22 Ways on How to Get Rid of Hair Bumps on Back of Head

Have you ever got a bump on the back of your head but you feel that you did not hit anything? Is it itchy or hurt? It might be a hair bump present on your head. It usually occurs on the back of the head. It is different with acne as hair bumps fill with hair not with yellow liquid.

Hair bumps on the back of your head is not a serious problem to be worried of. However, it must be disturbing to feel something bumping around your head. Though it is not a serious problem, but it is advisable to treat this before it is getting worse.

Let’s check more information about hair bumps on the back of your head including the causes of hair bumps, symptoms of hair bumps, treatments for getting rid of hair bumps and prevention of getting hair bumps.

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Why do you have hair bumps on the head of your back?

Ingrown hair is another word for hair bumps. As the word “ingrown”, it means that the hair is growing into the skin. It commonly happens when you finish cutting the hair, the sharp edges of the hair tend to curl back into the skin that makes the hair grows in the skin.

When there is something growing inside your skin, your body will interpret that as a strange thing and your body will show some symptoms, such as swelling, redness or itching.

There are other causes of hair bumps on the back of your head:

  • Your shaving technique is not really good. When you are shaving hair in your head using poor technique, you will be likely to get hair bumps.
  • African-American men tend to have hair bumps as they have curly hair.
  • Genetic factors.
  • The hair follicle in your head skin (scalp) is clogged by dead skin and dirt. When the hair follicle is clogged, the tip of the hair tends to grow downwards.

Symptoms of hair bumps on the back of your head

There are some symptoms you may experience if you are having hair bumps on the back of your head:

  • The feeling of itch and pain on your scalp.
  • Occurrence of pink and red bumps on the scalp. It indicates inflammation.
  • Dark spot at the center of the bump indicating that there is trapped hair growing.

Ways to get rid of hair bumps on the back of your head

If you feel that the hair bumps are still mild, you can do the following treatments for getting rid of hair bumps on the back of your head. These are natural remedies that you can simply do at home. Check these out!

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is trusted as traditional remedy for soothing irritated skin. As when you have hair bumps, you are likely to have irritated skin because the skin around the hair bumps might experience swelling and redness. If you are interested to do this remedy, just simply rub the gel inside aloe vera to the irritated area.

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2. Lemon juice

Lemon juice has natural acidic acid that helps to stop bacteria development in your ingrown hair follicles. Apply the lemon juice to reduce redness and prevent the possibility of getting infection.

Caution: It might be hurt if you get sensitive skin. If you get sensitive skin, you had better use something absorbing the lemon juice, such as cotton ball or cotton and you can apply it to the infected area.

3. Tea tree oil

It has natural anti bacterial agent that helps to protect the skin in a good way. You might have to dilute the pure tea tree oil with water before applying it to your skin because it might cause irritation.

4. White tea

White tea is beneficial to reduce inflammation of your skin. Just simply make the tea bags wet and apply it directly to the affected skin to reduce the swelling of the skin. 

5. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is like a hero. You might hear this natural ingredient as an effective remedy for treating some problems, such as stated in How to Relieve Soreness in Your Body and How to Make Discoloured Nails White Naturally.

Regarding to get rid of hair bumps at the back of your head, apple cider vinegar is also beneficial as it helps to reduce itching, inflammation and infection. Just apply some apple cider vinegar to the cotton ball and apply it to  the affected area. Wait for a while until it is dry and rinse with water.

6. Honey

How to get rid of hair bumps on back of head? Honey is also one of the most natural ingredient used for treating several problems, as stated in 20 Proven Ways How to Relieve Soreness in Your Body and  Home Remedies for Children Running Nose. Not only because it’s sweet, but it helps to reduce swelling and inflammation. Just apply a layer of honey to the affected area and leave it for around 10 minutes. Rinse it with cold water.

7. Aspirin 

Aspirin is very beneficial for reducing inflammation and redness caused by hair bumps. It has salicylic acud that helps to clog the ingrown hair. You can dissolve two tablets of aspirin with some water until it forms a paste. Then add some honey and apply it to the area. Leave for 10 minutes and wash it using warm water.

Cautions: Test your skin before applying this, especially when you are having sensitive skin.

8. Cucumber

How to get rid of hair bumps on back of head? Cucumber is rich in water that helps to reduce pain, irritation and inflammation. It will have greater effect if you put the cucumbers into the refrigerator as it will help to cool down the skin. Cut the cucumber into thin slices and put it on the affected area.

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Other Ways to Get Rid of Hair Bumps on the Back of Your Head

The natural ingredients above are well-known and working well to get rid of hair bumps. How to get rid of hair bumps on back of head? There are other treatments you can follow to get rid of hair bumps on the back of your head.

  1. Never dig the hair up – Do not ever try to pick the ingrown hair up. It might cause inflammation.
  2. Never try to pop out the bumps – It might cause infection.
  3. Use of potato peel – potato peel is useful for helping you to bring out the ingrown hair to the surface. Peel a potato and use the inner side and apply it to the affected area.
  4. Black tea bags – it has tannic acid that is helpful to get rid of redness and itching. Wet the tea bag using water and rub it to the affected area.
  5. Sea salt – one of the exfoliator to increase blood circulation and helps to reduce swelling and redness. Make a paste of water and sea salt and use a cotton ball and apply it to the on the affected area.
  6. Cornstarch – it helps to reduce pain and inflammation. Make a paste from some cornstarch and water and apply to the affected area.
  7. Strawberry – you can crush the strawberries and sour cream in it. Apply to the affected area and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash using cold water.
  8. Coffee – make a paste of coffee and water and apply to the affected area using circular motion. Let it be there for 10-15 minutes and wash using warm water. 

  9. Yogurt – it is helpful to fight the ingrown hair problem. Mix 1 tbsp of yogurt with honey and apply the mixture for 15 minutes. Wash it with cold water.
  10. Garlic – it is helpful to get rid of hair bumps. Crush the garlic and apply it to the affected area and cover with bandage.
  11. Sugar scrub – it is beneficial for getting rid of ingrown hair. It is known as the best exfoliator for skin.
  12. Calendula oil – it helps to reduce redness and pain caused by hair bumps.
  13. Witch hazel – it is helpful to clear up the hair bumps.
  14. Epsom salt – just simply soak in Epsom salt bath for around 10-30 minutes.

Prevention of Hair Bumps on The Back of Your Head

Here are some things you can do to prevent hair bumps on the back of your head. They are:

  • If you are likely to shave or cut your hair, do it in the same way your hair is growing.
  • Once you finish shaving, apply some cold water on your scalp and dry it up with towel.
  • Make sure you use an alcohol-free balm or lotion after shaving or cutting.
  • Shampoo your hair daily to remove dead skin cells and maintain the scalp clean.

These natural remedies are working well. But if you are having more serious problems other than this, you had better contact the dermatologists.

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