15 Side Effects of Teak Leaf Tea for Your Body Health

The consumption of tea leaf tea can turn to be a danger if we consume it in wrong dose. Teak leaf tea is a herbal leaf than often being used to improve our body health especially to decrease weight.

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Danger of Teak Leaf Tea for Your Body Health

There are 15 dangerous effects of consuming teak leaf tea in a wrong dose:

1. Damaging the kidneys

The consumption of teak leaf tea in the morning and evening can lead a damage to our kidney function because it will lose their ability to control body fluids.

2. High blood pressure

Consuming teak leaf tree excessively can clog blood flow and blood vessels to the brain so high blood pressure possible to occur afterwards.

3. Intestinal disoder

Too often drinking teak leaf tea can cause pigmentation in the intestinal wall so it will turn greenish yellow as same as the color of teak leaf tree. The color change absolutely will affect intestinal performance.

4. Body metabolic disorders

Beside of these effects below, teak leaf tea can also accelerate the release of substances that are not needed by our body so that it can disrupt our body metabolism.

5. Gastric disorders

Tea leaf tea is sharp so it can irritate our stomach and quickly increase stomach acid. gastric inflammation is what will occur afterwards. You may also like to read common causes of increased gastric acid.

6. Dependency

Routinely consume teak leaf tea but not balance it with physical exercise will cause dependency and someone who experiences this is going to feel uncomfortable if the don’t drink it.

7. Dehydration

Consuming teak leaf tea for a long term with a big portion is unable to make someone to get dehydrated because teak leaf tea can absorb body fluids and release them through urine quickly.

8. Thin body

Someone who already has an ideal body should not consume teak leaf excessively because it will turn their body to become thinner.

9. Nausea and vomiting nausea

Consuming teak leaf tree in a long term can causing pressure on the abdominal muscles and injuring the stomach tissue. Therefore, stomach will suffer from nausea and vomiting.

10. Dried dry

Teak leaf tea can also disrupt the health of the uterus and dry out the humidity and temperature in the uterus. It can make someone to difficult to get pregnant.

11. Arthritis

The danger of teak leaf tea that often occur is in the form of joint damage which begins with mild inflammation. Arthritis occurs because teak leaf tea unable to erode joint surface.

12. Indigestion

Consuming teak leaf tea excessively can cause digestive tract disorders. Blockages that occurs because of teak leaf tea can cause our food grinding cycyle to be faster and potentially injure the intestinal wall.

13. Muscle disorders

Another danger of consuming teak leaf tea excessively is that it can endanger the health of muscle tissue that will affect the muscle to become weaker. You may also like to read ways to prevent muscle soreness after a workout.

14. Interfering with menstrual cycle

A menstruating woman should not consume teak leaf tea because it can cause menstrual cycle disorders.

15. Diarrhea

A person condition that continuously defecate due to teak leaf tea can potentially cause them to get diarrhea and a weak body.


There are 7 conditions that classified that are not recommended to consume teak leaf tea to avoid the danger it gives:

1. Pregnant woman

Woman who in pregnancy is prohibited from drinking teak leaf tea because it can interfere with the health development of the fetus in the womb.

2. Having mag disease

Laxative substances in teak leaf tea can aggravate the condition of the mag which is dangerous for those who have mag disease.

3. Having hypertension

Teak leaf tea can supress oxygen and blood around the head so it can trigger someone with hypertenstion to experience the worse.

4. Menstrual woman

Teak leaf tea can suppress the stomach nerve so that the stomach will develop bloating, nausea, and experience fever which dengerous for menstrual women.

5. Early childhood

Diarrhea and nausea are two things that will occur in those who drink teak leaf tea in early childhood because children’s stomach is very sensitive.

6. Elderly people

Consuming teak leaf tea is no longer suitable for the eldery because of their organs ability that are already old as well.

7. Having gout

Someone who suffers from gout should avoild teak leaf tea because it can increase inflammation between joints.

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Those are 15 side effects of teak leaf tea alongwith its prohibitions to avoid yourself from the danger of the tea itself. Stay happy and healthy, good people!

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