12 Dangers of Ice for Pregnant Women

The dangers of ice for pregnant women are well known to many people. Not infrequently many people remind the pregnant women not to consume too much ice.

Many people believe that pregnant women should not consume much ice. Ice is not good for the health of pregnant women.

Especially ice that is accompanied by high glucose content can cause various pregnancy complications in pregnant women.

Why is Ice Dangerous to Pregnant Women?

Not infrequently the taboo for pregnant women is associated with the myths that circulate in society. Myths that develop in the community around the ice for pregnancy should not be trusted just like that, but try to find the facts first when trying to avoid consuming something.

Here are the various hazards that can infect pregnant women when consuming ice on a medical basis:

  1. Easy to Tired

Ice water can make pregnant women feel easily tired. The reason is ice water can inhibit nutrient absorption of pregnant women, ie intake of carbohydrates consumed by it. If the pregnant woman lacks energy consequently pregnant women will be easily tired and not energized. Read more about Dangers Due to Excessive Salt Consumption

  1. Fattening the Agency

Pregnant women can have a fat body if consuming too much ice. The reason is that ice water taken by pregnant women, especially after consuming food can cause burning calories in the body to belong. Not only that, fat cannot be burned perfectly if consuming too much ice water.

Stacking calories and fat in the body can cause pregnant women experience obesity. Pregnant women who are too fat can inhibit labor. Read more about Dangers of Lime for People with Stomach Ulcer

Therefore, why every pregnancy control pregnant women will check the pregnant women’s body weight. If the weight gain of pregnant women is more than 15 kg, pregnant women are advised to diet so as not to have problems with their health and also pregnancy.

  1. Excess Baby Weight

The baby’s normal weight is about 2.5 kg up to 3 kg. More than weight it can be said that babies have excessive weight. Large babies in the womb are not beneficial for pregnant women. The reason is that the baby will be difficult to be born with a normal birth.

The reason is to consume ice water that has been mixed with glucose can make babies have excess weight because of high glucose content.

  1. Diabetes

Ice dangers for pregnant women can get diabetes if consuming too much ice water. If a pregnant woman develops diabetes, the fetus in her womb may be affected. The facts show that pregnant women who have diabetes will give birth to babies with excessive weight.

Diabetes also makes the intake of sugar to the fetus that is in the womb increases, consequently, the baby will have excessive weight. Read more about Dangerous Fruits for Diabetes

  1. Wind Entrance

Pregnant women who consume too much ice can easily catch a cold. Pregnant women are strongly discouraged from experiencing colds. Because the cold can make the condition of pregnant women getting down and drop, especially pregnant women who experience morning sickness.

The reason is consuming too much ice when the body of pregnant women increases can cause sudden changes in temperature in the body of pregnant women. The temperature from hot to cold and it can cause pregnant women experience a cold.

  1. Excessive Thirst

Consuming ice water is actually camouflage only. Because when pregnant women consume ice water, pregnant women will actually feel excessive thirst that pregnant women want to continue to drink ice water. When the ice water consumed by many pregnant women consequently is the body will experience imbalance.

The reason is that cold water that enters the body of pregnant women will make the pregnant woman experiencing fluid shortage quickly, dehydration cannot be inevitable.

Dehydration is not good for pregnant women, because pregnant women who lack fluid can lead to reduced intake of oxygen in the body of pregnant women and fetus in pregnant women’s womb. If oxygen deprivation many health problems will arise. Read more about Dangers of Taking Bath When You Are Sweating

  1. Flatulence

Ice water consumed by pregnant women will make the body of pregnant women adjust or even vice versa. The ice water should also adjust to the food that goes into the body of pregnant women.

For example, if pregnant women consume warm rice, pregnant women should consume a warm drink. If pregnant women consume ice water, as a result, is the rhythm of work that is in the abdominal organs become changed.

The mucous membrane in the body causes contractions, the abdominal muscles become cramps or seizures. The enzyme in the stomach will react with changes in temperature, the gas in the stomach that can cause pregnant women to become bloated.

  1. Create a narrow intestine

Drinking ice cold water during pregnancy causes pregnant women will experience intestinal wall shrinkage. Not only pregnant women who can experience it but other people who do not get pregnant can experience the intestinal wall shrinkage.

The reason is that ice water consumed by pregnant women can cause destruction and the process of absorption of food in the intestine becomes disrupted.

Temperatures in ice water can make particles in food, especially oily foods become frozen. Freezing of oil in the intestinal tract that causes the narrowing of the digestive tract or intestine.

  1. Indigestion

Pregnant women who have intestinal narrowing and refinement of the gastrointestinal tract can cause pregnant women experience indigestion. If the digestion is impaired pregnant women will experience impaired nutrient absorption of pregnant women. When that happens, the fetus in the womb will lack nutrients. Read more about Dangers Of Sauna For Health

Lack of nutrients is not very good for the fetus because the fetus can be exposed to malnutrition, malnutrition, low weight and many more.

  1. Slow Digestion

Pregnant women who consume too much ice water can have a negative impact on digestion. The cause is digestion will experience discomfort and also disturbance of balance. The balance disorder can cause illness. The disease caused by the imbalance is slow digestion.

  1. Experiencing Dizziness

The dangers of ice for pregnant women who often consume them contain glucose can cause dizziness in the head. Ice water consumed by pregnant women can cause metabolism in the body is disrupted, the nervous system was not ready to receive sudden changes in temperature in a fast time.

Organs that need oxygen to decrease their intake due to sudden changes in temperature. The brain is also not able to adapt quickly to changes in temperature, the result is the head will feel dizzy and blood flow to the brain becomes reduced.

  1. Brain Freeze

Pregnant women should not underestimate this one danger. Pregnant women who often consume ice water can make the physiological function of pregnant women become disrupted.

When drinking ice water, pregnant women will experience increased blood flow to the brain. That’s what causes pregnant women to experience migraines and brain freezing.

Many pregnant women do not heed the prohibition to consume ice. It is indeed reasonable, considering pregnant women have a hot body temperature and easy to sweat. The reason that makes pregnant women want to always want food and fresh drinks. Read more about Dangers of Wearing Tight Pants For Health

Ice can indeed refresh the body of pregnant women, but pregnant women should not consume excessively. If pregnant women only consume water without sugar with ice cubes it will not be a problem, but the problem is when pregnant women like to consume ice tea, orange ice and other cold drinks containing sugar in it.

The combination of sugar and ice that can cause negative things in the body of pregnant women.

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