corns 

3. Using Lemon

The next thing to be fastest ways to treat corns is by using lemon. Similar to papaya, lemon is high of antioxidant and Vitamin C which are good for skin health. Curing corns using lemon is very easy. You just have to prepare lemon and slice it into two parts. After that, dab it to the corns area. Do it for three times a day to speed up the healing time.

4. Apple Vinegar

Other than containing high antioxidant, apple vinegar also contains Vitamin A which is very useful to cure corns and give nutrients to the skin. The use of apple vinegar for treating corns is very easy. You just have to put your feet or other parts with corns to the solution of apple vinegar for about 30 minutes. 

After that, bandage the corns by using sterile clothes soaked with apple vinegar so the vinegar will easily absorb to the core. It will heal the corns and make your skin normal again. Beware of effects of apple vinegar for kidney

5. Garlic

Garlic is a magic cooking base. Garlic is not only useful to be natural ways to treat paronychia but garlic is also useful to be fastest way to treat corns. Garlic contains huge amount of antioxidant. It is also useful to be used as treatment for other skin diseases which need high contain of antioxidant within garlic. Similar to corns, the ways are by mashing the garlic and then dab it to the certain area with corns.

6. Using Pumice Stone

Pumice stone? Yes! It is very useful to treat corns. It is not recommended for those who are afraid of using it because you have to hit several time the corns area until the core removed.

7. Using Callusol

You can use callusol (medicine) to be fastest way to treat corns. You can easily find callusol at the nearest drug stores and without doctor’s prescriptions. But, do not forget to read the guidelines before using callusol.

8. Using Soap and Lime Paste

Soap can be used to treat corns. Nevertheless, using same soap with other people is potentially causing other skin  diseases, such as scab, tinea versicolor, or other communicable skin diseases. So, if the soap is clean enough, you can use it to be fastest way to treat corns.

9. Using Cigarette

There are many harmful effects of smoking, especially for human heart. Nevertheless, it does not mean that cigarette is completely harmful for human. Since it has hot characteristic, cigarette can be used to burn the corns so it can help the healing of corns.

10. Frangipani sap

Frangipani can be used to treat corns by dabbing the sap to the area of corns. But, make sure the corns is clean enough before you dab the sap there.

11. Using Gynura segetum

Gynura segetum can be used to treat corns. 

12. White Vinegar

White vinegar can be used to smooth the skin, especially for specific area of corns. So that, the corns will be easily removed.

13. Baking soda

Baking soda is not only useful to be cooking ingredient, but also useful to scrub the dead or dry skin. Therefore, it is also useful to scrub the corns so that the corns will be healed. But there are dangers of vinegar and baking soda for health.

Those are several fastest and natural ways to get rid of corns at home, that you can easily use so the corns can be removed without having serious surgical process. Good luck and do not forget to maintain your skin health!

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