20 Quick Ways to Get a Fever Down Without Medicine

Fever is the human’s body condition when the temperature is above 37 Celsius degree. Some people experience fever because it is one of the symptoms of having something strange in your body. Fever might be one of the reactions of your immune system fighting off the strange things.

However, you still need to worry about this and you cannot underestimate fever once you get it because it might lead to something more serious.

What the causes of fever are, what the symptoms of fever and what you can do to get rid of it naturally without the use of medicine then continue reading this article to enrich your knowledge about handling fever.

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What causes fever?

As stated before, you might get infected by fever once there is a strange thing comes into your body. Moreover, fever is one sign that your body’s immune system is trying to get rid the strange thing. Fever itself is not a disease or problem but it is a condition or a symptom of other’s disease, which is commonly infection. Check these following out to make sure about the causes of fever.

Causes of fever are:

  • Infections – sore throat, flu, chicken pox or pneumonia
  • Too much exposure to sun light or sunburn
  • Withdrawal of alcohol drink
  • Dehydration
  • Medical conditions, such as inflammation, hyperthyroidism and even cancers.

Regarding to the causes mentioned above, there are some types of fever. They are:

Based on its level of severity:

  1. low grade (38.1-39 degree of Celsius)
  2. moderate (39.1-40 degree of Celsius)
  3. high (40.1-41.1 degree of Celsius)
  4. hyperpyrexia (above 41.1 degree of Celsius)

Based on the duration

  1. acute (last for less 1-7 days)
  2. sub-acute (last up to 14 days)
  3. chronic or persistent (last more than 14 days)

Symptoms of fever

If you are getting fever, you will be more likely to have these following symptoms. The symptoms are:

  • Severe pain in your joint area
  • Vomitting
  • Coughing
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Skin rashes

Fever is also one of the symptoms of several diseases, such as elaborated in 27 Easy Traditional Ways to Cure Chicken Pox Fast.

What can you do to get rid of fever fast?

There are some medications you can do to get rid of fever fast, one of them is consuming medicine from doctor. However, there are several medications or remedies you can simply do at home in order to get rid of fever without using medicine.

These medications are lots safer, more practical and easier to do. Here are the ways to get rid of fever without medicine:

1. Cool down your body

Bath yourself in a lukewarm or warm water. By doing so you can stay relax and the temperature of your body will cools down slowly. Some of you might think, why you don’t use cool water instead? It is because cool water will drop your temperature too fast and it is not good. It is suggested to drop your temperature slowly by using warm water. 

2. Wet socks treatment

Soak your socks in cold running water. Then, squeeze out the water by twisting them. This treatment is known as traditional naturopathic method. It is believed that the cold feet stimulate the blood circulation and the response of the immune system.

3. Wet towel treatment

Similar to the wet socks treatment, you can do wet towel treatment in order to cool down your body temperature. You can soak the towel in a very cold water then squeeze out the water. Put the towel around your neck, ankles and wrists. It is believed that cold towel will remove the heat out of the body and make the body temperature lower. This method can be repeated as many times as you want.   

4. Hot tea works!

Choose yarrow tea as it helps to open the pores and stimulate the sweat production. Steep 1 tsp of yarrow tea in a cup of fresh boiled water for around 9-15 minutes. Let it cool and drink a cup until you get the sweat.

Quick ways to get a fever down without medicine:

Elderflower also stimulates sweat on your body. It is also good to heal your flu or colds problem. Mix 2 tsp of elderflower in a cup of boiled water and steep it for 15 minutes. Let it cool and drink 2-3 times a week.

5. Stay hydrated – drink lots of water

You might get dehydration when you get fever. It is suggested to drink 8-12 glasses of water each day until you get your urine pale. Besides consuming mineral water, you can also consume drinks that are rich in vitamin C, such as fruit juices and orange juices that help your immune system to defeat the infections in your body.

6. Consume raisins

Raisins extract is helpful to fight off fever. Soak around 20-25 raisins in a half cup of water, then crush them. Strain them and keep the water. The water is good for treating fever as tonic water. You can add half teaspoon of lime juice to this water to make it more effective.

7. The magic of onion

Place a slice of raw onion on the bottom of each foot and wrap the feet using warm blanket.

8. Potato

Put potato slices in vinegar for several minutes. Then put the slices on your forehead lying down on a bed and cover a washcloth on top of it.

9. Lemon

Quick ways to get a fever down without medicine: Slice a lemon on your feet and cover with wet cotton socks. Then, cover it again using wool socks.

Lemon becomes one of the amazing ingredients to Get Rid of Small Skin Tags Easy and Fast and to Stop Bleeding Gums After Deep Cleaning.

10. Ginger

It has anti-inflammatory agent that can reduce muscle and joint pain that is commonly experienced by people get fever. Make a cup of ginger tea by grating the ginger and boiling it in hot water for 3-5 minutes.

More Natural Ways to Cure Fever

Here are the quick ways to get a fever down without medicine:

  1. Eat spicy food
  2. Go grab some hot soup
  3. Wear jackets and warm yourself
  4. Do massage
  5. Eat much so you can take a rest well
  6. Have a deep sleep 

How to prevent yourself from high fever?

People say it is better to prevent than to cure and it is true. You had better doing some things to prevent yourself from getting high fever. These following things can be done simply at home to prevent yourself from getting fever. Here are the things:

  1. Maintain good hygiene. Always apply hand washing habit by using soap and warm water. Hand sanitizer is good, but it is better to use water and soap.
  2. Consume food that is rich in vitamin C as it helps your immune system to fight off the diseases.
  3. Drink plenty of water as one of the causes of fever is dehydration.
  4. Have enough rest and sleep.

Studies said that fever is not something to be worried of as it is body reaction towards certain body condition. However, if you get high fever and it lasts longer than normal, then you should pay attention to it and have a check to the doctor. Hopefully, these ways are working well to get rid your high fever. Good luck on trying!

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