16 Easy Ways on How To Keep Lungs Healthy Naturally

The lung (lung) is an organ that is inside the chest that performs a major role in the respiratory system. The main function of the lungs is to exchange oxygen with carbon dioxide or commonly known as the process of breathing.

Meanwhile, the lungs also have a role in the flow of blood throughout the body and are one of the excretory systems. Lung organ is present in mammals including humans.

Here is a description of the anatomy of the human lung organ:

  • The lungs are located in the chest cavity that is protected by the rib cage right above the abdomen
  • Between the lungs and the abdomen, there is a thin screen called the diaphragm. The lung consists of two parts, namely the right and the left.
  • Both are separated by the heart and other large vessels present in the chest cavity.
  • The right lung has a larger size and weight compared to the left lung.
  • The right lung has an average weight of 620 grams in adults and the left lung has an average weight of 560 grams. The lungs are protected by a membrane that wraps it called a pleura.
  • The pleural membrane itself consists of 2 parts of the visceral pleura that wraps the lungs directly and also the parietal pleura that wraps the outside of the lungs.
  • Between these two pleural membranes, there is a cavity called a vacuum pleural cavity so that the chest can grow deflated during breathing activity.
  • In addition, in the pleura, there is also the oil that serves to lubricate the lungs and chest in the event of friction between the two.

The lungs form part of a large part of the bubble. These bubbles are the place to exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide. The number of bubbles in the lungs of about 700 million bubbles of different sizes depends on where the bubble lies.

Lung Function

The main function of the lungs is to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide or what is often called breathing. The lungs also have another important function of balancing the acid-base levels present in the body. if the alkaline acid in the body is high then the lungs will automatically release more carbon dioxide.

The lungs are vital organs in the human body, therefore it is very important to know how to keep the lungs health to work more optimally. Read more about How to Fight Bad Breath with Betel Leaf

There are several ways that can be done to maintain lung health as follows :

1. Learn how to breathe properly

Knowing how to breathe properly and properly is necessary for those of you who are experiencing respiratory problems. You can learn from a more skilled person such as a therapist and doctor.

2. Drinking enough water

Whitewater is a remedy of all diseases in the body. Whitewater contains oxygen that will make the lungs will work more optimally, such as refreshed by water. In addition, water can also clean up any dirt or mucus that is in the lungs. Drink water to 8 glasses per day. Read more about Effects of Drinking Cold Water after Exercise

3. Sports regularly

By doing regular exercise you can train breathing and also can tighten the respiratory muscles so they can breathe properly. You do not have to do a tough sport but, also can do with light exercise tips just like jogging or walking every morning and evening. Remember yes, do it regularly. Read more about How To Treat Back Pain With Exercises

4. Eat a healthy diet

Eat healthy foods and foods that contain antioxidants such as oranges because they can nourish the lungs. Try not to eat foods that contain lots of fat, especially saturated fat. Make sure you also consume foods that have balanced nutrition.

5. Avoid smoking behavior and smoky place

For active smokers, certainly not a new thing that he will be at high risk of lung disease. But also the dangers of passive smokers who inhale cigarette smoke also have an even greater risk of lung disease. Pollution can also cause severe lung work and cause lung disease.

6. Maintain ideal body weight

Overweight or obesity can lead to various diseases such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart, and lungs. Overweight bodies can make the heart and lungs work heavier Because fat people need more oxygen. So you should keep your weight to be more ideal so you can be healthier and avoid various types of diseases.

7. Avoid eating foods that are gassy

Foods and beverages containing gases such as the danger of soft drinks, the dangers of alcohol, jackfruit, cabbage, broccoli, melon, red onion, turnips, cucumber, cabbage, and others. Gum foods can make breathing uncomfortable.

8. Avoid exposure to chlorine substances directly

Chlorine can make the lungs work harder than usual. Chlorine not only comes from food alone but can also come from PDAM water. Therefore, it is better to use filters or filters on tap water so that chlorine does not get carried away.

9. Do not eat cold food and drink

Avoid as much as possible cold foods and drinks are highly recommended because the tissue in the lungs is very sensitive to cold temperatures, can even freeze blood vessels. So, you should eat while still warm.

10. Reduce the food that causes mucus in the lungs

Foods that can cause mucus buildup are foods that contain lots of sugars like chocolate and candy. Mucus that attaches to the lungs will later lead to chronic lung disease if unknown symptoms.

11. Keeping the body in order not to stress

The lungs are also closely related to human emotions. This will cause the lungs to work harder than usual if you are sad, angry or depressed.

12. Breathe with the nose

If you have a mouth breathing habit you should immediately stop the habit. Breathe using the nose can make the air entering the body becomes cleaner because it is cleaned with nose hair that is used to filter the dirt from the air.

13. Eating foods containing omega 3

Foods with high omega 3 can be a drug that has respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchitis. Read more about  Foods with High Vitamin K

14. Food vitamin C

Foods that contain vitamin C is very good for the lungs because it can alleviate the work of the lungs to be more optimal.

15. Garlic

Inside garlic contains a substance called acidic substances that can make the infection disappear from the lungs. Read more about Ways to Get Rid of Corn with Garlic at Home

16. Consumption of fruit

We recommend the consumption of fruits and vegetables that can cleanse the lungs such as apples, berries, pomegranates, and grapes.

Type of Lung Disease

Lung disease is a disease that interferes with the process of breathing symptoms originated from difficult when breathing and pain in the chest. Lung disease is usually progressive or will increase so it is important to do early detection before the disease is severe.

  • Lung cancer

Lung cancer is a very dangerous and malignant disease and is presumed to be the number one disease that kills humans compared to other cancers. Lung cancer occurs due to the emergence of cancer cell tissue or tumors located in the lung tissue, causing mutations in lung cells and make the lungs damaged. Lung cancer is caused by tobacco smoke or other fumes that contain toxic and long-term deposits in the lungs.

  • Pneumonia

the wet lung is a disease that occurs due to bacteria, germs or viruses that attack lung tissue. Symptoms commonly experienced by the sufferer is a cough with phlegm sputum pale yellow, causing chest pain, difficulty breathing and high fever. To treat it can use antibacterial to kill bacteria in the lungs.

  • Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis occurs by the mycobacterium tuberculosis virus that is usually obtained from the spray of the sufferers. Symptoms of tuberculosis that will be experienced by the sufferer is high fever, the cough does not go healed to blood, cold perspiration and loss of appetite so that the body will become thin.

  • Asthma

Asthma occurs because of the narrowing of the respiratory tract due to the swelling of the tissue inside the lungs. The narrowing of the respiratory tract will then cause the sufferer to have difficulty breathing. Asthma can occur due to allergies or because of heavy activity. Allergic asthma sufferers are usually a lot of experienced relapses. Symptoms of asthma if left will be severe and cause death. Read more about Ways to Prevent Shortness of Breath

Therefore it is very important to perform early detection of asthma. Asthma is usually characterized by the discharge of snot during allergies, shortness of breath to, pain in the chest and loss of coordination of the body.

  • Bronchitis

Bronchitis is a disease that attacks the bronchial area in the lungs. Symptoms are characterized by chest pain, shortness of breath, cough, and fever. The disease is usually caused by germs, bacteria or viruses that attack the lungs. Should immediately see a doctor to get the right treatment.

Those are complete explanation about ways on how to keep lungs healthy naturally.

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