13 Ways to Reduce Sugar Consumption for Diabetes Patient

Diabetes patient should avoid consuming sweet food. Is it a fact or myth? Actually this statement isn’t true. Diabetes patient still can have a sweet taste on their tongue even if it’s not sugar. Sweet taste doesn’t solely come from sugar.  Are you curios? Here we will explain more about 13 Ways To Reduce Sugar Consumption For Diabetes Patient.

Add Fruits To Your Healthy Food List

Add fruits on your diet would reduce your sugar consumption. Fruit had so many flavor, such as sweets, sour, bitter, and so-so. First you should get used to consume fruits. Then you had to eat it everyday for your healthy life. Change your fruits menu everyday won’t make you feel bored while eating fruits. See Also 12 Useful Make Up Tips For Oily Skin

Fruits that you can have such as apple, blueberries, grape, orange, lemon, mango, papaya, kiwi, pear, lychee, rambutans, sugarcane, stevia and so on. You can buy fruits that are easy to get at your country. You are lucky if you live in tropical country. Tropical country always had tropical fruit such as pineapple, orange and some endemic fruits. Well, endemic fruits also help you to reduce sugar consumption.

Consume Fresh, Frozen, Dried, And Canned Fruits

Talking about fruits, there are several kind of fruits. Fresh fruits that you can eat or frozen fruits. We give you some advice for this. Purchase some grape and berries fruit then let it froze in your refrigerator. It will taste yummy and fresh. The flavor is just like a candy but it’s actually a frozen fruit! See Also 14 Negative Side Effects of Lip Injections

Dried fruits such as dried grape is delicious too. Sugar content on it is natural, so it won’t harm you. What about the canned fruits? Is it okay? Yes, it is okay for you. Read the labels behind the canned fruits before you bought it. Compare it with another brand of canned fruits. Plus don’t forget to check the expired date of the canned fruits. Some fraudulent seller may sell an expired canned fruit, so be careful of it.

Swap Out Soda

Avoid drinking soda! The higher sugar content is on soda. Soda contains sugar more than other beverages. Soda left you feel thirsty more and more, that’s why some fast food companies sell a package of soda and fast food. Some companies also sell soda in a cheap price, so all of you eager to buy it.

To reduce sugar consumption, avoid drinking soda is the most common way. Surprisingly, soda is another killer food for you, especially for diabetes patient. Diabetes patient has a strict rules on what to eat, and they should control their sugar consumption. Avoid soda will give you another chance to be healthy.

Cut The Serving Bakes

Serving bakes such as baked toasted, cookies, and some white bread had higher sugar content on it. You should avoid it too. Serving bakes has gone through some process which increases the sugar content in it. White bread contains low protein but higher sugar content. It is considered as a harmful food for diabetes patient. We understand that diabetes patient feels hungry every seconds. But it doesn’t mean you should have a full serving bakes or other harmful food.

You are what you eat. Have you ever heard about this sentence before? Yes. It contains a deeper meaning for diabetes patient. It shows us how much you eat without considering the ingredients of it. Bakes such as cookies are made of butter which contains high fat, then sugar and some flour. These ingredients have higher content of sugar. So, it’s better for you to avoid it.

Compare Food Labels And Choose Product With The Lowest Amount Of Added Sugar

Before you buy something to eat, it will be better for you to compare about the ingredients. There are a list of food ingredients behind its package. Check out the table that shows how much fat and sugar on it. So, you have to see how much sugar on it, and compare it with another brand. The lower sugar you have, the healthier you are. If you don’t have a choice except to buy an instant food, check the label first and compare it once more. See Also Dangers of Eating Spicy Food During Pregnancy and How to Prevent It

Cooking A Meal By Yourself

Cooking is always fun. Find some healthy recipe on Internet or Youtube and practice it at home. You will get a brand new experience in cooking a healthy food. The benefit of cooking by yourself is that you know about the ingredients and what you will cook. You can get a fresh food from your own stove. You know how to minimize salt and sugar consumption, then you know about the ingredients of food which is safer for you. See also How to Use Sugarcane Juice for a Healthy Weight Loss

Sometimes, if we plan to eat on restaurant, we had no idea about the ingredients and the freshness of the food. It could be a leftover food from last night or frozen food. So, you know what you should do, right?

Drink Plenty of Water

Drink more water which contains zero calories and zero sugar of course. Drink mineral water will help your recovery. Because it is our daily needs, our body contains 85% water, so we had to drink a lot of it. It’s alright although you had to go to the toilet often. See Also 16 Regular Foods that Cause Sinus Infection (Be Careful!)

That’s all about 13 Ways To Reduce Sugar Consumption For Diabetes Patient. Hope this article will be a helpful reference for you, and don’t forget to forward this article to another diabetes patient. Stay healthy!

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