The Best Ways to Prevent Ringworm in Scalp with Home Remedy

Ringworm can attack anyone, children, adolescents, and adults. It is one of the diseases that occur in the skin and usually in the form of a circle. It will growing if it is not treated immediately.

Ringworm can causes intense itch and if we excessively scratch it, it will causes injury. We will discuss some of the causes, treatments and how to prevent.

Understand are some natural ways to get rid of ringworm in scalp with home remedy can overcome this disease early.

Causes of Ringworm

Here are the causes of ringworm:

  1. Direct Contact

Ringworm can also be caused by direct contact with people or animals who already infected. By only making direct contact with someone who has infected, it will raises the potential to have ringworm. It is easily contagious because of the fungus or spore that is on a person who has ringworm is easily transferred to other skin.

  1. Body Hygiene

Keeping Body hygiene really needs to be considered, it is not only to keep us from occurring eczema but also can prevent us from various other diseases. Keeping Body hygiene is really important especially for children who often play in the dirt. Mushrooms that can cause eczema are also found on the ground, and for that reason we as parents have to maintain the cleanliness of the body in our children. Another our responsibility is to educate children maintaining the health and cleanliness of their bodies.

  1. Body Immune

Body immune is also one of the factors that causes ringworm. Ringworm is caused by a fungus and it can spread to anyone, if someone does not have a strong body immune, it will be susceptible to this disease. This disease is easily transmitted to other people with only a direct contact for that reason keep your body immune system stable.

  1. Trychophyton

The last cause of ringworm in Scalp is Trychophyton or Mucrosporum. It is one of the causes of ringworm in the head. It commonly infected children and it is easily spread. Ringworm in this head often causes a red, scaly rash and sometimes itchy, even more can causes hair loss.

How to Treat Ringworm

Here are the ways to treat ringworm in scalp with home remedy:

  1. Garlic

Garlic is also one of the seasons in the kitchen which has various benefits, Beside to eliminate acne, it can also exterminate ringworm. It can exterminate ringworm since it contains sulphur. You can pound garlic until it smooth, then applied to the head.

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is well known as home remedy to treat cancer. It can be used as a medication for ringworm too, because it has ingredients that can help your body reduce the irritation caused by symptoms of ringworm. You can prepare an Aloe Vera, and split it into two part then rub the mucus on the ringworm area.

  1. Sulphur

We can found sulphur mostly in volcanic upland area. It can also be found in mountains that have pure springs. Sulphur can also be used to reduce the itch or the worm that occurs in ringworm. To get the sulphur in the mountains indeed it is very difficult, but don’t worry there are many shops that selling sulphur so we can easily use it as medicine.

  1. Galangal

Galangal is one of the complementary ingredients in the kitchen, if you cook frequently you will definitely know what galangal is. Besides an addition ingredients for cooking, it turns out that galangal can be used to treat ringworm. Moreover, galangal can be used for various alternative medicines such as traditional rheumatism, tinea versicolor, and rheumatic herbal medicine

  1. Tobacco Leaves

Tobacco leaves can also be used to reduce or treat ringworm. First, you need to prepare tobacco leaves. After that pound the leaves until it smooth. Then, applied to the skin affected by ringworm. Do this method 2 times a day regularly so that ringworm immediately disappear.

  1. Cumin Leaves

The last ingredient is cumin leaves. It can be used to treat ringworm by preparing 5 cumin leaves, coconut oil to taste, garlic 3 grains. Pound the garlic and cumin leaves to give a little coconut oil then rub it on the skin affected by ringworm. For the maximum results, do this method 2 times a day. 

How to Prevent Ringworm on the Head

Here are the ways to prevent ringworm in scalp with home remedy:

  1. Maintain Body Hygiene

Maintain your body hygiene is the first ways to prevent ringworm in scalp at home. When we are finished with our daily activities, mainly activities that make our bodies become dirty, take a proper shower so that our body becomes clean. Maintaining body hygiene can be one simple way to prevent us from getting ringworm. If ringworm is in the head, we must maintain the cleanliness of our scalp so that the fungi which are on the head immediately die and cannot develop.

  1. Maintain Hand Hygiene

Maintaining hand hygiene is also very important, make it a habit to wash your hands after doing activities, especially if you want to eat or do something else, because our hands are one of the way bacteria, fungi, or other things that can cause health problems or other skin diseases enter our body.

  1. Maintain Home Cleanliness

Besides come from someone who is infected with a fungus, it turns out that mushrooms can also come from the environment around us, or it can be caused because of the items in our homes. In order to prevent various fungal infections it would be better if we maintain the cleanliness of our homes, because dirty places are the best place for mushrooms to live.

  1. Using Clean Clothes

Another ways to prevent ringworm in scalp with home remedy is using clean clothes. It is another simple way to prevent fungal infections. Wash clothes thoroughly so that the skin fungus does not stick to the clothes it is safe for us to use.

  1. Maintain Nail Cleanliness

Nails are one part of the body that can be infected by fungi. By maintaining the cleanliness of the nails, it can also be used as a preventive way to prevent ringworm. The way to maintain the nail cleanliness is not to let the nails become long, because the long nails are easily to get dirty.

  1. Have Your Own Personal Tool

Ringworm infection can also be caused by frequent turns using personal tools such as towels, clothes, hats, toothbrushes or other personal belongings. It is not only ringworm, another skin diseases caused by fungal infections can also be infected through the use of personal belongings simultaneously.

Those are some ways to prevent ringworm in scalp with home remedy. If you have already infected by ringworm or you are suffered, you can use several methods of the treatments we have described above.

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