The Cause of Acne during Menstruation and How to Overcome It

The cause of acne during menstruation, in general, is a hormone released by the body that will increase during menstruation. Then, how to overcome it? It is the question that is most often questioned by teenagers who are still often confused when problems arise relating to the beauty and smoothness of their faces. There is nothing wrong with this question. This is the reasonableness raised by most teenagers who are looking for their identity.

Estrogen Hormones and Testosterone Hormones

The cause of acne during menstruation is the hormone estrogen and testosterone which will develop during the menstrual period. When menstruation begins to be experienced by a young woman who has begun to reach adulthood, then in your body, young women, hormonal changes will begin to occur and it can cause sudden growth of acne on your face.

The emergence of acne does not only occur due to hormonal changes internally which are due to an imbalance between the estrogen hormone and the testosterone hormone. Some of the consequences that are often seen significantly, due to hormonal changes in the body of young women/adult women are the tendency to be more sensitive and even tend to be angrier and to feel easily stressed even in a mild stage.

Causes of External Factors

External factors also become a cause that is no less often ignored by young women. These are some of the external factors that are often overlooked so that the potential for pimples to emerge during menstruation is ongoing such as:

  • Lack of maintaining hand hygiene, so that when the hands touch the face or when rubbing the face or when squeezing zits, the germs will move to the facial pores so that the potential for the growth of acne.
  • Lack of facial hygiene, especially at the time of going to bed, where the makeup of the face is cleaned with a facial cleanser so that the facial pores are potentially covered by dust and makeup marks so the possibility of acne growing will be even greater.
  • Lack of fluid intake, even though during menstruation there is a lot of body fluids coming out along with the discharge of your menstrual blood.

How to Prevent Acne during Menstruation

Here are some ways you can prevent acne when you menstruate, as follows:

  • Pay attention to the cleanliness of your face – At first glance, it is said that one way to prevent external causes of acne growth is to always keep the face clean, especially during menstruation because the dirt on the face will mix with the skin oil. Clean your face at least 2 times a day. It would be better if this step is done at any time not only when you are menstruating.
  • Take control of excessive stress – No doubt this is the biggest cause of acne when menses takes place. Change the mindset that is always negative thinking by always trying to think positively.
  • Increase fluid intake – Lack of fluids in your body will be seen clearly when your face looks easily dull and dry. If this condition occurs, the risk of acne will increase. This condition can be helped by consuming drinks that contain lots of vitamin C, especially fruit juice so that the body will still feel fit and the disease will not easily attack your body. Apply a healthy lifestyle by consuming lots of water.
  • Use Apple Masks – Using apple masks can help repair facial skin as well as removing dead skin cells from your face. Apple masks are obtained by smoothing apples and mixed with a little honey, then used as a face mask.
  • Use face soap containing sulfur and benzoyl peroxide. These two elements can be a deterrent to the cause of acne during menstruation and how to prevent it from being applied at the same time.

Those are the causes of acne during menstruation and how to prevent it. You can try gradually and adjust to your skin needs. Not all skin can be treated with the same treatment depending on the type of acne and skin conditions.

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