10 List of Poisonous Fruits in The World You Should Avoid

Who doesn’t want to have a healthy body? Everyone wants to. There is one of many ways to get healthy body, that is by consuming fruits routinely. Fruits are already known as a food containing many useful compounds for our body. Nevertheless, there are several list of poisonous fruits in the world.

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Here are several list of poisonous fruits in the world:

1. Apple (seeds)

Apple is almost everyone’s favorite fruit, especially for Indonesian. It has sweet taste and a bit sour. Maybe, only few people know that apple is one of several poisonous fruits in the world. Not all part of it, but it is only the seeds.

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According to the scientist, apple’s seeds contain cyanide. Yes, cyanide is one of poisonous substances for our body. Nevertheless, until now, there is still no further investigation how much cyanide contained in the apple’s seeds. But, according to other researchers, cyanide substance in the apple’s seeds is low. By consuming the seeds from one apple actually won’t be a major problem, such as death. But, if after eating apple you get headache, nausea, and sweating, it will be better to stop consuming apple and look for doctor’s help.

2. Raw Tomatoes

buah berbahaya tomat mentahTomato is a fruit which is often used as cooking ingredient. Also, people sometimes consume raw tomatoes. But, do you know that raw tomatoescontain substances which are poisonous to our body?


Tomatoes contain atropine or solanine which or often called as glycoalkaloid. This poisonous substance is often found in raw tomatoes which are still green.

Harmful Effects

Usually, if the person is poisoned by glycoalkaloid, they will feel exhausted, digestive bleeding, trembling, headache, paralysis, or even death. This poison can be removed by cooking the tomatoes properly.

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3. Cherry (seeds)

Who knows that this beautiful fruit is actually poisonous to our body. Cherry can be consumed directly or after it is cooked. The part of cherry which is dangerous is the seeds. If the seeds is unintentionally swallowed and crushed inside the mouth, it can release cyanide hydrogen.

Hydrogen Cyanide

Hydrogen cyanide inside the cherry can cause a major headache, vomiting, and stomachache. Even, if you are poisoned by high amount of hydrogen cyanide, it can cause kidney disease. Therefore, it is better for you whenever you eat cherry, you remove the seeds first. If there is any person poisoned by cherry, they have to look for doctor’s help or at least drink mineral water in huge amount. 

4. Apricot (seeds)

Apricot maybe not familiar for Indonesian. The part of apricot which is poisonous is the seeds, as same as in cherry.

Harmful Substances:

  • Cyanide
  • Cyanogen glycosides
  • Amygdalin

Apricot’s seeds contain cyanide, cyanogen glycosides, and amygdalin. Those poisonous substances inside the seeds of apricot can cause major headache, insomnia, anxiety, thirsty, tired, joint pain, and muscle pain.

5. Jatropha

Jatropha is not familiar yet in Asia. This fruit contains roxalbumin kursin which is very dangerous to our body. Other than the fruits and the seeds, the tree as well as the sap released from jatropha is very dangerous because it can cause skin irritation. 

Harmful Effects:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Headache
  • Eyes are engrossed
  • Body imbalance
  • Exhausted

To treat this, better to drink much mineral water and look for doctor’s advice.

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6. Jackfruit

There are some list of poisonous fruits in the world to avoid. Jackfruit is a fruit with sweet taste as well as unique scent. Jackfruit is a favorite fruit of Indonesian. Nevertheless, jackfruit actually contains poison, which is a toxin. This toxin is very dangerous for person with gastric disease. Besides, the sap from jackfruit can cause a disruption to your digestive system.

7. Mulberry

Nowadays, mulberry is familiar in Indonesia although its fruit is still hard to be found. Mulberry has small-rounded shapes similar to grapes. Mulberry is a beautiful fruit . Nevertheless, this fruit contains poison which can cause a major stomachache.

Harmful Effects

Mulberry is commonly a fruit that needs to be avoided by person with gastric disease because it can cause acute stomachache which then can cause a severe gastric disease.

Mulberry can increase gastric acid quicker. Therefore, mulberry is a fruit which has to be avoided by person with gastric acid.


If you have bad effect caused by this fruit, it is better to consume mineral water and quickly get doctor’s help for proper treatments.

8. Ackee (Jamaica’s fruit)

Ackee is a fruit from Jamaica. This fruit is tasty. Nevertheless, don’t eat this fruit directly without cooking it first. Ackee fruit can cause death if it is consumed directly.

Harmful Effects

This fruit contains hypoglycin. At first, this poisonous substance can cause vomiting and then lead to death. The seeds from this fruit is very poisonous. Therefore, if you want to eat this fruit, avoid to eat the seeds.

Also, you have to be more careful with this fruit especially when you are in the forest and about to eat wild fruits. 

9. Manchineel

This is a deadly fruit which is recorded in the guiness book of record. There is no scientists (yet) to ensure the poison inside the manchineel. Nevertheless, there was a victim who ate this fruit, with sweet taste, and after you eat it, you will get burning sensation in your throat and then you can’t swallow anything.

10. Daphne Fruit

Daphne fruit is not well-known in Indonesia but it is a flower plant. Nevertheless, its fruit has small-sized shape similar with grapes.

Harmful Effects

Daphne-toxin substance is a dangerous substance inside it. Besides, this substance is contained in the branch and leaves which are very dangerous to death. The harmful impacts are choking and hard to breath.

Therefore, it is better for you to know information about the fruits you are about to eat.

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