Natural Ways to Treat Ingrown Nail at Home – Causes – Symptoms

When you have Ingrown nail is really make a trouble, because you cannot walk properly and it hurt so much and it will disturbing for you to do some activity. Ingrown Nail is one of condition when your finger was swelling, redness and pain because the side of nail was grown inside and injures skin inside the nails.

This condition almost happen with toes with curve nails or thick nails, Ingrown nails can happen just one finger at one of legs or both legs. Even though Ingrown nail can heal but Ingrown nail can recurs often and it will be dangerous if you didn’t treat Ingrown nail with a right treatment and the injury will make a complications because the wound got infection also it will be dangerous for people who have diabetics. This is some of known about Ingrown nail for you.

The Symptoms of Ingrown Nail

This is a few symptoms if you got Ingrown nail in one of your finger foot.

  • it will be pain if you press the nail even though you just touch it.
  • the foot nail have a fluid accumulation or pus.
  • the Ingrown nail are bleeding and it It will be really painful.
  • swelling at the edge skin of the finger foot.
  • the foot skin have grown excessively because some reason.

If the nails was bleeding, swelling and the skin grown excessively is a sign of the infection and it will spread to another step of dangerous Ingrown nail, if you have this symptoms infection of Ingrown nail you must treatment the infection as soon as possible before it will be a dangerous.

Cause of Ingrown Nail

Ingrown nail can happen often, and this is a few reason or which cause of Ingrown Nail :

1. Cutting Nail in wrong way

Here’s the natural ways to treat ingrown nail at home. If you was cutting nail too short and through the edge of the nail, it will make the skin on nail grow in not normal condition also can through the skin.

2. The Shape of Nail

If you have nail with fan shape it can cause the nail piercing the nail.

3. the Feet are Sweat

Sweat at finger feet can make the nail more softer and easy to broke, this will make the skin easy to get injury because of pieces nail which broke because the nail is very soft.

4. Injured on Feet

Injured on Feet because of slip or accidentally tripping by a hard objects can cause damage at nail, it will make the nail piercing the skin under nail.

5.  use shoes or socks with incorrect size

It can be one of the reason of Ingrown nail, because incorrect size for shoes will make the nail got pressure and make the nail broken also the nail can injured the skin. It will better for you to choose a right size of socks and shoes.

6. Genetically

It can be happen if you are have genetically factor of Ingrown nail.

7. didn’t clean your feet regularly

You must keep the feet always clean, it can be one of reason of Ingrown nails

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Natural ways to treat ingrown nail at home

And some physical activity can make you get ingrown nail too, like ballet, football, run or kick boxing. Some of cases of Ingrown need a medical treatment like you need to use x-ray to see how much the nail injured skin at finger feet and get the medical treatment to heal the Ingrown nail. But don’t worry if you won’t see doctor to heal the Ingrown nail, you can treat Ingrown nail at home with natural ways, this is the tips for treat the Ingrown nail at home.

1. Warm Water and Salt

This is one of simple way but always work to treat Ingrown nail and the ingredients are easy to find. You can prepare warm water at basin and put some amount of salt, salt can make sterile the bacterial who cause of Ingrown nail and the salt can reduce the pain because of Ingrown nail. Just put the feet with Ingrown nail at warm water with salt about 10 minutes until 15 minutes and let the water and Salt going through to the skin.

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2. Ginger and Coconut oil

If you have ginger and Coconut oil at home, you can use these ingredients to treat Ingrown nail. Just mashed the ginger until smooth and mix it with coconut oil, after that you can apply the mix ginger and Coconut oil to your finger which get the Ingrown nail. Ginger and Coconut oil also can reduce the pain, swelling and can push out the fluid which cause of Ingrown nail. 

3. Red Onion and Coconut oil

This is another simple way to treat and heal Ingrown nail. Just mashed the red onion until smooth and mix it with coconut oil, this treatment can be used for toddler. Red onion can stop the pain because of Ingrown nail at night and make toddler sleep well. And this traditional way is more save because this two are come from organic.

4. Garlic And Tumeric

Garlic is one of the main ingredients for cooking an d tumeric is one of herb that always ready at home. This two ingredients can use to treatment Ingrown nail. Just Mashed the garlic and tumeric until smooth, after that you can apply to the Ingrown nail. This traditional ingredients always works and can make stop the pain because of the Ingrown nail, reduce swelling under the skin, and can surpass the growth of bacteria. Garlic is one of ingredients which really useful for the health.

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5. Apple cider vinegar

If you have apple cider vinegar You can use apple cider vinegar to heal Ingrown nail. Dip the cotton into apple cider vinegar and apply it to Ingrown nail. This treatment can stop the pain and can prevent the expansion of infection Ingrown Nail. This way is also safe for older people because the ingredients isn’t dangerous.

So, don’t worry if you got Ingrown nail on your finger. You don’t need to see a doctor for get a treatment of Ingrown nail. That’s the natural ways to treat ingrown nail at home.

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